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What are the different types of Mobile apps software?

What are the different types of mobile applications?

Today, we don’t use smartphones only to communicate, we also use them for our other daily needs. they help us in solving a variety of problems. The application design helped us to take advantage more, like in studying, playing and doing a lot of other basic things faster than before. According to published statistics on mobile marketing, 2017, users spent an average of 69 percent of their time on smartphones, which is constantly growing. Today, the first and last thing people do during the day is checking their smart phone. Up to now, more than a few billion apps have been released in Apple Stores and Google Play, and these statistics show the popularity of mobile apps software among people.

In this article, we are going to review the most popular types of mobile apps, their performance, and their benefits alltogether.

Different Types of Mobile app software

Mobile applications are divided into different categories:

Utility Apps

This type of applications is perhaps the main and most widely used type of mobile applications. These apps allow users to solve a specific problem. Using these apps helped us to save time. These applications include calculators, clocks, alarms, flashlights, barcode scanners, tools to convert and manage passwords, screen locks, etc. This kind of apps helps us a lot in daily life.

Lifestyles apps

These apps can be used for different areas of our activities in life. They usually cover completely public themes, topics, and services. These apps help users to find their own paths and look and feel good. If your app is about real estate, fashion, child upbringing, it’ll be included in this category.

Navigation apps

These apps help you find your way or choose the best path.

Food apps

These apps include everything about eating and drinking, cooking, healthy foods, eating at home, and etc. Therefore, this category has a variety of apps that offer users recipes and menus, nutritional facts, meal reviews, drinks, restaurants, cafes. Food guides from different countries are included in this category too.

Book apps

This app helps the user to prepare and read the book they want in the shortest possible time.

Educational apps

They are all about learning and teaching, the main purpose behind them is to share knowledge interactively. If you look up your Appstore or google play You’ll find so many different apps for educational purposes. In this group, some basics concepts such as reading, writing, coloring, alphabets, nature, wildlife, astronomy, language, test preparation, school portals, etc. are Taught.

 Entertainment apps

The apps that are Created with the aim of entertainment. also, televisonal and movie apps are included in this category.

Gaming apps

Another group that is used for both entertainment and training is gaming apps. These types of apps have the most versatile visual style among mobile apps.

Music apps

For many users around the world, music is a must in their lives, so a variety of music apps are designed and presented.

business apps

These mobile apps are mostly used by people who are involved in business activities. They help to track and analyze data, provide performance for collaboration, resource management, and planning. These kind of Apps include hiring, job search, file-sharing apps, and tools will that are for increasing teamwork among coworkers.

Financial apps

These apps make financial transactions and help users to do their company related and financial tasks. Mobile bank applications, insurance, and etc are in this category.

Sports apps

The apps in this category relate to a variety of sports activities such as professional, amateur, or recreational activities. They may serve teams, leagues, and sports competitions, provide information about athletes, follow-up privileges, guidelines, and sports news.

Health & Fitness apps

These types of apps are created for having a better and healthy life. These Apps can help monitor health conditions, track and analyze this type of data, reduce or gain weight, control stress, fitness or relax. Exercise trackers, running and cycling, weight loss apps, Pilates and yoga apps, pregnancy apps, and all these useful apps are this group.

Medical apps

Compared to the previous category, these apps are more professional in terms of health care and medical treatment. They are focused on medical education, management, and health authority for patients and doctors. So, here you’ll encounter apps that inform about diseases and symptoms and help explore the anatomy and track health conditions deeper than public health trackers.

Journals & Newspapers apps

The name says everything! This category usually has apps that offer content we usually find in newspapers, magazines, or other publications. Usually, the content is automatically renewed and may cover a variety of topics. Also, this category may include apps that offer online versions of printed publications, or they may only provide news and articles online and have nothing to do with the existing paper publication.

News Software

The purpose of these apps is to provide users with information about current events in areas of interest ranging from politics and entertainment to technology, commerce, science, and more. apps of this type usually offer content in the form of a newsreader or summary format, or it may be a digital media that has continuous updates of content. Therefore, the group offers apps for TV and radio news, RSS readers, news apps, and media.

Photography & Videography apps

These apps help create, manage, save, edit and share a photo and video. You can Add special effects, print and create custom greeting cards and social network posts, add texts, images, make collages, and even more.

Purchasing apps (E-Commerce)

Most users do their shopping online, and many of them do so directly through their smartphone or at least use these apps as a way to quickly and easily access the information about the product they want. According to the survey, 80% of shoppers use mobile phones. In this way, users either review products or compare prices. Predictions made on mobile users show that by the end of 2021 most people will be using these apps for their purchases. So, it’s no surprise that the diversity of e-commerce applications is increasing day by day with a variety of approaches and user design tricks. These apps support the full cycle of purchase or causes physical sales in a specific area.

Social Networking apps

In these networks, people communicate through text, photos, videos, audio, etc. These apps may be both personal and community-related.

In conclusion

Application design is important and necessary for any business and according to what we mentioned earlier, you should design your app with a strategy. Therefore, you can contact with Vancouver SEO app designers to do this task more wisely.

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