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What is Google FERD Algorithm?

What is Google FERD Algorithm?

On March 7, 2017, webmasters, site owners, and search engine optimization professionals panicked; Because it seemed that some sites suffered a significant reduction in traffic and rankings overnight. Google is constantly innovating to prevent various problems, reduce crime and attract its customers. Google FERD Algorithm was introduced to fight violations.

Following the creation of excessive ads, violations of the rules, backlinks, and the use of low-quality content by the administrators of some sites, Google’s FRED algorithm, cleared various search pages from the existence of this group of people. It is interesting to note that Google claims that is still unaware of the use of individual algorithms, But many SEOs are convinced that such an algorithm exists. We need to know that Google’s algorithm pays a lot of attention to linking, and to influence this algorithm, it is better, to be honest.

What factors does Google Fred algorithm considers as spam?

  • Excessive ads on the site
  • content production in the form of blogs and only for ranking in Google
  • content production with a large number of advertising links and external links
  • Producing much lower quality content than similar websites
  • producing short and compact content
  • Using deceptive advertising links
  • Inadequate user experience of the site
  • Site display problems on mobile platforms

How to getting rid of the downgrade caused by Google Fred algorithm

  • Reduce the number of ads used on the site
  • Produce quality and credible content
  • user-friendly site for an Excellent user experience design
  • Write long content of about 2000 words
  • Use valuable backlinks
  • Delete weak and invalid backlinks
  • produce unique and non-duplicate content
  • produce new and up-to-date content
  • Use a variety of anchor texts in the content
  • Avoid buying backlinks
  • Update old site content
  • Modify internal links
  • Remove tags from content – because they are not valuable and removing them will improve site traffic and ranking.
  • Use video content
  • Use the voice search feature
  • Acting on social networks and sharing content on them

A Fred-flavored conclusion!

One of the misconceptions about SEO is that to get the right position on the Google results page, you have to circumvent or at least slightly change the rules and guidelines that Google has defined for webmasters. This is so wrong; To be successful in SEO, you need to reach out to Google and work with it, because your site and Google are really one thing.

To find this issue easier, you need to know Google’s core mission well. This search engine wants to deliver the best content in the digital space to the user in the fastest possible time. When your goal is shared with search engine targeting, you can be sure that neither the Fred algorithm nor any other algorithm can pose a threat to your site.

But it is good to know that Google’s mission to improve search results is an ever-changing process. So, if you have a good site, you need to constantly update it with efficient and appropriate optimizations. Google’s individual algorithm can take your site to the next level like a ladder, as long as you can communicate well with your users in your own language and learn from other sites’ penalties.

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