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Guide to buying suitable WordPress hosting

Guide to buying suitable WordPress hosting

What should you do if you have your own business and a spark in your mind and you have decided to try your luck in the internet space and in this way expand your business? The first thing you will need to have a website is a web host. You can think of hosting as a home where you store everything. The second thing is the domain or site address, which is the address of this house. Choosing the right host is something that is often overlooked while hosting is one of the key components of any successful website. Choosing a host according to your needs can improve the site ranking in search engines (SEO) and enhance the user experience and ultimately lead to increased sales. Do you want to have a WordPress website for yourself? Are you confused about choosing the right host? What do you know about the best WordPress hosting? We will answer all these questions in this article.

WordPress Hosting

What you will read briefly in this article:

  • Comparison of WordPress hosting with regular hosting
  • Do you want to use WordPress hosting?
  • The difference between hosting services
  • Comparison of Windows and Linux hosts
  • Why do you need Windows hosting?
  • Why go for Linux hosting?
  • What kind of hosting service should we choose?
  • What resources should be considered in a WordPress host?
  • Why not use free WordPress hosting?
  • The best WordPress hosts
  • Important factors for choosing the best WordPress host
  • Top foreign companies providing WordPress hosts
  • Top canadian companies providing WordPress hosts

Comparison of WordPress hosting with regular hosting

Now that we are familiar with the concepts of hosting and also the need to choose it smartly, we will move on to the principles that can guide us in choosing the right WordPress hosting. First a question? Do you really need a WordPress host to build a WordPress website? No; All you need is a Linux-based host that supports PHP and Mysql.

In fact, the only difference between WordPress hosting and regular hosting is that they are specifically optimized for WordPress and provide you with better speed and security. In fact, the main features of WordPress hosts are the possibility of more accurate configuration, higher loading speed and better performance.

There is also a possibility that some WordPress hosting providers have made it easy to install WordPress, which you can install WordPress with one click. Even some WordPress hosts can update the WordPress kernel automatically if you need to.

Do you want to use WordPress hosting?

WordPress requires a minimum of hosts to be installed. The host you choose should now have the following features:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 and above
  • MySQL Database Version 5.0.15 and above

Any host that has such capabilities is a good option to run WordPress. But we suggest you to use Linux services such as Sipanel and Direct Admin to be able to easily install your site. If WordPress hosting is much better, your job will be much easier. But what are the best hosts for WordPress?

The difference between hosting services

One of the things to consider before choosing a WordPress host is the amount of activity and the type of activity you do. It is better to first examine the types of hosting services together and then see what service is suitable for what activity.

Shared services

In this type of service, several websites are usually hosted on one host, meaning that they share server resources such as memory, hard disk space, and shared bandwidth. If your business is a beginner and you do not have many users, you can use these types of services. Disadvantages of this service are limited memory space, slow loading speed, impact on site ranking (SEO) and security glitches due to hosting multiple sites with the same IP.

VPS (Private Virtual Server)

In this service, like shared services, server resources are shared between several users, but with the difference that the number of subscribers in this service is less than shared hosting. In fact, server resources are allocated to each user according to their needs. So you can get more server resources whenever you want at an additional cost, such as memory or bandwidth. This factor also makes this service suitable for businesses that are growing rapidly. This service is also more secure than shared services.

Dedicated (Dedicated Hosting)

In this model of services, hosting is done only from your site and is completely personal. You can use all the hard disk space, memory and bandwidth and have full control over the aspects of speed, security and SEO. Your website is fully supported. This service is very expensive compared to the previous two services and is suitable for more than 100,000 visits per month.


In general, it is very similar to VPS. In this type of hosting, your website is placed on cloud servers instead of physical servers. Cloud hosting is known for its scalability. With this feature you can quickly add or remove resources from your server. For example, if the incoming traffic to your website suddenly increases and causes the site to slow down, you can quickly increase server resources and return to normal.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a relatively new technology that has been developed to provide hassle-free hosting services for WordPress users. This service is actually the same WordPress host that we talked about earlier. This service is more expensive than shared services, but it is worth buying because of the good services it provides specifically for WordPress users.

You can choose one of the services according to your needs.

Comparison of Windows and Linux hosts

Hosting services are generally divided into two types, Linux and Windows. Each also has several control panel models, which we review for more familiarity.

Why do you need Windows hosting?

