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The role of video Sitemap in SEO

The role of Sitemap video in SEO

Making a sitemap, sitemap after site design is very important. Because sitemaps are easily interpreted by search engine crawlers and help them better understand the subject of your website and this can help your SEO site a lot. Sitemap ensure that all your web content is properly scanned and your site structure is displayed completely and accurately to search engines. A video sitemap takes this concept one step further by actually letting search engine crawlers know of any video content you have on your site.

Because video content inherently has no keywords or textual content with it (at least not in any scan format), site videos are a very effective way for your site to get good results in search results.

If you use a video sitemap, your videos will also be displayed in Google Video, a dedicated video section of the Google website. This will increase and improve your SEO and will bring more traffic to your site and your videos that will be seen by more people, especially those who prefer video over long web pages. Read, pay attention.

Why is a sitemap defined for video sites separate from the original sitemap?

Video Sitemap contains metadata about each video on your site and helps you get the videos right in the search results. The information you put on the video sitemap must match the actual video content used by Google.

Metadata sitemap video includes items such as video length, title, and a brief description of the video content.

Why do you need a video sitemap?

While there is no guarantee that video sitemap details will be fully utilized by search engines, it can really help increase your presence in search results.

It also realizes the fact that a video will always stand out among a sea of ​​text-based results, and that it can only display more pages.

Statistics from Marketingweek show that videos with a sitemap show about 70% more views than other videos. If you invest in high quality video content, it makes sense to ensure that people can easily find it, so that you can get the most ROI.

How to create a video sitemap

Video sitemaps can be created by adding video metadata to your existing sitemap. This method can be done manually, but there are simple methods.

A variety of online generators let you create a video sitemap, including a video sitemap generator at XML-Sitemaps.com.

This script detects all video content on your site.

You can even use mRSS in the RSS protocol to create a video sitemap. Unlike simple RSS, mRSS has more flexibility for more details about multimedia files.

Note that Google only accepts video site images with less than 50,000 video items, and your sitemap must be less than 50 MB. Unless you run a great video host like Vimeo or YouTube

Once your sitemap is created, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to submit it the same way you would with a regular sitemap. Your video content and sitemap are well-formatted, you should take advantage of the real benefits of getting Google crawlers in this place to get your video content. 

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