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Content Production

Content production

Description and cost of producing specialized content

Why do we need content production (content marketing)?

Have you ever heard the phrase “content is king”? Although content production has long been a way to differ yourself from competitors, today it has become a necessity for modern brands.

Well, I am going to say that content production is at the center of digital marketing, and behind the scene of every great brand is a wealth of valuable and relevant content which engages with the audience of websites and companies. Vancouver SEO content production team helps your business how to turn your website audience into customers who may have come to your website for a visit.

Content production
Content production

How can content production (content marketing) help you attract more customers?

Content is not the king, but the realm of the kingdom. The sentence, at the top, belongs to Lee Eden (one of the biggest and most professional man who is active in the field of content marketing).

This means that by producing content, you can create a place to absorb the audience to your services or products. In this section, we have mentioned the importance and reasons for content production:

  • Content production can help build the trust of your target audience.
  • Well-produced content helps you to get more engagement with your valuable customers.
  • producing valuable content helps you give your business credibility and power.
  • By producing valuable content, you can speed up your customers’ purchases and reduce their shopping time.
  • producing a lot of content can be a reason for your website visitors to stay.
  • Content production helps to optimize the search engine (SEO).
  • Content production is cost-effective.
  • Meaningful content production can help you reach a specific audience.

Cost of content production and its types

In order to have inexpensive and quality content, it is better to specify your content type before an order registration. The type of content determine Due to the goals of your business. Content types include:

– Educational content

– News content

– Entertainment content

– Motivational content

Content production

Each type of business requires a specific type of content. For more information, we recommend you contact the Vancouver SEO Consulting Team and use their guidance to produce a variety of inexpensive content. If you work in any field or whatever types of content you need, it is better for you, to use mega content. With mega content, which is a combination of text, video, audio and video content, you are going to let the audience free to choose and encourage them to keep staying on the website. The cost of content production in each type of content, is different.

Services Cost of each word General content Cost of each general content (1000 words) Cost of each word Technical content Cost of each Technical content (1000 words)
Production of English textual content 5 $ 50 $ 6 $ 60 $
Production of English website content 5 $ 50 $ 6 $ 60 $
Content Production of Product Description in English 6 $ 60 $ 6 $ 60 $
Instagram content production 6 $ 60 $ 6 $ 60 $
production English text content 11 $ 110 $ 11 $ 110 $
The cost of posting content on the website $ 100 will plus the cost of each piece of content.
VIP package Orders with a total of more than 20,000 words include a 15% discount.