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What is UX design?

UX design

now that you know about UI design lets get familiar with UX design. User experience is the feeling that your user experiences at the first moment of using your product. This product can be a mobile phone, the latest car model or a website and application. The experience of using a product can vary over time. In other words, the feeling you have from using a product at this moment may change the next week and turn into a positive or negative feeling.

In the design of UX, one of the most important issues that should be considered is the opinion of the audience or customers. In fact, they are the ones who want to use the result of your design; Therefore, their comments and suggestions can be the best option for modifying and revising services or new designs. It should be noted that the best ideas are always liked by demanding customers; So it is better not to run away from them and accept their criticism with open arms! Producers and designers can collect the opinions of their contacts through comments or survey forms, in order to improve their products. The wider the platform of communication with the customer, the easier it is to be aware of the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the contacts. this way you ca receive more powerful feedback.

What does UX designers do?

Have you ever wondered what a UX designer really does? If you are curious, this question must have come to your mind many times. Well, in reality, depending on the type of project, the work of a UX designer is different. But if I don’t consider this issue, there are a series of steps and tasks that are common and done by the UX designer in all projects. These works include user research, creating user personas, creating wireframes, prototypes, user testing, visual design, and development.

How is user research in the UX design process?

Every design process starts with research and the first step is research. But the question is, where does research start in the world of UX?
Yes, as the title suggests, it will start with the user!
It is usually the case that the UX designer gets a summary of the product from the idea owner and conducts preliminary research for the product. It means that you should research about the features of the product. That’s why you can get an idea from a similar model that is made and is considered your competitor (note that you can get an idea, not to copy it). You can also ask users questions and get to know their needs better and see what is the problem of a user. Now these research can be done online (survey) or in person. Don’t think that these users are site users or something like that, because there is no product yet that wants to attract users. By user, we mean idea investors or idea owners and such people (when the product is ready, you can get feedback from the users of your product.) so don’t get this wrong. Sometimes we ourselves (I mean UX designers) are also considered users, and a UX designer should put himself in the place of each user’s role and determine the needs. Now I will talk more about it later.

This work means knowing the needs of the user gives the designer a precise view before he starts designing the product!

UX design

How to place personas in the UX design process

One of the coolest parts of UX design is creating a persona!

What exactly is a persona?

User personas are actually a real story of the target user of our project. it doesn’t need to be in great detail But it is good that it is complete. For example, you can write about one of your users who is young and 25 years old and familiar with technology. About a user, for example, it can be written that he is elderly and 65 years old and is not familiar with technology and his eyes are weak and so on. Depending on the type of project, the users will be different, of course!

When you define your personas, it becomes clear to you what each user wants and how literate they are with your product. For example, in personas, you can see that some users expect to register their appointments and events through the calendar. You already know what features are important and you should focus on them!

How are prototypes and wireframes used in UX design?

After completing the previous steps, we can now say how the content of each page or product should be placed and organized. in addition we can see how the pages (app, site, etc.) should be placed together to allow the user to reach his goals more easily. .

This is done with wireframes and prototypes. Both of these include plans and sketches that are prepared for investors, beneficiaries, and project partners. Details inside the prototypes are completed based on user feedback and testing. Wireframes are a series of designs that do not have details, and we quickly draw our idea on paper with a pencil. and it is not supposed to have details, it just shows the main functions, for example, where the buttons should be placed, etc.

What role do user testing play in UX design?

Testing is one of the most fundamental parts of user experience or UX design and the core of all user experience design processes. UX designers test prototypes with real users and get feedback from them regarding the ease of use or whether the design is good or bad. Pay attention to the fact that if a product is created, the work of designing the user experience is not finished, but they always check and improve the user experience.

This allows you to have a more accurate view and save a lot of time in improving your prototypes before the development stage.
The most common user test is the usability test. Usability Test is actually a technique that you can target specific parts of the design and evaluate how useful they are. When the test is done, the results are used to improve the design and adjust the prototypes, and this test is repeated again and again, which we call iteration.

UX design

What are the important factors in user experience?

In order to be able to approach the main goal of UX, which is to make the user interested in using the product, it is necessary to consider several points. In the following, we will describe these important items.

Suitability of the designed product (site or software or anything else) with the needs of the audience
Considering the personality characteristics of the target community such as age, literacy level, gender, etc.
Proportion between textual and visual content in the design of digital products
Considering part of the product as a guide for its correct use
Users should be able to include as many changes as possible according to their taste
Standard arrangement of information in websites and software, in order to access them more easily
updating the new versions of a product, in order to match it more with the opinions and needs of the audience

Can I get a job in UX with no experience?

The interesting thing about UX design is that there are no special prerequisites for it. it is often seen that people from all walks of life and professional fields become successful UX designers. You don’t even need special professional experience to work on your portfolio!

However, becoming a professional UX designer requires dedication and hard work, and there are several different paths you can take to learn UX.

Introducing some important UX design tools

Due to the importance that designers and manufacturers attach to user experience, many tools have been created to design this section. Digitizing the initial studies and visual management of the product is a bit difficult; For this reason, using the available tools can lead you to the best result. In this section, we introduce some of them.

Mind Manager

With the help of this tool, you can turn what you have in mind into a digital form. In addition, Over Flow and Mason software also have a similar application and are used for component design.


This tool has the ability to provide a prototype or the initial version of user experience design. In addition to the mentioned items, things like Mockpluse, Visio, Creatly, etc. are also able to help UX designers to achieve the best results.

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