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List of mobile applications

List of mobile applications

Mobile phones and mobile applications have penetrated our lives in a way that it is impossible to imagine life without them. If you are planning to have a custom application for yourself but do not know much about the technical issues in this area, this article will help you make better decisions about choosing the most appropriate type of application for your business.

The success of your mobile application depends on many factors, including technical details, business needs, design, marketing, and branding. But among all of these factors, choosing the right type of application is perhaps the key to determining the cost, time, and success of your application project.

 What is a mobile application?

First of all, let’s define a mobile app. Non-expert may define mobile apps, as something they can easily work with just a few clicks on a mobile phone.

But in a more precise definition, a mobile application, or simply a mobile app, is a series of computer-generated applications that can run on mobile devices such as iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.

If you can specify the types and categories of mobile applications, you can reach a common understanding to achieve the desired application with the help of developers and users. By Determining the type of mobile application, you can help users to access their desired mobile application better and faster, and before downloading and using it, they can understand in what is the function of this mobile application.

On the other hand, there are so many applications for technical and commercial issues from developers, in discussing pricing and reaching a common point for development. In this article, we intend to address this diversity of users and developers, which is divided into two categories. 

  1. Types of applications
  2. Types of applications in terms of application

From the users’ point of view, there are two basic references for this category. The Appstore and playstore sites are the most important and largest reference for accessing mobile applications for both Android and iOS operating systems. The point is, some of these categories overlap and do not work out definitively.

 Types of mobile applications from a technical point of view:

  1. Web View
  2. Native
  3. Hybrid

1- Native applications

List of mobile applications

The native app is designed to be used on a specific platform or device. These applications are programmed professionally, and most successful and popular mobile applications have used this type of programming in conjunction with applications such as uber, and…. A native mobile application is a software that is coded in a specific programming language such as Objective C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems.

Native mobile apps offer fast performance and high reliability. They also have access to various telephone devices such as cameras and address books. In addition, users can use some applications without an Internet connection.

However, this type of program costs money to develop because it is designed specifically for one operating system, forcing the company to build duplicates that can work on other operating systems. Most video games are native mobile applications.

People usually download traditional mobile apps from app stores such as the Apple App Store or the Google Store. A native app can only run on one type of mobile operating system: iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone, WebOS, and so on. If you want to make your app experience available to Android or Blackberry users as well, you need to develop and maintain a separate version of the app.

2- Webview app

List of mobile applications

Web Apps stored on a remote server are delivered over the Internet via a browser. Web applications are not real applications. They run by the browser and are usually written in HTML5.

A mobile web application is a software that uses technologies such as JavaScript or HTML5 to provide interaction, navigation, or customization capabilities. These applications run in a web browser within the mobile phone. This means that they can be used over the Internet and are not separate applications stored on the user’s mobile device.

Mobile web applications can be run on any type of mobile smart web browsers – such as full-fledged browsers like iPhones and Android phones, or like many mid-range BlackBerry phones browsers.

One of the advantages of this type of application is that because it runs on a variety of operating systems, the cost of implementing it is lower than native programming.

3- Hybrid app

List of mobile applications

Hybrid applications, like native applications, run on the device and are written with web technologies (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript). Hybrid programs run in a native container and use the device’s browser engine (not the browser) to use HTML and JavaScript processing locally. The abstract web layer allows the native part to access device features such as accelerometer, camera, and local storage that are not available in mobile web applications.

Most companies create hybrid applications as plugins for an existing web page; they hope to be in the App Store without much effort developing another app. Hybrid applications are also popular because they allow cross-platform development: the same components of HTML code can be reused on different mobile operating systems. The result is a significant reduction in development costs. With the power of HTML within Tools like PhoneGap and Sencha Touch, many users or people can have an output in all operating systems even with a duplicate code.

Types of mobile applications in terms of application:

There are various applications in the market in terms of applications that depending on the services each of them provide to their users, can earn a lot of money. In the following, we will review some types of these applications.

1- Mobile service application:

This category of mobile applications provide services such as building painting, home service, building plumbing, home cleaning, and home repairs and….they Are offered in the form of mobile apps in the market. Service application design is one of the most widely used mobile applications today.

2- Game mobile application:

Gaming-specific, they are useable in all different types and sub-categories of mobile games.

Some sub-categories: action, adventure, card and board, arcade, family, music and rhythm, puzzle, race, role-playing, shooter, simulation, social, sports, strategy

3- e-commerce mobile apps:

Traditional stores, as well as web-based online stores, have invested heavily in the field of sales applications due to the general popularity of applications. Which will include various categories, such as retail shops: the Amazon website, or wholesalers such as the Alibaba website. This site provides sales and subsequent services in the form of consumer to consumer, business to consumer, and business to business through the web portal.

4- Business mobile application:

Everything related to corporate business, including accounting, human resources, receipts, visitor apps, and jobs. can facilitates your business affairs.

Some of the sub-categories: document management, voip telephony, dictation, remote desktop, job search resource, customer resource management, collaboration, enterprise resource management, point of sale

5- Educational mobile application:

In this type of mobile application, the user learns various topics. These apps can provide text in a very simple and ordinary way, or they may have more complex modes by using dialog.

