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3 important mistakes on the Online Store product page

3 important mistakes on the Online Store products page

When designing an online store site, the site designer focuses on the home page because these page is the first thing a visitor sees when entering the website. However, the actual purpose of any website is sales and that sales happen on the product page. If your sales are low, one of the reasons could be due to problems with your product page. In this article, we will describe three most common mistakes that sites make in their product pages and we will give solutions to SEO problems.

What is a product page?

There are pages on the website that will be dedicated to a featured product. Unlike landing pages designed for a specific campaign, product pages only convey product value and promote sales. These pages tell buyers what the product looks like, how it feels, what makes it better than similar products, and why you should have it.

Now we have introduced the product page, next we will discuss the most common mistakes of these pages and how to fix them.

3 important mistakes on the Online Store product page
  1. Low quality product images

One of the biggest mistakes that online stores make is not investing in high quality images and videos. Because customers cannot see, touch, or try products before they buy, your product images must be clean, high-resolution, and help the customer visualize the product in their real life. Beautiful and eye-catching images will help your customers to have more confidence in their online shopping.

Which images do you need for your site products page? Here are some essentials:

  • Original images

The original images are generally standard and high resolution where the product is on a completely white background (for example the images you see on the Amazon site). These photos should look professional and should show the product from several different angles.

  • Real-world images

These pictures are to show the product used in real life. For example an earring could display on a real person’s ear.

  • Videos

Short videos are one of the fastest ways to sell products through your online store. Research has shown that customers are about 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video. And to make the most of your money, you can use this video on other aspects of your social media, for example on advertising.

  1. Write bad content

The second mistake that e-commerce businesses make is writing bad or copy content. The content of the product page should be concise and engaging and motivate the reader to take action, but it is easier said than done.

Tips for writing the right content for your product page:

  • Focus on product value, what makes it better than similar and competing products?
  • List all the benefits of using the product as a list.
  • Do not copy content from another site.
  • Highlight any warranty or return policy.
  • Use a sincere and fluent tone.
  1. Social proof

Social proof is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to people’s trust in deciding what is right and wrong in a particular situation.

According to research, 92% of consumers read comments on the Internet and 80% of shoppers trust personal advice.

But how do we collect these social documents? One of the easiest ways is to send emails to customers and ask them to share their feedback. It may take a few follow-up emails to respond to your request and send a comment.

Act actively and motivate your customers to send comments by offering discounts and rewards in exchange for honest feedback on the website.

The benefit of this tactic is that it increases customer awareness and loyalty.

If your customers send a lot of negative comments, take the time to respond politely and reassure them that you are doing your best to improve. Whatever you do, always respond to the customer’s comments and never respond with rude or disrespectful language.


There are many ways to e-commerce, but keeping product pages up to date with professional images, smart content, and social proof is the easiest way to ensure that customers make their purchases before leaving the product page. If you are trying to increase sales of your online products or you need more information about SEO; contact us.

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