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Advantages of using Google Analytics

Advantages of using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software that helps you a lot with the data of your website and your user’s behavior.

In fact, this tool gives you valuable insights to define your success strategy.

If you want to do well in the digital world, it is important to know how your users behavior when they log in and use your website, what pages they are satisfied with, and what cause them to leave your website. All of these can be properly analyzed by Google Analytics.

understanding your users’ behavior is only possible by using Google Analytics, which gives you a clear and accurate understanding of your users’ behavior, how long they use your website, how satisfied they are with your content and website pages.

Today, almost all businesses have an online presence through the website. So, it very important for you to learn the internal structure of your website to see if it accomplishes its purpose.

To do this, you need to know how long it takes people to take the necessary steps when they visit your website and view all the pages on your website.

Regardless of whether you have an e-commerce website or an informative blog, you definitely want to understand and study the behavior of your visitors to get better results.

In following we will discuss why you should use Google Analytics, so you can get a better insight into your website and visitors using this tool.

Advantages of Using Google Analytics Tools

1- Google Analytics free!

This advantage makes google analytics the most important digital analytics tool. With the Google Analytics tool, you can invest a decent budget in other important sources.

2- Automatic data collection

Google Analytics gives you important information and data so you can maximize your performance in website for free.

This information, which is the data from your website, has a great value. Another point to mention in using Google Analytics tools is that you have to have some needed proficiency to use this valuable tool.

Another advantage of this tool is by using the Google Analytics we will no longer need to use Google Docs or Spreadsheets.

Configuring and installing this tool is not that difficult, you just need to put a piece of JavaScript code that Google provides you at the bottom of your site pages.

After inserting this piece and entering the user into that Google page, it will send the necessary information about the behavior of users to your Google Analytics.

In this way, Google Analytics will be able to automatically collect data from your website and provide you with a report after categorizing them into one.

You don’t need to take any action to obtain data and reports. Google Analytics does everything for you.

And it allows you to access your reports immediately.

3- Custom reports

In Google Analytics, you can create a lot of reports or you can even create your own customized report using the drag and drop interface.

You can select the dimensions and measurements and decide how these reports should be displayed.

4- Easy integration with other tools and operating systems

Another notable feature of Google Analytics is that it can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms.

Just like other Google services, Google Analytics offers its users a useable interface.

This tool not only works well in the desktop version, but it’s also fully usable through its app on the Google Play Store.

Google Analytics, for example, has the ability to integrate with Google AdWords.

When you link the AdWords account with Analytics, you actually draw two tools and allow them to collaborate.

This hybrid work will give you practical insights that will lead to the success of your AdWords campaigns.

5- Possibility of measuring the internal features of the site and analyzing the users behavior

In fact, this tool explains how you should turn your potential customers into real customers, in this regard, it shows the correct behavior of your potential customers.

this tool will grow your customers as much as possible by expressing your weaknesses and strengths.

Fortunately, Google Analytics allows you to follow internal site searches a little more personalize.

With this tool you can get a better insight about what people are searching for, on your website. With these insights, you can improve the performance of your website accordingly or with the help of add-ons.

6- Decreasing the rate of bounce rate or jump rate

The jump rate is one of the most important metrics that refers to the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting only one page.

In addition, reducing this rate as much as possible is very important for your site’s SEO.

Many website owners are seeing massive traffic on their website but don’t have a high conversion rate or it’s better to say you have a high jump rate.

This means that visitors come to your website but don’t find what they’re looking for. Google Analytics helps you a lot in finding these reasons because the reason for this could be that your website isn’t optimized properly or maybe your landing page isn’t attractive enough.

Therefore, by using and analyzing the reports of this tool, you can reduce the jump rate or bounce rate on your website.

7- Accurate recognition of your audience

By Using Google Analytics, you can understand your audience’s age, gender, interests, type of input device.

With Google Analytics, you can discover valuable data about your audience to determine which channels drive the most traffic to your website.

The audience section provides you with a lot of information about people visiting your website, such as thier age, gender, interests, devices and location.

It also provides you with data on how to redirect your users to your website

8- Better understanding of the applicability of social networks used in your field of activity

Social networks are a great way to transfer a lot of traffic and engage potential customers and turn them into actual customers, using Google Analytics, you can see what attracts users’ attention and then fit that ad you want on those social networks.

To choose the best advertising platform for customers, you need to allocate a lot of funding for social media advertising.

For example: If you see the maximum amount of your customer attraction on Facebook and you get a smaller amount of traffic via Twitter, according to this data, you can spend more funds on Facebook and relatively less on Twitter to get more customers.

With Google Analytics, you can evaluate the performance of all the social platforms you use. You can also check how much conversion rates each social platform has for you.

9- Better understanding of the type of content your users need

Content is the king, and if it’s dramatically useful and functional, it can help you get more traffic and visitors.

Having a Good content is one of the best ways to attract customers, which is why many businesses create numerous blogs, infographics and slides to gain a higher position in Google’s search engine.

Google Analytics helps you track all the content you view and share. With this data, you can view top blogs so that they resort to customers in a more productive way.

10- Reviewing and setting goals

By Setting a goal in Google Analytics, you can track your business progress.

You can also review a number of your goals to check the customer’s journey to achieve that goal.

You can set different goals, such as buying, filing, subscribing to newsletters, downloading e-books.

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