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Successul methods in designing store applications

Successul methods in designing store applications

Today, with the increasing advancement of technology,  application design has  gained a different position and everyone meets their needs through smartphones. 67% of people connect with the app much easier and faster than websites and Instagram pages. With the advent of store software and store applications, programmers also found their way into the field more smoothly and got off to a good start. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Appropriate user interface design

Easy user interface design allows the audience to communicate well with the store application, and the better and easier this design is, the more dependent and loyal the user will be on you and your store.

To  design an application, you must pay close attention to the audience and how the store operates. By knowing your personality and choosing the right design colors, you can create the right online store app. In a way that navigation in the software is very convenient and understandable for the user.

Personalize store applications

Allow the user to customize the software to feel more comfortable and pick the app according to his own taste.

By doing this, the user considers the store software as his home and changes the feeling of  seller and the business owner accepting  him just  being a customer  to the feeling of being a family member.

The idea of audience about us

It will be a special privilege for you to be able to  register the audience’s comment  , provided that you do not disturb your user at any time. You must have come across this section in various software and websites, which asks for your username and registration for every small action in the software and store site. It is better to implement this with the right strategy, otherwise it will have nothing but losing your audience.

Speed ​​of store software

High-volume applications are the worst and most boring software in the eyes of the audience. Even if the audience has to install your app in a certain period of time, it is willing to lose you by finding the smallest competitor. Because high speed is very important for the user. He has entered the world of smartphones and technology to progress and shine with it step by step. Definitely the low speed and high volume of your online store is poison for the device and itself. So design your software optimally so that the user likes you.


Feeling safe is the most important issue of purchase, which means that you must design the application according to the security and virtual laws of the country so that the user can safely register their banking information in your app. Also, your store software should be strong and resilient so that your contact information is not available to profiteers.

Operating system selection

One of the most important points is to pay attention to the selected operating system. According to your audience, you should base your internet software on the user-selected features to get a better answer and how much better it is to be able to advance your app with both operating systems.

Be responsive

Most store apps are initially designed for mobile, but it is better that you present your store according to all available devices. Basic and appropriate software changes the user according to the device and the desired version is used. First  design the mobile application  and then put the Windows and Mac version on your agenda.

Beta sample

To be better, you need an audience and you need to know this audience well so that you can interact with them and stay on stage. To get to know your persona, it is better to enter the trial or beta version of the market before presenting the version of your application to be aware of the defects of your work. Of course, before you try the beta version, be sure to let your users know when and how it will be released so that you will be more welcomed.

Proper use of color

As mentioned in the user interface design, the  color of the application is  of particular importance. Color psychology is the best option for choosing the right color for your brand. The harmony of the colors and their juxtaposition have a great effect on the loyalty of the audience. Many world famous brands are known for a certain color. The color of the brand should be chosen in accordance with the business to live and the user will remember you unequivocally whenever he sees the color of your choice in his daily life.

Social Networks

Open a place for social networks in the store app so that your user can easily access your other networks and interact with you through this. The audience will trust you more by connecting to more networks, and this will weigh the scales down on you. By doing this, you make him understand that wherever you want me, I am.

Use a messaging platform

When the user has a message for you and needs an immediate response, help him with the messaging system. But do not disturb him at any time by popping up and do not bother him. Create a space for the user to communicate with you at the touch of a button. To do this, do not bother him by getting useless information such as email, user interface, code and..


By implementing these tips, you can be successful in designing applications for your business and experience more sales and customer attraction.

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