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What is the Google Florida Algorithm?

What is the Google Florida Algorithm?

New news all confirms that with the update of the Florida Algorithm, Florida Algorithm has  once again introduced a very powerful algorithm. According to Google officials, this update is another major change in Google’s core algorithm!

What is this new algorithm and how has it affected sites? How to prepare your site for this new Google algorithm? Follow us for the most complete information about the Florida algorithm or Google Kernel Update March 2019.

Has Google approved the Florida nuclear algorithm?

Rarely have we seen Google talk about the details after providing an algorithm. It is usually up to the SEOs themselves to decrypt the new algorithms by analyzing the penalized websites. Fortunately, this story is a little different for the Florida 2 algorithm. Google officials have endorsed the Florida 2 algorithm in a series of tweets, and everyone agrees that it is one of the most important algorithms ever presented.

Danny Sullivan (a Google official) said on March 13, 2019:

“This week we released an extensive update to the kernel algorithm; As we do several times a year. Our advice on such an update is the same as what we said before. For more information, you can see our other tweets about this. “

What websites is Google Florida Algorithm targeting?

As we have already seen in the analysis of the Neural Matching kernel algorithm, a widespread kernel update means that Google does not target any specific subject or signal (such as quality); in fact, in such an update Google does not target anything!

Google analyst John Müller has repeatedly stressed that Google’s core and extensive updates do not target any particular category of websites, but by scrolling through various forums and reading the comments of website owners, it can be seen that many people Believe that this update targets medical / health websites!

The best thing that can be done right now is to look at the changes that will take place in the coming days to better understand how to obtain the satisfaction of the Florida 2 algorithm for our website. What has happened over the past few days has often been the following:

Evidence suggests that sites that prioritize content quality and site speed have experienced increased traffic.

Another important point about the Florida 2 algorithm is that websites have a global impact. Simply put, this update does not affect a specific industry or a specific geographic area.

Impact of Florida algorithm on SEO

After much research, SEO experts finally realized that the two main factors that are very important for Florida are the use of backlinks to websites and the production of high quality content.

Backlinks are actually one of the most important techniques for all websites that will help you get a good ranking in Google results. As we mentioned, using backlinks is necessary for sites, but sometimes with small mistakes that are made in websites, the website will be penalized by Google.

Therefore, it can be said that selecting and using inappropriate backlinks can play an important role in the decline of SEO. So using the Florida algorithm, you can prevent this from happening. Try to manage your website properly by using the right content and the right links so that you do not suffer from SEO failure and get better results in Google search results.

Why is this Google Update called the Florida  Update ?

The first discussions about the Florida update began at the 2019 Pubcon Florida conference, which is why Pubcon and WebmasterWorld co-founder Brett Tabke called the update Florida 2. This conference is held to analyze and review Google’s algorithms. Given that everyone knows the newly introduced algorithm as Florida, but Google has called its new update March 2019 Core Update.

Tricks to fight Google Florida 2 algorithm update

As you can see in Sullivan’s tweet at the top of the page, his advice is to refer users to a previous tweet. This tweet says:

“There is no way to fix pages that perform worse than other pages; you just need to focuse on the production of perfect content . Over time, your content may evolve as it relates to other pages.”

What can be deduced from this tweet is the discussion of the relevance of the content and / or the linking of the content in the search results.

Poor content and inadequate backlinks have always been the killer of site rankings. These are not new things, and website owners have always been aware of the importance of these things to Google. If your site has great content and receives real and natural backlinks, there is no need to be afraid, but if your site has performed poorly in key areas such as content and backlinks, whether in this update or in subsequent updates, Anyway, one day your site will get stuck! 

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