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What is the Pigeon Algorithm ?

What is the Pigeons Algorithm?

Another Google algorithm is the Pigeon Algorithm or Dove Algorithm, created in 2014 to improve local businesses and SEO sites .  

Why is this algorithm called the Pigeon?

The name of the pigeon is chosen because when the pigeon is released from any area, it returns to its habitat after a while. The effect of this name on this algorithm shows the importance of location.

What does the pigeon algorithm do?

Google shows you the best opportunities when you are looking for a local business. For example, you are looking for the best restaurant in your neighborhood, Google shows you the best locations with the shortest distance, which is very useful and valuable and usually meets the needs of the individual. The ability to find a local location is obtained by Google through the pigeon algorithm.

Google rankings based on location

Search engines do their job on the content, this can be text, image, audio, video and so on. Google is always striving to provide good and relevant results to the user. With the introduction of the pigeon algorithm, Google was able to provide the user with the best location, which was not possible before the release of the pigeon algorithm.

What effect has the pigeon algorithm had on the business?

This algorithm affects local SEO. Businesses that define their location get the best rankings in Google search. When the user needs urgent service, he prefers to get the best results at close range. The pigeon algorithm helped many businesses gain better search positions.

Little facts about the pigeon algorithm

The algorithm was first implemented in the United States and later in other countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Some SEO experts consider this algorithm to be one of the biggest updates to Google since 2012.

The cases that this algorithm examines are:

  • Poorly optimized pages
  • Improper startup of Google My Business page
  • Match Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP)
  • Lack of documentation in local directories (if required)

Optimization for the pigeon algorithm

  1. Record your business information in Google Map :Pigeon algorithm makes Google search engine and map more integrated. One of the most important factors in ranking and displaying your site by location is Google’s understanding of the location of your business. On the other hand, this way, users can express their opinions about your business, and this is one of the most important and effective factors in local SEO.
  2. Make sure your name, address, and phone number ( NAP ) are listed on the site:Google will look at the website you linked to through the information on the Google Map, and if so, get the name, address, and phone number. And your work matched, you did the right thing.
  3. Submit yoursite to local directories: Directory sites provide a list of businesses in different regions and cities. These sites have grown significantly with the advent of the pigeon algorithm.


After the introduction of the pigeon algorithm, the number of visits and conversion rates of some sites decreased, but the number of visits that led to sales increased. Pigeon algorithm has the greatest impact on local SEO and it can be said that this is a positive impact for both business and users.

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