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Mostly Common used terms in Digital Marketing

Mostly Common used terms in digital marketing

There is no more traditional marketing. We no longer see businesses that continue using traditional facilities to promote their activities. The vast digital marketing world has a lot to learn. With the expansion of the use of cyberspace for business development, learning in this area becomes very important.

To get started, let’s see what are basic digital marketing terms. You should know the meaning of these terms because this is necessary for anyone working in this field.

Most Common terms in digital marketing

Digital Marketing: Using online and digital tools to achieve sales and marketing goals

Marketing Types

Inbound Marketing: The path a customer takes to reach your services or products. If you attract the audience with the right content for your services, this is called introverted marketing.

Outbound Marketing: With advertising and marketing, we expose our products and services to the customer.

Content Marketing: Transforming the audience into a loyal customer by providing attractive and functional content

Email Marketing: Emails are used to keep old customers, build relationships with new audiences, and convey messages. The advantage of email marketing is affordable and click rates are high.

SMS Marketing: by Sending SMS, you promote the product and services is an old method of marketing. This method has maintained its function and value through time.

Social Media Marketing: Social networks are the best tool for attracting audiences. By producing the right content, the audience can be attracted and turned into permanent customers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): a series of costs that we pay for advertising to improve our site ranking in result pages is called search engine marketing.

Remarketing: If the conversion rate doesn’t reach the desired level, it means that our marketing method is unsuccessful. That’s why new steps need to be designed and implemented.

Other digital marketing terms

  • Conversing Rate: The purpose of advertising is that our audiences do as we wanted them to. this may be buying a product or using our services.
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization – SEO: Ranking in the Google search engine is very important. The set of actions we take in designing site, producing content, improving relationship and user experience, and using appropriate keywords is called SEO.
  • Call to Action (CTA): we Provide a brief request at the end of the message of the contact to make the request we want. This set of requests can be requested for commenting, filling out a questionnaire form, registering, purchasing or expressing similar experiences.
  • Landing Page: One of the ways to convert the contact to the customer is to design the landing page for a part of the site. Our users will enter your website page when they click on the content related and then they can use your services. Landing pages are usually designed for campaigns.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI): After designing marketing strategies and objectives, we need to extract more important indicators. These are the more important indicators of the goals we want to achieve. In general, key performance indicators are measurable variables. With its help, we can succeed by achieving the goals we set.
  • Return on Investment – ROI: The ultimate goal of advertising campaigns and strategies that are designed is to increase sales and profitability. Return on investment is one of the indicators that which our marketing strategy should be designed on. A return on investment means a comparison between the cost of advertising and the profitability it made.

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