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Recognize Common WooCommerce mistakes

Recognize Common WooCommerce mistakes

When we work, we all often, unconsciously, make mistakes that may confuse us. Starting an online store in WordPress is done with the help of a plugin called WooCommerce that we are almost all familiar with. installing a plugin like WooCommerce is easy but the settings are a bit complicated and users make errors. We realized this because we reviewed the views of users on the site. Many questions have simple answers and indicate Common WooCommerce mistakes.

That’s why we decided to investigate these common mistakes and give them a proper answer. If you also want to start your online store without any mistakes, I suggest you read this article.

Common WooCommerce mistakes

When you activate the WooCommerce plugin, you will find that its settings and configuration, customer service, inventory management, marketing, updates, store SEO, ordering section, and… are complicated and therefore you may face common errors in WooCommerce. In order to pave the way for you and save you from these common mistakes in WooCommerce, we have selected some interesting and common options for you.

  1. Run the old version of WooCommerce

On average, WooCommerce releases a new version every 6 months. Of course, you should decide to update it so that you can take advantage of the new features and not have the existing bugs that have been removed in the new version. But this is where one of the common mistakes in WooCommerce comes in; because in the plugins section, you will face the latest version of WooCommerce with an untested message and you ignore this.

Do not skip the update under any circumstances. To solve this problem, all you have to do is have a test environment similar to the original version and first do all these updates on it. If there is no problem, you can safely update the main site.

  1. Ignore WooCommerce messages on the counter

Another common mistake in WooCommerce is to ignore the messages that WooCommerce gives you. In fact, one of the most useful features of WooCommerce is its notification system. It will notify you of any problems that may arise in your store and any changes you may need to make. If you pay attention to them, you will solve the problem promptly. Of course, all of these notifications are not just for problems, but sometimes they’re for updating WooCommerce and its add-ons.

3. undetermined location for the sale of products

You start your store with enthusiasm, you work on its marketing, and finally orders are placed. But you just realize that the orders are not from your country or within the range you intended. This is where you face one of the common mistakes in WooCommerce. You have to reject the order and return the money. This is how you damage your reputation.  So, what should we do?

Determine the location at the beginning.

To do this, go to WooCommerce >> settings>> Shipping and define the location.

Recognize Common WooCommerce mistakes
  1. You do not invite your customers to subscribe to the email list

The only reality that exist in an online store, is the customer and that’s all. You will not make any profit unless you prioritize the customer. To be able to attract more customers, be sure to use the membership in the email list. One of the most common mistakes in WooCommerce is that some people think it may annoy the customer. No; if you use it correctly, you will get the right response. They are registered and you can email them at important times. Also, activate the email box when registering the order so that users can enter their email. You can also access them this way.

  1. You do not brand the email template

The type of the email’s format and the way you sent it, are the condition. In order to be able to maintain your brand, you must take this issue seriously. To enable such an operation in WooCommerce, you can define settings for your email template from the Configuration section in the Email section:

If you like to use a special and unique template, you can use the YITH WooCommerce Email Templates plugin.

Recognize Common WooCommerce mistakes

6. You cannot pre-sell

We cannot expected from an online store to always have its products available. But do not let the customer get frustrated and move to another store. When the desired product is not available, you can get the customer information and inform them if the product is available, so that if they want, they can come back and buy it. One of the common mistakes in WooCommerce is that we ignore this dimension of the issue. If you decide to use this feature, you can try the YITH Pre Order for WooCommerce plugin.

7. You ignore the security of the site

Pay attention to the security of your online store. Security builds credibility and trust with customers. When you use an SSL certificate for your site, you are reassuring users that their information is protected and that they are not at risk. Also, be sure to use a security plug-in like Sucuri to avoid problems.

8. You ignore FREE shipping

One of the things that customers usually expect from you is free shipping. When you buy a product and pay for it, you do not want to be charged extra; As a result, be sure to consider sending the product for free on the site and do not ignore it.

9. You forget the backup

Forgetting is a human trait. But sometimes this forgetfulness is to our detriment. When you have no regular backup plan for your site, you may run into a serious problem and lose all your hard works. Be sure to plan carefully to back up your online store. And come up with a powerful plugin that can back up and restore it when needed.

10. You don’t test new plugins first

One of the common mistakes in WooCommerce is to install plugins directly on the main site. Do not test any plugin on your online store at once. This plugin may be incompatible or contain malicious code that could cause the store to crash. So first install and test it in a test environment similar to your store (on localhost). If it did not cause any problems and was completely safe, install it on the main site as well.

Conclusion (Common Mistakes in WooCommerce)

In any software, system and site, we may make mistakes that are sometimes easily solvable and sometimes have serious loss. So it is not bad to read a little about its common problems so that we do not make such a mistake again. There are many Common mistakes in WooCommerce and many users make mistakes, so we suggest you check out today’s article in full and let us know in the comments section if you come up with another mistake.

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