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What is the Google SandBox algorithm?

What is the Google SandBox algorithm?

Google Sandbox is a filtering of new sites that prevents new websites from ranking high in their original keyword or keywords. Even with the right content, lots of inbound links, and a strong Google ranking, a site may be affected by Google’s sandbox algorithm. In fact, Google Sandbox is used to weaken and prevent the development of newly formed spam sites and try to quickly increase their site with illegal operations.

What is the effect of Google sandbox?

Google search algorithm is very complex and includes different signals. While these algorithms are very secretive in nature, one component that is very important in SEO is the age of the site domain. One of the main reasons is that Google intends to place sites that have a higher user experience in a higher place and rank than others, which certainly does not exist for newly designed sites (because they may be in the state of Have their own beta and also have design flaws that prevent them from being indexed).

In fact, Google’s sandbox puts newly created websites in its database before being indexed. The reason Google does this is to make sure the new site does not use spam and black SEO to increase its website ranking. Google Sandbox has defined an instruction for itself, and the newly designed site will remain in that database until it can pass all the defined items and the Google Sandbox instructions, as the saying goes.

Websites must prove that they are in a good position in terms of rankings and that there are no errors in their internal structure in order to  be removed from the Google sandbox list. There are many factors that a site may be on Google’s sandbox list, but if the site owner tries to use quality content to get natural links (links from other websites and social networks) in addition to It will not be penalized by Google, it will be indexed quickly and it will have high traffic, and the more time passes, the more positive impact it will have, which will result in it being removed from the Google sandbox list.

Of course, one thing to keep in mind is that it will naturally take a long time for a site to be indexed by Google  and receive the minimum amount of incoming traffic. In the past, when people were just designing a site, they tried to use black techniques to reduce the time it took to index and increase traffic so that they could quickly be on the first page of Google. But with Google Sandbox, this will not happen again, and when an owner can hope that his site link will be removed from this list, it will be completely legal. So if you are still on this list, the problem is with you, you should quickly find the problem from Google tools and fix it.

Will the sandbox be enabled for all sites?

As mentioned earlier, the Google Sandbox is a theoretical algorithm that many are unaware of. The reason for this ignorance is that Google Sandbox may not be enabled for all sites.

On the other hand, many newly created sites still have a chance to attract visitors through the results page, but this progress is happening so slowly that it may not be noticeable at all.

So it can be concluded that sandboxing can happen in the following 3 cases:

  1. Do not enable Google Sandbox for your site at all
  2. The process of placing you in the sandbox is so slow that you do not notice it
  3. Suddenly and suddenly you are in the sandbox and you realize that the site is a sandbox.

How do we know we are in the Google Sandbox?

To make sure your site is sandboxed, you should visit   your site console search tool and check your site keyword traffic. If your site traffic is from keywords other than your site keywords, this could be a signal that Google has put your site in the sandbox.

Usually, as your site launches, your position in target keywords will improve, and you will see a steep uptrend. Leaving the Google sandbox can be identified by a significant jump in site traffic and site rankings in keywords.

How to get out of Google Sandbox?

If you are in the Google sandbox, no matter how hard you try and create link building, you will still not be able to get a good ranking in Google. To get off this list, it is best to do the following:

  1. Avoid black building links that bother you the most.
  2. Rename the page links (if it is not indexed, otherwise you must use redirects) and use the keywords in it.
  3. Use a sitemap to help Google.
  4. Modify and optimize your site content. (Generate content based on SEO principles.)
  5. Introduce Google Sitemap and Robot to Webmaster Tools

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to get out of the Google Sandbox.

  • sandbox checker
  • define google sandbox

Concluding remarks

The world of SEO is full of unproven and controversial rules that everyone has a different view of. One of the issues that many did not know the reason for before was why new sites do not appear on the results page.

Now that you know the sandbox algorithm, you know that Google does not free anyone from their sandbox; Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to compete with good sites that can compete with you in the future.

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