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What is Google Penguin Algorithm?

What is Google Penguin Algorithm?

The Google Penguin algorithm is one of the main algorithms of Google, which works to check the quality of links that are given to a site. Links from reputable and relevant sites are always useful for our site. But sometimes SEOs produced a lot of low quality links on irrelevant and low quality sites, which strengthened their site in SEO. The Penguin algorithm fines such sites. To prevent spam linking.

Network of links

Link networks are a set of sites that may be hosted by one person or by different people on different servers. The penguin algorithm also detects the network of links and fines it. Another tactic is “let’s link”. Finding these reciprocal links becomes more difficult when we know that sometimes people have multiple websites and link from one site to another. By doing so, they were avoiding cross-linking and, in fact, losing track.

Other goals of the Google Penguin Algorithm

The Penguin algorithm also penalizes spam comments as well as paid links. Of course, it is difficult for Google to identify paid links, but if there is a word sponsor around the link or the line is in the sidebar and there is an ad around it, most likely Google will consider the link as an ad.

Another technique was to put a free code for everyone to use on their site. Then they put a link to their site at the end of the free code. Or, for example, for content production systems such as WordPress, they created a theme and hid the reference link to their site among the codes.

The solution to deal with penguin fines

Do not generate spam links in any way. In the past, you could have avoided these penalties by redirecting your old site to a new domain, but now the penalties are being transferred as well. Currently, some SEOs in an immoral act give poor quality links to their competitor sites to penalize their competitor. Due to numerous requests from forums, Google has created a disavow link tool, which is now part of Google Webmaster Tools.

The Link Disavow tool allows owners to disavow the spam links they have to their site. But before using this tool, it is recommended to make sure that your site is punished by penguins for these links. Remove links that you are sure are unfair. Do not delete all links because some of them may be useful for your site. Also, be careful when deleting links. Sometimes spam links are from domains with www and without www. Then delete both links.

The things that this algorithm handles are:

  • Backlinks from low quality and spam sites
  • Backlinks from sites created for link building (PBN)
  • Backlinks from sites with unrelated content
  • Paid links
  • Links which are highly optimized with anchor textare

It should be noted, however, that this algorithm also examines web pages for keyword stuffing.

Optimization for Google Penguin Algorithm

  1. Always keep an eye on the growth of site links:Google never penalizes a site for having one or two spam links, but having too many unprincipled backlinks can be problematic.
  2. Get rid of harmful links:Ideally you should ask webmasters of link building sites to remove your spam links. If webmasters do not respond or the number of harmful links is high, you can use the Google Disavow tool. Disavowing links means that when  its time to evaluate site links  you are telling Google to ignore these links.

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