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What is Viral Marketing strategy?

What is Viral Marketing strategy?

Viruses have an interesting life, so it’s best not to worry after hearing the word viral marketing! We know that viruses attach to their  host and are supposed to feed on its sources. The principles of viral marketing are based on the same goal. Viral marketing is to be replicated to select the desired number. Viral marketing strategy requires a good environment, thus increasing its growth rate and ultimately having a significant amount of reproduction.

What is Viral Marketing strategy?

Viral marketing,  is the concept of a marketing method to share content by different people. In this way, users have the main role to play content, and if your content is valuable to them, they will most likely share your content with other users.

Important Elements of Viral Marketing strategy

Provide valuable products and services: The  word “free” is a valuable and powerful word. This word is a wonderful phrase in the vocabulary of marketers. Most of the programs for viral marketing should be done to attract the attention of the audience and a series of valuable services should be provided to customers for free.

For example, providing free software, free email service, as well as free useful information that is very valuable to the customer. Customers are very interested in cheap products and services and try hard to get it. In viral marketing, your efforts are rewarded with a delay, but the end result is up to you. The result of advertising seen for viral marketing is very important. Free products and services of the desired quality are the first and most important step in viral marketing.

Easy transmission of messages and duplication of advertisements:  Viruses reproduce easily when they can be easily transmitted. In any case, the communication and media way to convey the advertising message is the same. The transfer route must be open and the route must be paved. Ability to reproduce and transfer properly. In this method, for example, using a free version of software or websites are important.

Creating conditions for growth:  In viral marketing, there must be conditions for growth . Virus transmission methods must be scalable and measurable conditions must be provided. Before starting viral marketing, it is necessary to carefully review the details and be prepared to quickly adapt the system to the requirements.

Use of existing communication networks:  Most people have a good social status. According to psychologists, each person has a network of 8 to 12 people around them. In viral marketing, which can also be called networks, the power of the human communication network is used so that strong and interconnected groups can communicate with weaker groups.

Viral marketing techniques

There are several types of viral marketing. Viruses themselves have different categories, and each has its own tasks. However, in viral marketing, the exact location of the project is very important. In this section, we are going to look at different types of viral marketing methods and identify viruses.

Valuable viral marketing:

Some viruses are identified in a value style. In this situation, the company offers products that have good quality and the customer is encouraged to introduce this product to others. Word of mouth marketing is based on this principle. In this method, the quality of the product is paramount and should be high enough to motivate the customer to advertise the product more accurately and create more accurate conditions.

Tricky viral marketing:

This method is in which the person introduces the product to another person and receives a reward for this work. In fact, what makes this method acceptable is the quality of the product and the method of introduction. This is a risky approach and often involves a certain amount of capital. This type of marketing generally makes the risk position clear.

Spiral viral marketing:

In viral marketing, a person can republish a product or service based on their experiences. It is clear that this approach can involve specific policies.

Unpleasant viral marketing:

In this way, the person shares his experiences with the other person, so that it has a warning aspect and allows the person to avoid making wrong choices.

Viral marketing transmission methods

The first way to convey viral marketing is to write information on websites that send information to recipients’ emails. This method is called “word to web” and is represented by the term WOW. Another way is to send a message in the form of jokes and pictures via email, which is called “word to email”. There is another type of viral marketing that is word of mouth and includes rumors and news. It is clear that this method is a better option in word of mouth marketing.

In another method, messages that are more widespread among Internet users are evaluated. This method can generally cover a certain level of marketing conditions. This method can have its effects in the best conditions.

Another method is marketing based on returns. In this country, sites set a reward for their customers’ referrals and can meet certain conditions.

Public discussion is another method that involves many online form forums. How does this style deal with many titles? These people’s titles can have both a positive connotation and are examined based on the culture of the association.

Finally, social networks are based on a variety of content, images and text, as well as video and audio.

What is Viral Marketing strategy?

What are the benefits of Viral Marketing strategy? 

Viral marketing may not replace traditional marketing, but it will be a great way to complement your marketing activities. But what are the most important benefits of viral marketing?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Get leads and increase sales
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Increase communication with existing customers
  • Increase website traffic

Disadvantages of viral marketing

  • In this way, it is difficult for the company to control the brand.
  • The growth path in this method is not predictable.
  • Measurement is difficult to see and companies can not accurately track user behavior. This method is based on user interaction. This method of copying is very common and it has been seen many times that competitors also use communication tools. This method is based on the continuous efforts of a series of adverse effects and eventually the desired message is promoted incorrectly.

