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How To Increase your click-through rate with emoji?

How To Increase your click-through rate with emoji?

One way to better communicate with your audience is to put emoji in the messages and content of the site. Research has shown that using an emoji makes your content more memorable in the minds of your audience and also increases the site’s click-through rate. This issue can play a significant role in SEO and earn top rankings in Google search engine.

Research on the use of emoji in content and messages which is sent to users, has also shown that when business owners use symbols and emoji in their content, there is better communication between customers and the business owner. This issue also plays an effective role in building trust.

What is an emoji?

Now it’s time to say what an emoji is! Emoji (English: Emoji) is a Japanese word whose first letter, E, means image. Emojis, like smilies, look like a yellow face, but their world is not as small as the world of smilies. There are so many emojis today that cover a wide range of shapes.

How To Increase your click-through rate with emoji?

The effect of emoji on user interaction

In this section, we examine the impact of emoji from a marketing perspective.

In the sciences related to marketing, symbols and emojis can be an effective element in attracting the audience. For example, a pointing sign in a tweet can increase engagement by 25.4 percent, and an emoji in a Facebook post can increase the number of likes by 57 percent and the number of comments and subscriptions by 33 percent.

But the important thing is to be able to identify the correct use of each symbol and use the ones that attract the most users.

For example, you can use it as a symbol to click. This symbol has received good feedback from users on social networks and sites.

How to increase click-through rate with the help of emojis

One of the goals that website owners have in SEO; is Get Clicks. There are several ways to do this. For example, by teaching SEO, you can encourage your audience to click on your website address. But one of the methods used in the past to increase the click-through rate of websites; was the use of emojis. But a few years ago, Google’s smart engine banned the use of emojis in the site title and it was no longer possible to use it.

But recently it has made it possible to use emojis for websites again. Therefore, in addition to writing an attractive title, you can also use emoji to click and attract the audience.

Be sure to use the emojis in the right place. For example, if you have a professional business, using emoji in the title can definitely have a negative effect on your business.

If you work in the veterinary field, using animal emojis can attract many users to your website.

You can also use the symbols in the description section of the site. Note that using emoji in the description is more effective than using them in the site title.

Note, however, that if you use a large number of emojis in the title or description, it will be considered spam by Google and will be removed automatically. So it is better not to use more than 3 emojis. You can also get help from sites that provide these symbols to add emoji as a description.

Why should we use emojis in marketing?

1-If you look closely, you see famous brands look like famous people that people know them. For example, when we hear the name of Alibaba site, we remember the fictional character of Alibaba and forty thieves. So this brand will always remain in our minds. You can also use emojis to give your brand personality and make it more humane. By doing this, your users will always remember your name and you will be more successful in marketing.

2- By using emojis, you can surpass your competitors and you can make a notable ads by using them in the titles of emails, social networks, Meta and on. The sooner you learn to work with emojis, the sooner you can succeed in your business.

3-Users will feel closer to you, and if you can make them feel that way, they will trust you sooner and you will succeed in your business for sure.

Are emojis also used on social media?

Social media is another great way to use emojis. After all, emojis can convey emotions better. Research shows that posts with emotional content grow faster and have a greater impact on marketing.

You should know that the tactic of using emojis in social media posts is not new and many users are familiar with it.

For example, Facebook users send about 60 million emojis to their contacts daily.

So like any marketer, you need to know the average click-through rate of your business before setting your goal and get started.

Using emojis in mobile notifications increase click-through rate?

It may have happened to you that your cell phone lights up because of a notification and suddenly you look at your cell phone. If there is an important issue, you will check it, but most of the time you will ignore these notifications and resume your previous work.

How To Increase your click-through rate with emoji?

Now you need to find a way attract users’ attention to these notifs. That emojis help you again and by using them, you can become visible to your audience.

Using the A / B test, you can also find popular emojis of your contacts and use them to increase the click-through rate.

For example, a restaurant used a pizza emoji at the end of the ads it sent to users on their mobile phones in order to get click-through rates and show their ads to the audience. The result was very good and excellent and thus attracted a large audience to his restaurant.


In this article, we look at the effect of emoji on user attraction. Using emoji makes communication better and gains the trust of customers and makes your website a friendly environment for your users. We hope the information of this article can help you to increase the click-through rate of your website.

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