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How to choose the domain name for the website

How to choose the domain for the website

Choosing the right domain name is the first important and one of the basic steps in SEO and it includes many rules and regulations. We, Vancouver SEO, in this article will teach you techniques of choosing the right domain name. When we are going to choose a domain before designing the site, it should be short and understandable. When a domain name is chosen for a site, it should be readable by both the machine and the user.

Is a short domain name more appropriate or longer?

Short, simple URLs are easier to remember. When the user sees long URLs and with different characters, she or he may not click on it but when the user faces a short and readable domain, its more probable click on it. So, it can be clearly said that the domain name has a direct impact on the click-through rate or ctr of Your site. Example: you see a site with the following address.


When you search for content, and you come across long and obscure links like the example above, the chances of clicking are very low, even if you know that such a domain name belongs to a reputable site. it is very likely that the entire domain address will not be copied. When you copy the domain name incompletely, you will be redirected to page 404 instead of the landing page. Another good use of a domain name is when the user becomes familiar with the text of the link to your site. In this case, a good domain makes it easier for users and the search engine to communicate with it and your domain name stays in the user’s mind.

domain name and SEO

The domain name of the site is displayed on the Google search results page (SERPs). When users search in google, the Google search page will display three main sections.

  1. The title that is linked to your site.
  2. Domain name
  3. Description. So, in every search, users see the domain name and it increases the rate of visitors of your site.

Choosing a domain name and displaying it in Google for SEO

Webmaster Tools can be used to ensure that the domain name and page address are optimized.

 How to choose a suitable name for the site?

The most important step in creating a credible site with a lot of visitors is choosing the right and optimal domain name. In the following, we will discuss the strategies for choosing the appropriate domain name.

Select the main title of the site

To choose a title, you should use words that are understandable to users and relatable to the content of the site.

When choosing a name for your site, don’t forget to:

  • avoid using long names and numbers in the domain name
  • avoid Using page addresses without meaning, such as page1
  • avoid Excessive use of the keyword in the site URL
  • avoid creating irrelevant pages

When creating a tree structure for a site URL, delete irrelevant pages as much as possible and avoid meaningless names, and also creating too many folders.


  • Do not create multiple URLs for one page
  • Avoid multiple addresses for a domain
  • Do not use capital letters in the domain name
  • But, Use acronyms for domain names

Many sites that belong to special brands have given their domain name an abbreviation of the name of the company or the relevant store. To do this, you should put the first letters together in English, but before doing so, make sure that the pronunciation of the letters could be read easily. When letters are put together, they must convey meaning. Avoid acronyms that are reminiscent of ridiculous meanings. remember, you do not have to put the first letters of the company together to abbreviate the domain name. It is important to choose a name that stays in the mind. Like LG


The domain name should not include numbers and dashes. Of course, the simplicity of the name is more important than any rule.

For example, P30download, it may have used the two spellings and didn’t observe the law of using numbers, but still was able to stay in minds and brand itself.

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