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LINKLESS Mention SEO Technique

LINKLESS Mention SEO Technique

One of the new factors in SEO is LINKLESS Mention, and experience has shown that this technique saves sites that have been penalized. In this article, we will fully get acquainted with the technique of non-link mentions and how to use it to improve SEO.

In general, sites must consider and implement 200 factors for optimization, but among these factors, two main factors called external link building (backlink) and content have the most impact on SEO. Many SEOs believe that between these two factors, the content should still be up to date, and that content is always helpful in gaining top rankings in search results. The Linkless Mention technique is to name and refer to a site without linking to that site.

But the question is, why use the linkless technique? How many types of links are there without links? How to use the mentionless technique? We will answer these questions below.

The importance of using the LINKLESS mention technique in SEO

In the articles that we have published on the site, it was said that SEO is generally divided into three categories: internal SEO, external SEO and technical SEO.

Mention without link is part of external SEO and as mentioned, in external SEO, Google checks the credibility of your brand. Google Bots scans all levels and pages of the website, even analyzes the behavior of users on the site, and based on that, realizes how well-known and important your brand is to users. How interested are users in your brand and your products? These are checked by user retention on the site, click-through rate, Dwell time and cases  like these.

By examining these and important issues in SEO factors, Google decides what rank to give to each page of your site? This ranking determines in which link of Google results the users see their desired page when searching. In fact, this credit is checked by Google and then the site is ranked.

One of the most important things from Google’s point of view are backlinks in the site’s external SEO, and Google pays attention to these backlinks to determine the credibility of your site. but why? When Google sees other sites that link to you, especially sites that are relevant to your site, it realizes the importance of producing useful site content and credibility. The more backlinks the site has, the more credibility the site will have.

But the important question is, then why talk about Mention without link here?

Many SEOs still use gray hat and black hat SEO methods to circumvent Google algorithms to increase their site ranking, at least for a while. For this reason, Google search engine uses factors such as audience behavior in social networks, backlinks and link building and links without mention to prevent this.

What is Linkless Mention?

The logic of the link without mention is the same as the logic of external linking ( backlinks ). Accordingly, Google says that the more users talk about you (your brand and your products and services) at the web level, the more credible the site is and the more credible the site content is. Of course, in some cases, this is talking about the content of the site using linking to the site, and in some cases using the link technique without mention.

So how does Google find out if your site is credible without external linking? Google’s AI bots are powerful and accurate enough to scrutinize the content of all pages on the site. The more links you have on the web, the more Google realizes the popularity and credibility of the site content from the users’ point of view.

Types of mentions without links

When it comes to mentions without links, some people think that it’s just important to have your brand name on someone else’s website. But that is not the point. As stated in the definition of unlinked mention, any reference in the text of another site to the content of the site, site name or service to your site, Google realizes the importance and popularity of this issue. This reference includes the following:

  • Brand Name
  • The main URL of the site or the URL of a page of the site without linking
  • Mentioning the name of the site administrator is important and effective if Google knows the name.
  • Name of a product or service (decrease of Alexa site ranking / increase of site visits / advanced SEO training)
  • Brand name + a keyword on the site

How to SEO the site with the mentionless technique?

At first glance, using this method may be considered a low-impact method, but when you use this method in a project in practice, you will realize the power of linkless mention. Using this method alone does not help improve SEO, but still external link building (backlinks) is still as effective as before.

The main difference between backlinks and unmentioned links is that if you try to bypass Google algorithms in the external linking method, like some SEOs, it has very bad consequences, such as being fined or removed from Google results. But in the link method without mention there are no such dangers.

As mentioned above, it helps with methods such as branding, site addressing, or naming products at the web level. Consider the following methods:

  • One of the most commonly used methods of non-link mentions is to name a brand or product on social media. For example, in the Instagram caption  , Twitter or  LinkedIn caption,  mention a part of your site. Of course, it is better not to use this method in accounts that are specific to your site.
  • On sites that allow content to be generated by the site administrator or content production expert, write content and point to your site or content from your site.  You can even publish podcasts, videos and text on other sites and mention your brand.
  • One of the places where you can mention your brand or site name is in the comments section of the website. For this purpose, you can publish and discuss in the comments section of the most visited sites and in these comments, mention the name of your brand or site without a link. For example, refer to an article that is related to the topic of the site and ask the audience to refer to the site you want to read the whole article.

Increase unmentioned links by challenging and holding contests

One of the methods used by many bloggers and influencers today is to hold contests on social media. For example, you can publish a post and ask your audience to post a post about your site or brand in the comments section, on their own story page, or even on their Instagram or Twitter post. In such challenges, a large number of new visitors enter the site, site traffic increases, and potential customers and actual customers increase.

How do we know our brand is mentioned on websites?

Well, we use this technique to improve SEO, but how do we know which sites have mentioned the brand?

One of the online tools that helps you is the Google Alerts tool. To do this, you must first log in to the site and enter your email address. When websites mention the brand name or part of the content of your site or site, an email will be sent to you. After you find the source of these sites, you can thank the site administrator in an email or comment, and by creating a sincere relationship, ask the site administrator to give you a link and exchange links.

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