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What is Google’s YMYL algorithm?

What is Google's YMYL algorithm?

Suppose Google only pays attention to common issues such as text, images, etc. in indexing content and ranking pages, and is indifferent to the validation of sites, and users trust sites such as medical or financial sites according to Google page rank. later, because of the lies and tricks or fraud of these sites, deceive the users who have trusted and cause regret. (What is Google’s YMYL algorithm?)

In its Algorithms, Google has stated that it treats sites in such a way that it sets strict rules as if it were commissioned by users to implement the strictest rules. which is very helpful. It’s worth the trust of users.

The term YMYL stands for Your Money or Your Life, but what does YMYL actually mean? It can be said that Google means that there are pages in the world of the Internet that can greatly affect the sense of happiness, financial health and safety of Internet users.

In 2018, when this algorithm was discovered, many webmasters and people engaged in SEO fluctuated and their traffic was strange (especially when this algorithm was updated again).

In other words, the YMYL algorithm is actually a purchase or financial page where users can buy or pay and transfer money.

Website pages that have investment and financial information and retirement planning and home purchase advice and fees paid for the university and etc. are included.

Why the YMYL is so important?

It has been said that YMYL is actually an algorithm that includes sites that may affect the lives of people in terms of happiness, safety, financial and و in the event of the entry of deceptive or unreliable and very wrong content.

According to Google, it can be understood that Google intends to have the strictest safe and secure standard. Factors such as your understanding of the credibility, expertise and reliability of all the pages displayed in the search results list ensure that they perform better.

Simply put, Google first measures expertise, trust, credibility, and then displays sites that have this feature to the user in the results list. They named this algorithm E-A-T.

What is the E-A-T algorithm?

E-A-T, which represents the assessment of expertise, trust and safety, is actually an acronym for the following phrase that measures the quality of the page.

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness for validation and accountability
  • Trustworthiness for reliability of the site (what is the security and quality of the site)

What is the main purpose of the E-A-T algorithm and the YMYL algorithm?

It can be said that the main purpose of this algorithm is the SQEG search quality assessment guidelines so that we can get a clue, and in fact it cannot be considered as the final answer , Google’s E-A-T algorithm was updated in two separate versions and dates, Google wants to make sure that the articles whose author is an expert in that field and the authenticity of the author’s credibility are approved, have a better rating than those articles that are not yet clear in terms of credibility and trust from the author!

What are the constituents of YMYL?

  • Topics and news related to issues such as politics and science and technology
  • Cases related to government, laws and citizenship such as holding government gatherings (such as government agencies, voting, and legal financial issues such as taxes, etc.)
  • Financial advisors and issues, in the field of taxes, capital, loans, etc.
  • Specifications and purchase information, such as purchase research
  • Issues related to ethnicity, races, religion, nationality, sexuality, etc.

There are many other YMYL topics, but Google says people should use their judgment to determine whether a page qualifies as YMYL content. These pages must contain the highest EAT level.

What sites does the YMYL algorithm affect?

  • News pages related to politics and technology
  • Health Pages, Medicine & Treatment
  • Government-related sites, citizenship and legal laws
  • Issues related to loans, capital, financial advice
  • Purchase Information and Specifications

And other issues like race, ethnicity, religion, nutrition, university, housing, etc.

The reason for the importance of the YMYL algorithm

Google has a concept called “beneficial purpose” to evaluate pages of sites. When search engine visits a site page, it wants to the purpose of its content.

Google believes that websites and their content are created to help the user. Every user has a specific purpose of searching Google, what your content has to do is to meet the user’s goal.

In addition to meeting its goal, it must also be user-friendly. This means that if your user likes to speak friendly, then do so, if they prefer formal then write the content as they like to read, if smiling gives him a good sense of doing so, in short, do whatever makes him happy.

I told you to understand the importance of user satisfaction for Google.

According to what has been said, Google likes to make the user feel safe and give a feeling so they can relate to. Setting up the YMYL algorithm is also one of the reasons for this. This algorithm ensures that there is no abuse and that everything is done in the safest possible way.

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