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What is Google EMD Algorithm?

What is Google EMD Algorithm?

In late 2012, Google introduced a new algorithm in Google’s list of algorithms called Exact Match Domain. This algorithm was introduced to improve SEO, unlike the content-sensitive Panda and Penguin algorithms. Before the introduction of the Google EMD algorithm, most weak sites chose the same domain as the word they wanted to rank better in Google searches to improve SEO.

For example, if your domain name was site design and you wanted to SEO the word, you used an Exact Match Domain. This may have been used before the introduction of the EMD algorithm, but in the following, we will tell you what effect it has on the SEO site now.

Is there a Problem for matching domain and query?

If the domain of the site is exactly the same to a query and the basic principles of SEO of that site are not observed, Google will introduce this site as a spam site. Reputable websites usually choose their brand as the domain and sometimes they may put the keyword next to the brand name. For example, many companies that operate in the field of SEO put the word SEO in their domain.

Exact Match Domain types

There are four important factors for evaluating the scope of compliance, that we will examine each of them.

  1. Domains that have a high level and have the extensions such as net, com, and org.
  2. Use of keywords in the domain
  3. Use of the space bar
  4. Existence of prepositions, adjectives, or adverbs. If these words are in the domain of existence, it is called the relative matching domain.

Sites that have high-level domains cannot put more than three keywords in their domain.

It is better not to use the space bar in the domain title and to use it only once if needed.

If a domain does not follow the factors mentioned above and is identified by Google and has poor SEO as well as poor quality content, and it will be spammed quickly.

What is Google’s solution for domain matching?

Since 2012, with the introduction of the EMD algorithm, the amount of Exact Match domains has been greatly reduced. Those who use these domains have very good and principled sites. Of course, this algorithm is not yet fully active and only affects 0.6% of English keywords.

Google tweeted: If you see a site with a matching domain that has low-quality content, please let us know.

Having an exact matching range is not a problem in itself. Problems arise if sites resort to spamming.

If your website is of low quality and you have also used the matching domain, surely your SEO is in danger and you will face the problem of white hat and black hat SEO.

If you have a reputable website and you use quality content and all the activities you have done on the site and SEO are correct and principled, if you have used a matching domain, you should not worry about punishment from Google.

solutions to avoid the Google EMD Algorithm negative effect:

  • Provide quality products to users by the website
  • Maintain and develop good relationships with new and old customers
  • Provide the best sales service (warranty)
  • Engage customers in the website by providing valuable content
  • know your customers at workshops or events, both online and in-person

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