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Familiarity with ways to increase mobile app user engagement

Familiarity with ways to increase mobile app user engagement

One of the important issues that should be considered after designing the application; Attracting and increasing loyal users is always one of the most difficult steps. According to research conducted in 2020, after the release of the application, more than three-quarters of people open it only once. No doubt you want your mobile app to be one of the main apps for your audience. To achieve this, you need to provide specific strategies for your application. In this article, we try to suggest ways to help you attract many loyal users to your application. Not all of what is said in this article may be useful to you, but we suggest that you try methods that are compatible with the features of your application.

App release features

Before publishing the application on Google Play and the App Store, you should pay attention to the following points.

Application name

The app name is the first thing people see. A name must be up to 30 characters long and easy to read, unique and relevant to your business. You can use keywords for your application.


The icon is the first image the user sees. You can engage your user by choosing the right photo. The icon image should clearly reflect the nature of your application. You need to create a stylish and unique icon that matches the other elements of your software. Do not clutter the selected icon with excessive graphic elements and different colors.


Screenshots allow the user to see the internal pages of the mobile app. Display the main features of your app in up to eight photos. You can create a story line for the user with your photos.

the movie

Many people today prefer to watch a short film to read the text and pay attention to the photo. It is better to make a video of your application and publish it on YouTube and add it to the app store page.


Program Description is an opportunity to show your audience the values ​​and benefits of your mobile phone. Use keywords in the description. You can also add a contact number at the end of the text.


Downloading and installing the app is important for users who want to use your app for the first time. This may be the user’s first impression of your software. The simpler the process, the higher the user interaction and loyalty. If installing your application is complicated, you should explain its steps step by step so that the user can use it easily.

Create an account

Ask users to sign up for your app to learn more about them. This way you can reach your target audience. The registration process improves the overall user interaction. Before registering, it is best to give the user limited access and ask them to sign up for more information.

Temporary free model

If your mobile app is paid, it can be difficult to convince new users to pay. The best and easiest way to increase app sales is to let users use your app for free for a specified period of time. This allows the user to understand how your application works, what valuable features it has and how much it meets its needs, and increases the likelihood of purchasing your mobile app.

Insert notification

Notification helps you to send specific information to users at specific times. This will make 88% of the audience visit your app more and your software will last three to ten times longer on their phone.

In-app messages

While notifications help users who are not active visit your app; In-app messages, in addition to interaction, make the user more durable.

Create a game

If you want your audience to spend more time on your app; You can offer them to participate in a game. This will increase the engagement of new users and their longevity. Creating dynamic games and placing prizes will make the user more interested in participating in it.


In general, in application design, the important issue is how to interact with users. For this purpose, you can implement the items mentioned in this article to interact more with your users.

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