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10 reasons to design a website with WordPress

why wordpress

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that has gained many fans among website designers. In this article, we are going to examine the advantages of WordPress. WordPress was originally a system used for blogging. But later it became a content management system and now a large number of sites use this system.

WordPress is written with PHP programming language and because it has many various plugins, it has been able to meet many needs of customers.WordPress was first released in 2003 and has been updating and adding a lot of features to its original version. As a result, today it is known as one of the best content management systems that includes nearly 75 million of all websites in the world. The most famous examples of websites built by WordPress include the Mercedes Benz website, NASA blog, Yahoo website, etc.

why wordpress

Websites you can build with WordPress:

  1. Blog – A blog is a special type of website dedicated to sharing thoughts, photos, reviews, tutorials, articles, and more. Blogs usually display the most recently published content first.
  2. E-commerce website – An e-commerce website allows you to sell goods or services online and receive payment through an online payment system. You can download and install a WordPress eCommerce plugin to extend the default functionality of WordPress so that you can have an online store on your website.
  3. Business Website – Many businesses will benefit from having an online presence in the form of their own website. If your business needs a website to let customers know about your company and what you have to offer, WordPress is a great option. Customers can contact you, request a quote, schedule an appointment, and more.
  4. Membership Website – A membership website allows you to put content behind a paywall or login. To access pages or posts, users must log in or pay for content. WordPress can also manage membership websites with additional plugins.
  5. Portfolio Website or Personal Blog – Showcase your artwork, design skills and more with a portfolio website built on WordPress.
  6. Forum website – A forum website can be a useful place for users to ask questions or share advice. Believe it or not, many community websites run on WordPress.
  7. Concert website or conference website – WordPress makes it easy for you to share event details and sell tickets.
  8. E-learning website – Students can take online courses, track their progress, download resources and much more from an e-learning website. With a special type of plugin called a WordPress LMS plugin, you can offer online courses from a WordPress website.

Why WordPress?

why wordpress

1.WordPress is an open source, free and popular software

To start a website, you have so many various choices. You can ask a developer to code your site from scratch but This way is very expensive and you basically order a dedicated CMS for yourself. Also, after some time if you want to make changes in it, it will cost you more and it will be expensive in the whole development.

Another method of website design is to use CMS or ready-made content management systems, which will greatly reduce your costs. In this method, you download a CMS like WordPress and install it on your host. So instead of ordering a high-priced dedicated CMS, you will have a free but much more advanced CMS!

2.Simplicity in design and ease of using WordPress

With WordPress, anyone with minimal technical knowledge in the field of programming can create a website with their desired template. Also, due to having an intuitive interface, WordPress has made the process of adding new pages, managing posts, uploading images, etc. easier than ever. To create a WordPress site, only a browser connected to the Internet is needed, and the designer can easily start his design work.

3.Infinitely diverse plugins and extensions

One of the most important advantages of WordPress is having a large number of plugins. Each person can use these plugins according to their needs. Most of these plugins are provided for free, and non-free plugins are available to designers at a reasonable price.

4.Simple, fast and free

You can pay different fees to build a content management system for your website, but WordPress is completely free. You can download it for free, use it in your system, manipulate it for free and you can do all these things in a few minutes. With WordPress, any designer can develop his site easily and by spending a little time and add to the performance of his site by installing various plugins. Also, due to the fact that WordPress was originally created for blogging, it has high blogging capabilities.

5.Flexibility in design

WordPress is a completely flexible platform and can be customized according to the customer’s taste. By installing plugins and changing the appearance of the site and designing a responsive site, you can create a complete site that is different from other WordPress sites. Also, the designer can create thousands of new pages on the site and not worry about the performance of the site. In addition, the site administrator can define different users as administrators on the site and assign different access levels to each of them. In addition to the discussed items, there is no need for a site designer and programmer to update the site and plugins, and updating is done easily. So far, some of the benefits of designing a website with WordPress have been reviewed.

6.Multiple languages ​​available in WordPress

WordPress has been translated into more than 40 popular languages ​​of the world. This translation includes all the control panel and various parts of WordPress, including the possibility of translation and customization in all parts of templates, plugins and It even includes its core.

In fact, one of the advantages of using WordPress can be stated that this content management system is multilingual and supports different languages, and this is another reason for its success, and the advantage that a site supports several languages is that all over the world users can change the site language and visit your site.

7.Various free templates

The WordPress theme is basically the appearance of the site that users see. In WordPress, you can easily find your favorite design among thousands of templates available on the internet and install it on the site.

The templates provided by WordPress itself are available in different languages ​​and can be downloaded, installed and activated through WordPress itself. The ability to use infinite templates available in the web world, many of which are responsive, has made WordPress popular in the world, and there are many sites active in this field that provide you with free templates.

8.Big WordPress community

WordPress is the most popular and powerful content management system for website design, so that nearly 80 million websites in the world are managed with WordPress.

Many of the largest sites in the world are built with WordPress, examples of which are the sites of prominent people in the world, such as the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, and the sites of large companies such as the New York Times, Microsoft News, Mercedes-Benz, Yahoo News, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and CNN. , Nokia, Harvard and other brands including Google Ventures, Sony Music, The Obama Foundation, angrybirds that use WordPress content management.

WordPress has about a third of the market share of website design. For this reason, many people have expertise in website development using WordPress and can design and produce any website with any features you need.There are also numerous tutorials and videos on how to use WordPress, and the documentation is extensive. Best of all, you can even access WordPress community forums to post specific questions or seek answers.

9.High website security

While no website platform is 100% secure, WordPress security is enhanced by a vigilant security team of developers and core users. Common WordPress security issues are usually due to user error, not the software itself.

10.NO more coding!

WordPress is a standalone system and does not require HTML editing software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver). You can create a new page or blog post, format text, upload images (and edit them), upload documents, video files, image galleries, etc. without the need for additional HTML or FTP software.

You can develop your website with the help of plugins without having programming knowledge. It is interesting to know that even you can create a website by yourself with the help of WordPress.

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