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How to make a link bait?

How to make a link bait?

Getting backlinks is one of the most important elements in SEO. Link building requires high expertise and skills and is time-consuming in practice; and that why many websites use black hat techniques to get the top rankings in search engines. One of the risk-free and high-yield methods used in link building is Link Bait. This method is done by many SEO experts and can be used to create strong links on the website. In the following, we will fully explain Link Bait and how you can use this.

What is Link Bait?

The process of producing content that is specifically designed to be backed up is Link Bait. This type of content is usually challenging, helpful, controversial, includes important news text, information, and instructions. Content generated for Link Bait naturally generates backlinks, which can be in text, audio, photo, and even video format.

Regarding the content that is important for Link Bait, two points: First, the content produced must be of high quality and value. Valuable content is content that has no copy in any part of it and can attract the audience. The second point about Link Bait is that the content generated for this method generates natural backlinks, which is very important for search engines like Google.

Effective ways to build Link Bait

Creating a Link Bait must be done with great care and effective methods must be used to obtain it to achieve the desired result.

  1. Using visual elements

Certainly, visual content will have a much better impact on the audience and more links can be assigned to it. Try to create different infographics for your website, and in addition to using attractive photos, use strong content. You can also use different visual elements in texts that are long to make them more attractive.

  1. Generating challenging content

Challenging and controversial content is one of the best ways to build a Link Bait. This content attracts a large number of audiences and makes it possible to create natural backlinks. You do not need to deal with fiery topics to produce this type of content, you just need to express your opinion about what exists.

  1. Producing a complete and comprehensive guide

Generating a complete and comprehensive guide is very simple and easy. To do this, you only need to produce complete and comprehensive information on a topic that is written simply and fluently.

  1. Using data and surveys to generate content

Today, people are very interested in knowing statistics and figures, so it is possible to use this relatable data and figures to your business and produce valuable content. To generate such content, you can use the statistics announced by reputable websites and see their impact on Link Bait.

  1. Generating content related to hot topics

One of the best ways to get backlinks is to generate content with hot topics. For example, you can create and publish compelling content on economic, political, cultural, social, and even sports topics. By doing this, you will see many visits and various links.

  1. Stimulate pride

This method is one of the most suitable methods for attracting influencers. In this method, for example, you can ask your users to choose the best site for digital marketing training and vote for it. Then publish the results and thereby stimulate the pride of the top rankings, which will make your content shared. You can also use other methods such as writing about your favorite blogs, interviewing an influencer, and using personal words in your content to stimulate pride.

  1. Producing useful and practical content

One of the most common methods used to build Link Bait is to generate useful and practical content. According to the studies that have been done, it can be seen that if the produced content is sufficiently useful and practical for the audience, its sharing and pervasiveness will be done in a shorter period of time.

How to make a link bait?

Methods of publishing content Link Bait

Publishing Link Bait is very important and like any other content, it should be advertised. There are three different ways to publish a Link Bait:

  1. Social media

Social media is one of the best platforms for Link Bait sharing. The higher the number of Link Bait on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., the better the result. Appropriate hashtags should also be used to publish Link Bait on social media.

  1. Publications

Content that has newsworthiness is a good option for publication. Publishing content in publications allows bloggers and journalists to see your content and create backlinks to your site.

  1. informing personally

On social media, in addition to posting on your company or business page, you can also look for people who have posted about the topic you are posting. Then let them know by publishing your content. This will increase the likelihood of content sharing.


Link bait is one of the effective and useful methods that can be used to bring natural and valuable links to the website. Everyone who specializes in SEO uses Link Bait to improve their website rankings. This link-building method is a risk-free method and can be done easily.

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