What are the advanced techniques in Viral Marketing?

Well, after learning about the concept of viral marketing and how to launch a campaign, it’s time to increase your chances of getting viral content. The most important things that will increase the chances of content going viral are:

1- Using video

The fact is that the movies are the best format for viral content. So if you have decided to produce viral content, video is the best choice.

Two important reasons to choose a video:

First: Videos are intuitive and can completely affect the emotions of users.

Second: Videos can be shared on various platforms such as YouTube and Aparat.

Can you read more about the Why is video marketing so important?  Visit and get acquainted with all the benefits and how to generate video marketing and create it.

2- Advertising in communities

Forums, blogs and social networks are spaces that you can use to showcase your content. These sites can help you quickly republish content due to the large community of users.

3- Sending to users via email

Usually the people who provided you with your email through the newsletter or forms on the site are the best people to receive your emails.
If you are not familiar with email marketing, you can read the article What is Email Marketing ?

4- Using appropriate channels

Nothing gets viral on its own unless you show the right message to the right users! If you want people to share your content, they should be interested in your content.

Choosing a channel or medium is as important as the content, because if you can not deliver your content to your target audience, your campaign will most likely fail.

5- Providing valuable suggestions

If the product or service provided by you is such that you can provide it to users as a test period or for free use, be sure to mention it in your video. Using valuable suggestions can help keep your content viral.

6- Creating emotional attraction

One of the influential factors in viral marketing is to take advantage of the audience’s emotions and create an emotional attraction. This method is one of the most effective techniques in viral marketing.

But the important question is how can the audience’s emotions be involved?

To do this, pay attention to the following points:

  • Produce content that is full of love or hate.
  • Choose the subject of your video in a way that makes people happy or angry.
  • Use very smart or very stupid people.
What is Viral Marketing strategy?

What are the characteristics of a viral content?

Well, so far we have talked about the definition of viral marketing and its features. Sure, you now know what viral marketing is and what the key features of a good viral campaign are; But is that enough? I do not think so, I think we need to get acquainted with the features, how to produce and publish a viral content.

First, let’s talk about the characteristics of good viral content. As mentioned earlier, the Internet allows a campaign to quickly go viral, in other words, to make a brand famous overnight. Of course, you should not forget that the Internet is just a platform that allows you to share your content with others faster. But not  all content is viral.

The question now is, what exactly are the characteristics of viral content? Why do some content never reach their audience? Well, in response, it should be said that a content, for countless publications, must have the following characteristics, the most important of which are:

  • Content quality should be high and pleasing to most audiences.
  • Content is worth sharing with friends and family.
  • Content should be engaging, creative, and engaging.

Of course, it can be said that creativity is the key to success in viral marketing. Burger King fast food advertising method is a good example of using creativity. The fast food marketing team launched a site to promote their new sandwiches, through which users could order their favorite sandwich to a man in chicken clothes. This creativity caused most visitors to stay on the site for more than 6 minutes, while most people leave the sites in less than 8 seconds!

With this in mind, you need to use your free and unique capital, creativity , to create your marketing content  . Just dare to do it once and create different content. I am sure that if you take this risk, even you will enjoy every time you see your creativity and, more importantly, give this pleasure to others!

Examples of Viral Marketing strategy

In Belgium, the TNT television network designed the big red buttons for the first time and performed them in one of Belgium’s secluded squares. There was a sign next to this button with the words “Press” on it to watch the exciting scene. In fact, it was supposed to be an exciting surprise in a secluded field. This method was so significant for people that it was able to consider very significant statistics within a week. The video was viewed so many times that it was named the most visited historical title.

Red Bull sent a person with a balloon to an altitude of 39,000 meters and then a free fall was formed and the main goal was to show that Red Bull gives you wings. The ad was later banned by the judiciary. After that, air and sports competitions were held, and finally a video was made, which was the source of viral marketing.

The ice bucket challenge is also dependent on viral marketing. In fact, this challenge was intended to inform about motor neurone disease and a significant amount of capital was considered in this field to promote therapeutic activities of the disease. This challenge went viral in the form of video and was able to achieve unprecedented replication in a short time.

Concluding remarks

Finally, we draw your attention to the abstract of this article:

Viral content must be designed to be attractive, creative and effective.

The secret to a successful viral campaign is to use the right channels and display content to your target audience.

Viral content should be worth sharing.

The faster the message is transmitted, the faster the content will go viral.

Low cost and high speed of distribution are the most important advantages of viral campaigns.

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