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This can be easily illustrated with an example. Suppose you walk into a store and see products. Wouldn’t you like someone to explain it to you when you want to buy? However, you see everything and even if you are not given an explanation, you have no problem with it and you finally make your decision. But in the world of websites, the situation is completely different. The client neither sees physically nor touches sex, so what is the solution? You need to give him all the explanations with the help of your rich content, in a way that makes everything tangible for him and simplifies his decision.

Another common question about site content is about someone who can write good content. In fact, the person who provides the content and services should be knowledgeable and proficient. Fluent in what? To the principles of content-based SEO. For this purpose, if you have the ability to do such an important thing yourself, then in the name of God, otherwise you can hire a person or persons to produce the content of your site so that they can make such an activity possible.

Only with a lot of careful searching! Once you've found your keywords, it's time to start searching Google. Do not rush at this stage and calmly check the best articles and articles about the word target.

There is only one practical way to do this. Choose your best competitors and monitor their performance. Follow this seriously and plan for it. Examining the performance of your competitors will give you a lot of information and you can try to improve your performance.

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