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Benefits of Website SEO for Growing Your Business

Benefits of Website SEO for Growing Your Business

Do you know the importance of analyzing your website and its role in the growth of your business? SEO analysis  and review of its technical defects play an important role in the development of your business and your sales chart.

Website analysis and SEO

Analyzing the behavior of visitors to your website can have a huge impact on the growth of your business because by analyzing the behavior of your audience you can find  What are their places in terms of age, gender, position, etc.?

How they got to your site. What is the most popular content on your site in terms of your visitors; What is your conversion rate and how can you use this information to plan well-informed marketing strategies for your site and grow your business faster?

In this article, we will share the main reasons why web analytics are important for the growth of your business.

1- Know your visitors well and improve the user experience

When deciding on big (or small) businesses, you need to be able to properly analyze your customers’ behavior and know that your smallest behavior and strategy will not hurt your audience. If it can attract more new users, it will be more profitable. Therefore, to make a safe and informed decision, you must first know your visitors. And control their behavior. Interests, needs, reference season and… are very important points.

Once you know who your site visitors are in terms of age, gender, geographical location, topics of interest, etc., you can take the right steps to enhance their user experience. For example, when you have enough information about the device technology, operating system, and browsers you use, you can increase your site’s compatibility with them.

For example, you can install accurate analytics tools on your site to get accurate statistics from the above.

2- Focus on important and popular topics

Website analytics tools like Google Analytics and MonsterInsights show you exactly which pages get the most hits, average duration and bounce rate per page, so you can use this to better engage with your users. Analyze the factors and optimize your site properly.

You can add more contact or CTA buttons to the top pages of your site and boost your site conversion rate.

Likewise, you can update your landing pages with the latest information or modify their entire design and structure to give your site a fresh and up-to-date look.

In addition, with the help of your website analysis, you can find out what topics your audience is most interested in. By producing targeted content for them, you have helped your site’s popularity from their point of view.

3- SEO is the most vital part for you

SEO is  one of the most important aspects in determining the growth of your business. The more organic traffic your commercial site has, the higher the conversion rate.

Website analysis helps your SEO in many ways. By knowing the profile of the number of visitors and interested in your visitors, you can create targeted content for your site and be better seen in the search engine. In addition, you can achieve a good backlink strategy by tracking your referrals.

4- Tracking site visits and creating a strategy to use them as much as possible

Using your website analytics, you can track the people who get the most traffic to your business site, analyze and focus on strategies to get more traffic to them.

For example, if your site receives the most traffic from search engines, it means that your SEO is strong. Now with a little extra effort, you can improve your website visibility online and get more traffic than ever before.

5- You can use strong external links on your site as participation opportunities

Website analytics applies not only to your site but also to the people you visit or the outbound links you use. Using Google Analytics or MonsterInsights, you can see the top links clicked on your website that go to other websites, analyze these links and access them.

6- Easily follow your e-commerce criteria and use them for more sales

Whether you are selling physical goods, software or services online is very important, sales report is the most important report that you should be familiar with. Fortunately, website analytics tools like Google Analytics and MonsterInsights show all your important E-commerce metrics like total revenue, conversion rate, top products, top referral sources, etc. in a single report.

And this information can help a lot in increasing your sales.

Then, with the exact idea of ​​who gets the most sales, you can come up with strategies to get even more.

Setting up e-commerce tracking for WordPress sites is very easy with the MonsterInsights eCommerce plugin. With just a few clicks you can enable this option and view your most important e-commerce data.

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