Some of the sub-categories: Arithmetic, Alphabet, Writing, Early Learning, and Special Education, Solar System, Vocabulary, Colors, language learning, standardized test prep, geography, school portals, pet training, astronomy, crafts

6- Lifestyle mobile application:

In everyday life, people face problems that an app can help them accomplish. For example, the reminder mobile app, which reminds you of things like deadlines, daily tasks, and important things. In short, what helps you in your daily life and daily life falls into this category.

Some of the sub-categories: Shopping, real estate consultant, crafts, hobbies, parenting, fashion, home improvement

7- Entertainment mobile application:

These apps entertain the user. For example, music players are in this category. You can even include mobile games and applications such as Twitter and Telegram in this category. It is difficult to give a precise definition for this category. You can see a more detailed definition in the following link. But the important thing is that they are one of the most widely used categories.

Some of the sub-categories: Television, movies, fan clubs, theater, voice manipulation, art creation

8- Utilities mobile application:

Your mobile phone must-have tools such as a virus scanner, battery charge status checker, call recorder, and so on are included in this category. In other words, Apps that act as a tool for your phone’s work fall into this category.

Some subcategories: Calculators, Clocks, Measurement, Time, Web Browsing, Flashlights, Screen Locks, Scanners Bar code scanners, unit conversion tools, password management, remote controls

List of mobile applications

9-Mobile tourism application (travel mobile application):

In this category apps will Introduce beautiful places, accommodation places, and can show you the transportation schedule.

Some sub-categories: flight tracking, multimedia clock, city guide, hotel / car rental / air fare purchase, Vacation planning, public transport,

 10-Book mobile application:

Some mobile apps offer digital books that have been officially published. One difference between this category and the educational category is that you do not necessarily display the contents of a book.

Some subcategories: Stories, religious texts, comics, and…

11-Health and Fitness mobile application:

These apps do not necessarily provide you with educational health content. They may even physically force you to exercise. For example, the pedometer app also records how much you walk.

Some subcategories: Yoga, muscle diagrams, workout tracking, running, cycling, stress management, pregnancy, meditation, weight loss weight loss, addiction resolution

 12-Food and Drink mobile application:

In this category, you will get acquainted with the introduction and training of food and beverage preparation to the places of its supply.

Some of the sub-categories: Recipes collections, Cooking guides, Restaurant reviews, Dietary & food allergy, Alcohol reviews, International cuisine.

13- Productivity mobile application:

You must have seen applications such as email recipients or calendars and to-do lists on your mobile phone. These mobile apps are designed to increase your productivity

Some of the sub-categories: Task management, Calendar management, Translation, Note-taking, Printing, Password management, Cloud storage, email clients, flow chart generators, simulation,

14-Music mobile application:

Apps that play music for you, make it easy to download and do everything related to music for you.

Some of the sub-categories: Music creation, radio, music education, music streaming, sound editing, music discovery, composition, Lyric writing, music collections, bands and recording artists, music videos and concert, concert ticketing

15-Sport mobile application:

Don’t get me wrong. Not all exercise is fitness. Sports news and information about different sports are what this type of app gives you.

Some of the sub-categories: Fantasy sports companions, professional teams/leagues, athletes, score trackers, sports news

16-Reference mobile application:

You may have come across the Internet to understand something and found the answer on sites like Wikipedia. Apps that give you this type of information are of this type.

Some subcategories: Atlas, dictionary, dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, encyclopedia, general research, animals, law, Religious, politics

17-Photo and Video mobile application:

Some apps just show photos and videos. These apps are usually a place where users can share their photos and videos with others.

Some subcategories: Capture, editing, manipulation, sharing, printing, greeting card creation, manuals.

18- Finance mobile application:

Different types of accounting at ant level in available in these application category.

Some of the sub-categories: Personal financial management, mobile banking, investment, bill reminders, budgeting, debt management, tax, insurance

19-News mobile application:

News agencies around the world have usually developed their own apps. These mobile apps publish news content.

Some subcategories: Television, radio, online news outlets or programs

 20-Social Network mobile application:

It is one of the most popular applications. In this type of mobile application, users can communicate with each other in the text, audio, or video, and sometimes some of these applications provide this feature for their users.

Some of the sub-categories: Interpersonal connections, text messaging, voice messaging, video communication, photo & video sharing

21-Medical mobile application:

In these applications, medical information and medicines, health, and well-being are provided.

Some subcategories: Skeletal, Muscular, Pharmaceutical, Anatomy, Medical record-keeping, Diseases, Medical devices, Health tracking

22-Navigation mobile application:

Google Map is one of the most popular of these applications. These apps help you navigate and display locations on the map.

Some of the sub-categories: Driving assistance, walking assistance, topographical maps, and…

Application design cost

You have to pay more to have a regular application rather than the ones that are on the web. because site designers are familiar with the HTML language. Therefore, they can design a web application faster and easier, and they don’t need other specializations to do so. Of course, we don’t mean that you don’t need to specialize in writing web applications. We just want to make it easier. Contact British Columbia Web Design company for consulting about designing an application or order it now.

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