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SEO training for store site category pages

SEO training for store site category pages

SEO category pages

Content categorization is important and necessary to create a specific structure on the site because the structure of the site is important for both users to search between the content and pages of the site and for search engines. When pages are categorized, search engines will have a better understanding of your site and as a result, this will have a direct impact on your site’s SEO. In this article, we will talk about SEO Category in full. Perform the following steps to SEO the category pages as follows:

Find the right word for SEO Category.

The most important thing in SEO site ranking that you need to do is to identify what the user needs. That is, when a user searches the Internet for a word or phrase, should you be able to tell if the user is looking for a product category page or an article about the product? Which, of course, means that the user is looking for a product category, not a product homepage. So the important question is  how to identify the user need?

The first step  in identifying a user’s need is to put yourself in the user’s shoes and guess what the user needs. Or what is he looking for? For example, when a user searches for “buy mobile”, he wants to see different types of mobile phones with different brands and prices, and finally decide which product he wants to buy. So we need to SEO the product category page and not just a page from a specific brand.

The second step is to get help from Google. Do a Google search for the keyword you want and see what keyword or words the competitors’s site has SEOed the product and page. For example, for the keyword “buy mobile” you see that usually all competing sites have SEO pages on the word buy laptop or category pages. But why the site home page? The main pages of the site sometimes categorize the pages of product or article categories so that users can more easily access their needs, and new users who enter the site see the category on the same main page. This will increase the site traffic.

But an important question may arise; What if there is no category when searching on the first page of Google?

If the search term did not have a keyword or phrase on the first pages and was not used by competitors, it does not mean that the keyword is not suitable for SEO. The word or phrase may not have been noticed by other sites, or it may not have been appropriate at the time. So we return to the first principle that we must recognize the needs of the user.

Optimize the user experience of the category page.

Optimizing page rankings and improving the user experience are among the technical tips that can improve the site and increase site traffic. Optimizing the user experience means that the user quickly achieves the desired result with the first search and click. Category pages, especially article categories, usually experience an increase in bounce rates. This causes the categorized pages to be in links to 3 to 10 search engines. (The reason for mentioning this is that links from 4 onwards are usually less clicked by Google and their entry rate is gradually reduced.) In many cases, users are looking for the desired result and getting bored between different pages and pages. Do not have a category.

For example, if you have a training site, it decides to optimize the word “content production training” for the category page. When you select the same page to optimize, after searching for the phrase content production training, users are looking for a basic article that explains what content production is from the beginning. Why is content production important? What are the types of content? And … . When a user searches for the phrase content production training , he / she comes across 20 articles about content production. Do you think he sees every 20 articles and opens the pages? In such cases, the user becomes confused and the bounce rate increases again.

So what is the solution?

Should    optimize the page “What is content production?” Or the “importance of content production”. How? Article “What is content production?” Place as the first article on the category page so that the user will encounter the first beginner article after searching. Then place the articles on the importance of content production, optimal content production methods, the impact of keyword stuffing on content production, important tools in content production, and on the category page to encourage them to publish articles separately and next time. Follow the order.

This causes each article to be categorized, secondly, the user reaches the desired article or page faster, and thirdly, it increases the user retention the next time he enters the site.

Optimize category page speed.

Different pages of the site have different categories and on the other hand, product category pages have many products and articles that have been introduced.

After clicking on the category pages, you will see a collection of products. This means that after opening each page, the site category must send a request to the server for each product to display the product name, product specifications, and possibly its price or an article about it. This slows down the loading time of the pages and as a result the SEO rank of the site decreases. At this stage, the speed of the site should be suggested by optimizing the size of the images, reducing the requests sent to the server, using the lazy loading technique, and using the GTMetrix software.

Don’t forget to write a description to SEO the category.

One way you can make pages more powerful is to write descriptions or SEO text to the product category page or add more details for products. It is best to write about 100 to 500 words about the product to write a description above or below the product.

Of course, producing content for a product means writing descriptions that are useful to the user. This content can be about how to use the product, or an explanation of the product details to make it easier for the user to choose. Adding descriptions should be to improve the user experience and increase user satisfaction, not just SEO Category SEO. A better suggestion is to add text at the end of all products and after uploading images to improve the user experience.

For example, you can write an SEO text of about 30 words at the top of the product category page. The more fluid and useful this content is, the more the user is encouraged to see more pages and products. When the user reads an application text at the beginning of the article or description that is at a beginner and introductory level, it establishes more connection with the site and the user’s retention time on the site increases. This both meets the needs of the user and is helpful for the SEO category of the site.

Internal link building for Category SEO

Another way to increase page power is to use internal linking techniques. But where do we get the link?

  • Get a link from the menu: Site category pages are one of the most important pages of the site and for this reason you can put the category page link in the main page menu of the site. This will make internal linking more powerful and purposeful.
  • Get links from product pages: One of the best ways to categorize products is to link all products to separate products in each product.
  • Link to articles: To do this, you can link to beginner and specialized articles on the site. This internal linking increases the user time on the site (Dwell Time).
  • SEO the title and description of the category meta .

The question may be, what is the use of writing titles and meta descriptions for category pages? Are category pages visible in the results? Yes, when a user searches for a product or article, if you have SEO the title and meta description, the product category page will also appear on the results page. I suggest you read the article “The effect of meta descriptions on SEO”. Writing good meta descriptions and attractive titles has a big impact on increasing or decreasing click-through rates. If you have a store site, in the meta description  use the  terms such as “current product price”,  or if you have a training site, terms such as “programming training checklist”, “comprehensive guide”, “comprehensive training”, “training zero to 100”.

SEO the URL of the category pages.

The reason for writing the right URL for category pages helps both to better search and understand search engines and to increase user and audience trust. For example, if you have a store site: product brand / product name / site address.

Do not ignore the effect of BreadCrumbs.

Crumbs are links that show the user what page they are on when searching. This technique, in addition to creating a specific structure, creates a powerful and purposeful link building on product pages and on the main pages of the site. These link builds allow users to quickly and purposefully enter the SEO Category pages.

Increasing the credibility of pages is possible with updates.

Since Google is user-centric and wants to show the user the latest and most practical answer, you as the site owner must be up to date. Even when you import a new product, edit previous articles or descriptions, Google considers it an update and gives more credibility to the category pages. For this reason, it is better not to publish products and articles at once and publish them at different times.

Common Mistakes in Product Categories

What this article says is about creating categories for products and the importance of doing so. But sometimes mistakes in product categorization can have the opposite effect and waste your time. Common mistakes in product categoty are as follows:

  • Creating duplicate tags and categories for pages: One of the most common mistakes used in product categories is to use duplicate tags and tags for article or product category pages. When you use duplicate tags, you will have two identical keywords called cannibalization. The presence of these pages reduces the power of SEO. The solution to prevent this is to use the “No Indexing” technique. With this solution, Google does not check and index the category page and only optimizes your article with one word.
  • Creating Blank Category Pages: Some SEOs think that creating pages with separate categories at the beginning will make it easier, but this will create blank SEO pages (opphan page) and reduce the strength of the SEO site. will find.

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