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What is website redesign?

web redesign

We all have stuff that despite constant use, we still use them.; Sometimes we don’t even know the reason for this! I remember, when I was in university, I had an old bag that was almost worn out. Parts of it were perforated and my stuff sometimes fell out of it. When my family bought me a new bag, I realized how bad it was! I asked myself why I hadn’t bought that bag earlier. “I thought that bag was still usable,” was the reply. For most of us in the marketing world, websites are like bags; They look old and we think they still hold their function. But If you want your website to perform better, you need to redesign the site.

Let me give you another example, Maybe you have ever passed by a shop and suddenly become fascinated by its decor or window display. This is the luxurious and beautiful showcase that makes you turn your way and enter the store even if you don’t need anything to buy. What trick did the shopkeeper use that drew your attention to the window so much that forced you to enter this store? With a professional look, the owner of this shop has been able to coordinate the colors used in the showcase with the components inside the showcase in such a way that this scene can hit your curiosity sensor. Now we will examine this example in the business world.

Your site is the showcase of your business on the Internet

In online businesses, your shop window is the same as the design of the site, and the goods inside the shop are basically the internal content of your website. In the internet world, when a user enters your site, the first step is the appearance of your site, which makes the user feel something new, and this feeling forces him to check other parts of the site. In the next step, other parts of your site such as content, categories, menu, etc. become important. These sections are exactly what will help your user to fulfill their need. This need could be an article to read or a product to buy.

Some internet businesses have a website, but after a while, they realize that their website does not meet the needs of a user and does not convert them into customers, so they decide to identify themselves with the detailed knowledge they have gained from their customers. Create something new and attractive for your site. For this reason, they are redesigning their site, which can be very useful for business development.


Why should I redesign my website?

When you know why you need to redesign your website and you have a convincing reason for each of your “whys”, the probability of your success will increase. In this way, the percentage of your mistakes will decrease and you can design a better and more functional site. Let me tell you an important secret at the very beginning: website redesign is not an easy task. From the moment you decide to redesign your site, you must consider factors such as site SEO, brand identity, and user needs. So having persuasive reasons can be the first step in avoiding the risk and cost of website design. But what could these reasons be?

1.Your brand story is not well conveyed to the user

Does your site convey your brand story, goals and values to the user? Let us ask you this question in a simpler way. When a user enters your site, do they notice your superiority over other sites?

If your answer to these questions is negative, it means that your site is weak in conveying the Brand Voice, which is one of the most important factors in the success of the site. this way you should consider redesigning.

2.You need a better UX design

User experience is known as UX and do not confuse this with UI. This user experience is one of the design disciplines that have a direct impact on the success of a website. This effect is because the visual effects of the site are chosen in accordance with the customer’s needs and encourage customers to buy without causing sensitivity.

Imagine that you have entered a certain site to buy a product; First of all, the slow loading of that site will discourage you from buying for a few seconds. If the site is up too late, you will definitely go to another site to buy. After the site is up, you will see too many complications and references for your purchase on the site, which doubles the complexity of this process. What will happen as a result? Either you make your purchase with difficulty, or you give up. In both cases, the probability of you visiting this site again is almost zero.

Access to different parts of the site, proper categorization of pages and simplicity and transparency are the factors that influence the user experience of your site. Let us tell you with a simple example what we mean by easy access to different parts of the site.

If a user is on the mobile purchase page and wants to enter the phone case or accessories purchase page, in what ways can he enter these pages?

  • The first way is to go back to the previous page and choose to buy accessories instead of buying a phone.
  • The second way is that the user can directly enter the accessories section from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen
  • And the third way is to reach the desired results by searching for the desired word (for example, phone case).

Which way do you think is better? Going back to our previous advice (ie easy access to website pages), we can conclude that the second and third ways are naturally better. In general, whenever you start designing or redesigning your site, you should make your user’s satisfaction your top priority.

3.Parts of the site that have encountered problems

Maybe it has happened to you that with a little analysis of the site, you realize that most of the audience left your site from somewhere or on a certain page; In these cases, you must act quickly. I assure you that there is a problem on that particular page of your site that you have not noticed. The sooner you fix these problems, the less customers will experience them. It is better to always match the site with the most up-to-date browsers that users will have no problem using.

4.Your site is not responsive or does not display properly on mobile

A website can adapt itself to various pages so that any user, with any device, can easily visit all the pages of the site. You may have this question, why is reactivity in website design so important?

Look around you. What devices do people usually use to connect to the Internet? Computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone? If your answer is mobile, then you are right. Now that more people are using mobile phones to visit the Internet, so if you want the visitor who enters your site to have a good experience of entering your site, pay attention to the responsiveness of your site.

5.Rebranding and updating new marketing objectives

These days, a lot of attention is paid to branding for businesses. Just as marketing goals should be aligned with the site, branding should also be aligned with the website. If you intend to change the brand name, don’t forget to redesign the site. and as your business grows, your marketing goals will likely change. If you want to be successful in your marketing, it’s best to keep your website aligned with your new marketing goals. For this purpose, it is better to carefully evaluate the site every three months. This assures you that the site is in the direction of new marketing goals or not; Otherwise, the site may need to be redesigned.

web redesign

Check your website design issues

If you remember, at the beginning of the article, we gave you an example and said that the website is just like a shop. Now suppose that this shop does not have good sales after some time since its establishment, and it should change its approach in one action, for example, to change the shop’s goods or to provide better training to its sellers.

If your site doesn’t attract many users after a while or if you face problems in converting them into customers, it needs to be redesigned. But before you take action and start working, you should analyze your current site. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your site have many pages?
  2. Is the font of your writing suitable for the user?
  3. Are the photos on your site of good quality?

In order to be able to analyze your site well and separate all the positive and negative points from each other, you need a series of analytical tools. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console can check the behavior of your users and provide you with useful information.

Plan for the website redesign

Now that you’ve used different tools and checked user feedback and behavior, it’s time to plan. In the first step, go to the problems that you encountered in the previous step. Our advice to you is to start with the small tasks that have the most results for you and the users in the first place.

For example, your site’s homepage is the first thing a user notices, so any small change can have a big impact on the user experience. Other parts that can have a great impact on the result of your new website design are:

  • Branding: logo design, color palette, font
  • User access: Clear extra pages, better access in menu
  • Main page content: tone of writing, design of photos

Start redesigning your website

After you have been able to analyze your user behavior using various tools, it is time to start the main work. Remember that the best way to do a redesign is to break your project into smaller steps and proceed according to your priorities.

If you are going to entrust the work of redesigning your website to a website design company, we recommend that you entrust this work to more professional and well-known companies. Otherwise, not only will your new site not be better, but you may even lose your current customers.

In many cases, redesigning an old site becomes so complicated that we decide to launch another site instead of designing a new version. In this situation, the new site will be launched with a new design and strategy and on a separate domain. After it is checked and confirmed in every respect, the important pages of the previous site will be redirected to the new site.

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