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What is the Google Zebra Algorithm?

What is the Google Zebra Algorithm?

Google is very interested in black and white animals. Google proved this when choosing the Panda algorithm and the Penguin algorithm. The Google Zebra Algorithm was proposed in March 2013 by Matt cutts to review and evaluate online product sales.

The advent of the zebra algorithm is heavily focused on the Google-specific social network, Google Plus. In fact, this algorithm caused the complete elimination of online stores that intended to deceive users with their low-quality products.

It seems that Google wants to focus on the “product quality” of merchants and the performance of online stores with the zebra algorithm. Who knows, maybe Google wants to make sure that all users have the best shopping experience when visiting a business website or online store.

Google Zebra Algorithm goal

with All the algorithms that exist in Google and are constantly updated, have their own goals that can affect the improvement of your site.

Zebra algorithm, like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird algorithms aims to improve the SEO status of your site. The purpose of this algorithm is to check online stores and it has the ability to determine the appropriate rank and position for online store sites and remove sites that have poor quality and services according to the results.

Google Zebra examines the SEO of all online stores from a technical point of view, and when it realizes that a site is deceiving users, it introduces that site to Google so it can be penalized.

Google Zebra Algorithm and e-commerce deals

We already told you what is the zebra algorithm, but now we want to point out some other things that you need to do in setting up your e-commerce according to Google Zebra.

  • If your website is an online store, be sure to provide an e-commerce Store Trust Mark for it.
  • Provide a good user experience and user interface for your customers.
  • Provide an after-sales warranty for the products and services you provide.
  • Respect the opinions of your users and gain their satisfaction.
  • Produce relevant content for the services you provide.
  • Design and create multiple secure payment gateways for your customers.
  • Keep information about your customers
  • Make sure products and services are delivered to your customers.
  • Fix the technical issues within your site.

by following the tips mentioned above you can make sure that your website is safe and you will succeed in the business and you’ll have a successful website that you have set up, as a result you will also get a good rank and position in Google.

More of Zebra Algorithm Tips

By now you should have noticed that Google search engines do their best to identify and rank among the many different websites that have comprehensive and valuable content and information. And give them a higher ranking than other websites.

So, it is clearly expected that whatever online store you have set up is more reputable, quirky, diverse, and can satisfy users, and in fact, users can experience safe and comfortable shopping it will attract Google’s attention and your site will get a good ranking.

When you can provide 24-hour service to your users, of course, this will not be hidden from Google and Google Zebra, and this will affect the ranking of your website.

How to have an optimal online store?

knowing what is a zebra algorithm and the purpose of designing this algorithm to monitor online stores is time to know how to design a useful and reputable online store which is very important.

Knowing how to design and set up an online store and optimize it requires a good deal of important information in this area, which we have mentioned below.

Tips to consider when optimizing your online store:

  • An online store has an active SSL certificate
  • The address and contact information and communication channels available in the online store must be real
  • The online store should have fast customer support for high quality products
  • The offered goods must have full description and information along with the price
  • In the online store, the user should have the possibility to choose any product he or she wants.
  • your site speed should be high so that your users do not get bored.

Concluding remarks

The reason for naming the zebra algorithm is to eliminate and repel the intruders, because the zebra’s body is striped, and this makes it impossible for animals and insects that have stings to approach it because of its color. In fact, this color prevents them from acting.

In this example, low-quality store sites are like these vermin that are repelled around Google and are not attracted to it. in conclusion store websites must satisfy this algorithm so they do not have any problems with their SEO.

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