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What is Google Hilltop Algorithm?

What is Google Hilltop Algorithm?

Hilltop algorithm   or  algorithms Hill  is one of  Google’s algorithms is adopted by Google in 2003. The Hilltop algorithm influenced the search engine optimization in  2004 and continues to do so.

As a SEO  professional , you need to know the effects of the hill top algorithm on search engine performance because knowing this can help you to have a stronger understanding of your SEO today.

Description of Hilltop algorithm

The purpose of the Hilltop algorithm was to identify valid pages in the search engine. In fact, we can say that this algorithm works in conjunction with the PageRank algorithm to be able to identify valid web pages well.

The first step of this algorithm was to identify the valid web pages that hilltop reached. There were many related pages in the results that were related to the search topic, so in the first step, specialized pages had to be identified so that Google could get the best results. Display correctly.

This is where the hilltop algorithm comes into play.

The main approach of the Hiltop algorithm is based on hypotheses similar to other algorithms, ie the number and quality of resources referred to a page is a good measure of page quality. “

The hilltop algorithm is a link-based algorithm, such as PageRank. This algorithm first selects acceptable pages for search results and then selects the best option according to its criteria.

This means that instead of choosing from all the pages on the Hilltop web, they choose from a total of sites that specialize in this field.

One of the basic and common methods of Google to determine the credibility of pages is the number of external links and their quality. In this regard, the important difference between Hiltop and other Google algorithms is that this algorithm considers only specialized pages and resources. Basically, the Hiltop algorithm is a kind of link metering algorithm that acts like a page rank and determines the ranking of websites based on linking.

But the way the Hiltop algorithm works is slightly different from the Google PageRank. In this way, the Hiltop algorithm considers only specialized pages, but PageRank uses all the web space to determine the page rank.

Impact of Hilltop Algorithm on SEO

Hilltop algorithm had a great impact on SEO performance. The algorithm later found that links from edu pages, links from major directories such as Yahoo, Zeal, DMOZ, and BOTW, and links from sites with high PageRank helped sites rank higher. .

In those early days, getting a link from About.com could dramatically help rank sites. Since a site like DMOZ was a good reference for identifying quality links, getting a link from DMOZ (itself is considered a quality link and can boost your ranking and increase your site ranking). .

Hilltop may introduce the idea of ​​hiding relationships between websites. Therefore, SEOs used unique IP addresses to hide their domain ownership.

By updating this algorithm, the networks of sites that belong to the same organization and sometimes consist of hundreds of sites, will lose their rankings.

How does the Hilltop algorithm affect SEO today?

PageRank has evolved to include concepts such as authentic seed pages, which resemble the pages of Hilteps experts. Before Hilltop, there were other algorithms that focused on hubs and authorities. Hilltop is used to reinforce the concept of directory sites.

The Hiltop algorithm has long since ceased to function, and linking to directories does not add value to your site, but the concept that Google sought in those years is page validation, now known as Page Authority. At the moment, any site or page can be a valuable page for link building as long as it has a high relevance and credibility to your site.

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