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What is crawl budget?

What is crawl budget?

Crawl budget is a basic concept in seo that is often overlooked by webmasters, there are many topics and rules that need to be reviewed by a SEO expert and all of them are very important.

Sales budget is one of the factors and issues that should always be examined and applied optimally on our sites.

Our main purpose in writing this article is to familiarize you with the concept of crawl budget and ways to improve this rate and optimize it.

Crawl budget is actually the frequency that search engine crawlers put on your domain pages.

In fact, this is the number of pages that Google bots index on your site over a certain period of time.

Crawl rate optimization  includes a series of steps you can take specifically to increase the visit rate of search engine robots on your pages.

Factors Affecting crawl rates

  • Register site pages on txt

Register important pages of your website in robot.txt so it can be available for Google crawlers. robot.txt has the ability to hide your website pages from Google crawlers at any time or tell Google Crawlers what pages are most important to you. You can manage the site robot in two ways, in the first method it is done manually, but in another way, you can use the desired tools.

  • Watch out for the number of redirects on your site

don’t use them till you have to use redirect 301 and 302!

  • Use as many html codes as possible

Don’t use flash and xml codes as much as possible

  • Http errors can frustrate crawlers

remember that technical errors of 404 and 401 can cause your crawl budget to drop.

In fact, not only 4xx errors but also all 5xx errors can cause your crawl rate to drop.

  • Choose your URLs according to the principles and rules of SEO

When choosing your INTERNET address, follow some tips so that your address complies with SEO principles and rules.

  • Update your sitemap

Modify your Sitemap file and take advantage of its permitted opportunity, and another important thing is to make sure it matches the robot.txt file.

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