If you decide to have a WordPress site, it is better to skip Windows hosting because it will cause you a lot of problems. But if ASP, Net. And you need MsSQL database, it is better to provide Windows hosting because the need for these items in Windows hosting is easily met. To be honest, this is the only reason to refer to Windows hosting versus Linux hosting. Types of Windows control panels are:

  • Plesk
  • DoNetPanel
  • Plesk
  • Helm
  • WebsitePanel

The most popular control panels we commonly use are WebsitePanel and Plesk.

Why go for Linux hosting?

Linux hosting services are suitable for websites with php language and MySQL database. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that a WordPress host should have. Some of the popular Linux control panels are:

  • Cpanel
  • DirectAdmin
  • Kloxo
  • H-Sphere
  • VHCS

The most popular control panels are Cpanel and DirectAdmin.

What kind of hosting service should we choose?

Whatever service you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. To make it easier for you to choose, we have provided some items for you that will help you choose the best WordPress host.

  1. What kind of hosts do you need? Before doing anything, think about what kind of hosting it needs. What should be the space required for it? Do you need to get a dedicated host now or is the shared service the answer for you? These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.
  2. What is the language used in site design? In the upper parts of the site, we talked about the fact that you should choose the host according to the language used in its programming. For example, WordPress is also responsive on Windows hosts, but it will make your job harder. This means that if you do not already have a service, it is definitely better to choose a Linux WordPress host to make your activities easier.
  3. Please do not be stingy! If you do not choose good WordPress hosting services, you will surely always have problems. A good service provider should cover services with standard speed and quality, full-time support, regular backups, full features required by the user, and the like.

What resources should be considered in a WordPress host?

Standard capacity and RAM

In fact, these are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Otherwise you can not perform well. These features are usually specified in the service plans.

What is the best host for your WordPress website?

Bandwidth and data transmission

You need to pay attention to the bandwidth of the service because it shows you how many users can visit your website. Also see how much data and information it can transfer.

Add domain and email

The service you provide should be able to add side-by-side domains as well as create custom emails.


The most important option to consider in WordPress hosting services and any WordPress hostingother type of hosting is security. If your service has a good penetration path, surely your site is always at risk. Make sure it is safe.

Why not use free WordPress hosting?

If you do a little research on the internet, you will come across many free services, some of which are really tempting. If you are new to website design, you are sure to tell yourself that this is the first step and that I should use free services. But by no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

The best WordPress hosts

Now that we have this, we want to talk a little bit about the best WordPress hosts. Do you know them?

Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your website can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner. There are several web hosting companies, each claiming to be the best, however your decision should be based on your specific requirements such as the type of website, budget, time and so on. So before buying the WordPress hosts you want, you should compare and evaluate their plans. Because WordPress is a very lightweight platform, most services support it and load it without any problems, but dedicated WordPress hosting is better compatible with WordPress than other hosts. Here are the benefits of using WordPress hosting:

  • Better speed and security compared to shared hosting.
  • Automatic daily backup of your website and database.
  • Most WordPress hosting providers have a specialized support team to solve your problems.
  • Takes care of major WordPress updates and plugins and can automatically upgrade your WordPress if needed.
Server racks in server room data center. 3d render

Important factors for choosing the best WordPress host

  1. High uptime

Uptime means the stability of the hosts, that is, how many times a year the number of hosts is fixed and for how long. The uptime value of a good WordPress host should not be less than 99.4%.

2. High security hosts

Security is always an important factor in any hosting. If your hosting fails to keep your site secure, they will hack the site very soon.

  1. Expert support for WordPress sites

Given that more than one-third of the world’s sites are created with WordPress, every reputable hosting company should have a specialized WordPress team to solve potential problems of their users.

  1. Daily backup of your website

Backup is also one of the most important issues for choosing a WordPress hosting service. Hosting companies back up your website on a daily or weekly basis based on the plan of your choice. Now it is up to you to see what the volume of activities is and how much you need to back up.

  1. Appropriate bandwidth

Hosting companies have to come up with different plans to offer different bandwidth so that users can choose the plan they want based on the budget and size of their site.

  1. Operating system and control panel

The recommended operating system for WordPress is Linux. WordPress hosting is also a Linux operating system that is optimized for WordPress sites. C Panel Control Panels and Direct Admin are the recommended control panels for WordPress. Most WordPress hosting providers use Direct Admin Control Panel, but some service providers also offer C Panel.

  1. Host speeds (loading time)

Hosting speed is another criterion for choosing the best WordPress hosting. You need to choose a hosting company that offers high speed hosting. To find out what the speeds of these companies are, you can go to the sites hosted by these companies and compare their speeds. To measure speed,  enter and analyze the site URL in the GTmertix website .

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