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What is Google’s Mobilegeddon Algorithm?

What is Google's Mobilegeddon Algorithm?

Google released a new update to site rankings on April 21, 2015. This algorithm helped improve mobile search results. The algorithm is also known as Mobile Friendly. Mobilegeddon algorithm tries to make it easier for the user to view the pages of the site in the mobile version. That is, no horizontal scrolling and no need to zoom in.

The number of people using mobile phones for internet searches increases annually. According to published statistics, 52.2% of a website’s traffic is owned by mobile devices, and, naturally, Google pays special attention to mobile users.

Mobilegeddon’s algorithm is created with the purpose of investigating that whether web pages are optimized for ranking on mobile devices and are so-called Friendly mobiles or not. Pages that are not optimized for mobile will drop rank.

This algorithm does not affect desktop searches. The important point here is that Mobilegeddon is a page-level algorithm in the sense that one page may get a good ranking from the website and not the other.

Google’s Gadon mobile algorithm examines the following factors:

  • No mobile version of the page
  • Inappropriate configuration of page appearance
  • Illegal content
  • Used plugins

Optimization for Mobilegeddon algorithm

1- Your site design should be responsive:

Make sure your site displays correctly in a variety of displays.

2- Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool:

You must meet Google’s criteria for mobile compatibility to get a good rank on mobile search results.

3- Get help with site speed testing tools:

One of the most important factors for mobile users is the loading speed of pages.

How to find out if your site pages are Mobile Friendly?

To find out if your site pages are suitable for mobile phones, you can use Google’s own Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This tool checks the pages of your site and lists the problems for you. If your site is not suitable for mobile phones, you may have a drop in incoming traffic to the site.

Google has announced that after fixing the problems, it will re-emerge your pages in the search results. You can also index your site pages for mobile to expedite this by using Fetch as a Google tool.

Now, after checking if your site is following Google’s Mobilegeddon algorithm, it is time to test the speed of the site pages in mobile mode. To test this mode, you can use another Google tool called PageSpeed Insights.

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