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Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique was first introduced and used in content production by Brian Dean of backlinko. If we want to define the skyscraper technique in one sentence and in a simple way, we must say that:

 “By promoting quality content that has been proven to have a large audience and many people have linked to it, you can share a post that has an enormous  visitors in a short period of time and is reshared many times on social networks. »

by searching and researching about popular trends, hot topics of the day or educational articles in your field that have been viewed a lot and have been very attractive and lovable to the audience and have been linked to many times.

You can find content so that you can rewrite creatively in a professional way, and in the next step by finding people and sites that have linked to the original content in the past, try to justify and convince them to Link to your new, up-to-date and higher quality articles and content instead of the previous one.

In this case, you can get the # 1 rank in Google after a short time  and attract hundreds and thousands of visitors per month for this post (definitely this path from writing an article and producing ordinary content,  needs a lot of time and energy of you but reaching out to its result will refresh you)

Three steps of Skyscraper technique in content production:

  • Find great, engaging content
  • Upgrade it
  • Introduce it to people who have linked to the main content and get lots of links!

Why skyscraper technique in content production can improve your rank and authority from earth to sky?!

 Make sure  there will be good demands for this content: Obviously, whenever you want to market a product, one of the professional things to do is to market before any action, and the worst thing is to produce and market the product first. And then see who you have to sell to.

In the case of content production, there must be exactly the same logical and professional process, that is, we first measure the target market and the demand for content, then we start producing and publishing. One of the advantages of the skyscraper technique is that we are going to produce content on the topic and title that we are exactly sure has a large target market.

If you can produce content that is more complete, comprehensive, and engaging than the original one, you can definitely draw the attention of all the audience of the original to your own content, which means more traffic,credibility, and attracting more audience can be happen to you.

You have to produce quality and excellent content: Obviously you can get a good result from this technique only when your content is much better than the original one and has better quality, otherwise by just rewriting previous content and releasing it, No results were obtained. So one of the advantages of this technique is that it forces you to produce quality content that can bring you better traffic, better rankings and more credibility, both in the short and long term.

increase your post resharing  on social media: The more quality and valuable content you can produce, means the more resharing  on social media.

Your blog comments will rise: As we know, increasing the number of comments can both rise  your credibility with Google and your audience, and can help increase the number of words in your article, which in turn will improve your position in Google.

It improves your relations with other content producers or bloggers: In the final stage of Skyscraper Technique, you need to connect with many site owners or bloggers,  ask them to replace the original article and content by linking to your article, which is of higher quality and more comprehensive. Then it will create newer connections for you.

Performing skyscraper technique

you need to follow these steps, If you want to apply the skyscraper technique in producing your content:

Select the keywords you want. Check out the top sites that appear in Google results for your selected keywords.

Analyze the content of top sites. Consider their contents as your reference and rewrite it in the best possible way. Your content should be in every aspect better than the content of the reference site. In other words, be more informative, creative,engaging and  more detailed.

Check out websites like Ahrefs and Buzzsumo and find pages  that link to top Google backlinks.

Contact the websites that have backlinks to the top posts and present your valuable content to them and finally ask them to backlink to your website instead of the old site. Finally, enjoy the visitors and backlinks that flow into your post.

Creating content with a skyscraper technique takes more time and energy than generating conventional content, but it has amazing results and can even get you to a Google #1 ranking.

Advantages of Skyscraper Technique in Content Production

Skyscraper Technique

Longer content gives you more space.

When writing a long text, you should categorize it into sections with subheadings. These subheadings usually contain keywords and thus increase the density of keywords.

By producing longer content, you will have to go into more detail, and this will settle any needs of the audience.

In addition, longer posts will give you the opportunity to use more images and maneuver in the design.

You will also have the opportunity to give more internal links to your other posts and improve the internal linking of your site.

 Have confident in the demand for your content.

Before starting any business and offering goods or services, you should check the market situation and the demand for it. If you market the best products but there is no demand for that, you definitely fail.

The same is true of content production. Before writing an article, you should know if there is an external request for it or not.

Be an expert in producing strong content.

In the skyscraper technique, you have to produce stronger and  more valuable content than the best available one. This will make you see their strengths and weaknesses by looking at the top content and become familiar with the successful content framework. Also, since you need to upgrade that content, you will gradually get used to producing strong article  and the overall quality of your work will improve.

New relationships are created between you and other producers.

In the final step of the skyscraper technique, you need to connect with the site owners or bloggers and ask them to link to your article instead of the main content, which is stronger and more comprehensive. This leads to new relation with other content producers or site owners.

Is the skyscraper technique successful in action?

With the explanation above, it can be said that skyscraper content production is successful in theory, but will this technique be successful in action?

In the skyscraper technique, the emphasis is on longer content, and Brian Dean considers words as the key of success. This formula may have worked well a few years ago, but today we see that other users do not like very long content.

Another thing about this technique is while we all know that content distribution is as important as its quality and even more so, the distribution of content is not taken as seriously as its production. If your content is not well distributed and all SEO principles are not followed, it will reach the bottom of the first page of Google at best.

The next issue, which is especially problematic in the country, is that in action, when you contact the owners or content producers of other sites, you often do not receive any response or negative reply.

Of course, by applying the principles of the technique and observing some of the following points, all the above problems can be overcomed.

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