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The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

As you know, one of the most popular Internet browsers is Google Chrome today. But you may be wondering what features set this browser apart from other Internet browsers? One of the good features that Google Chrome has is various extensions that you can install any of them on your browser according to your needs. But these extensions are not only found in general cases, and the producers of these extensions have also thought about specialized issues and have also provided important extensions for SEO specialist. In the following, we will introduce and review each of these Google Chrome extensions. We hope you will accompany us until the end of this article.

It has always been observed that various Google Chrome extensions are placed in the repository of this program on a daily basis and can be downloaded. Google Chrome extensions reduce time and speed up tasks so that you can use them to have the most performance in the least possible time, in such a way that, all the information in these extensions is perfectly compatible with the ideal state.

If you do not have enough information about SEO, we suggest the Basic SEO training article.

Google Chrome extensions for SEO

If you are looking for the best SEO extensions for Google Chrome, read this article more carefully, because in the following, we will provide you with a list of these widely used extensions.

Companies that are reputable in the field of SEO science have always dealt specifically with various topics about these extensions, which is very important for SEO. 

Chrome extensions for site overview


The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

One of the companies that specializes in SEO is moz. If you are a little bit familiar with SEO science, you know that every site has several rating factors, some of which Moz has included in its plugin. Expressing the number da, pa, spam score is one of the features that this widget gives us. Note that the moz plugin can be installed in both free and premium versions.

Each of the companies that make these extensions usually examines the SEO based on their own factors so none of them are complete and comprehensive.

One of the best SEO extensions for Google Chrome extension is Maz Company, so that after opening a new page in your browser, this feature will be displayed immediately.

To download the moz extension, you can proceed from the relevant Google Chrome extension repository.


The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

SimilarWeb extension is necessary for everyone, especially for digital marketing. This tool gives you the key parameters of any website including traffic, interactive data, traffic sources and many other information.

This extension is very useful for reviewing and analyzing competitors. With just one click you can access to the statistics of any website.

Similar Web tool provides users with the following data:

  • Monthly visits
  • Average visit time
  • Number of pages per visit
  • Jump rate
  • Traffic sources
  • Countries with the highest incoming traffic.


The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Impactana extension is a content marketing tool that analyzes site pages on social networks. This tool shows the number of times the site is shared on the social networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

This tool analyzes content using two scales, Impact and Buzz. The first scale indicates the number of times shared and the second scale indicates the number of times users interact with that shared content. This tool helps a lot in the initial analysis of a website in the case of  the activity parameter in social networks.


The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

This Chrome extension covers a comprehensive review of SEO in the areas of mobile SEO, local SEO, and usability. You can see the list of overall page marketing performance points just by clicking on the WooRank icon. It also sets out a marketing checklist that identifies the priorities you need to optimize. Below this checklist shows comprehensive data about on-page SEO, backlinks, social media engagement parameters, and more.

What information does the WooRank extension give us?

After installing one of the best SEO extensions for Google Chrome, the woorank extension, on your browser, you may be wondering what features this tool gives us?

This tool’s features such as:

  • page title
  • Metadyscript
  • Number of headings
  • Labels
  • alt Images on each page
  • anchor texts
  • language
  • Existence of robots.txt file
  • Existence or non-existence of a sitemap
  • Broken links
  • And some other features

SEO Quake

SEO Quake plugin is one of the plugins that has been used by SEO specialists for many years. This plugin can provide the data we need very fast.

With just one click you can access data such as page backlinks, page cache related data, first page index date and much more. With a few more clicks you can also access information such as internal and external links, keyword density, schemas, header tags, Meta and other data.

The SEO Quake plugin is by no means a substitute for a thorough SEO and analytics tool, but it can provide you with a variety of site status data very quickly. This tool is very useful when you want to analyze the site very quickly. The tool also connects to SEMrush so it can show you some useful traffic statistics.

Chrome extensions for SEO technical departments

User agent switcher

Today, the impact of mobile devices on SEO is increasing day by day, we must make sure that the site is displayed correctly in different dimensions of the screens. This is difficult to do with just one desktop computer, unless you change your browser user agent.

This Chrome plugin helps you to view websites from different operating systems and devices. This tool is essential for web developers and helps those who analyze SEO.

META SEO Inspector

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

META SEO Inspector extension specially displays Meta data embedded in one-page code of the site and displays them in specific categories. META SEO Inspector plugin specially displays Meta data embedded in one-page code of the site and displays them in specific categories.

This extension also has the ability to analyze XFN tags, canonical and microformats. There are also useful links for analyzing a site on other websites in this extension.

Tag Assistant

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

The Tag Assistant extension helps users to check the correct installation of the tag or the various Google tags, including Google Tag manager, Google Analytics, etc. It is also useful for checking analytics issues with other tracking codes, including adwords.

If you go to any page and enable the Tag Assistant tool, you can access the list of tags or the tags of that page. If there is a problem on the page, the color of this extension will change and if you click on it, it will explain the problem.

Page Load Time

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Site speed parameter is one of the most important factors in Google ranking sites. Unlike many other extensions, this extension shows the loading speed of pages from your computer’s view.

You can see the detailed information of the loading time of each page by clicking on the icon of this plugin. This plugin is one of the best to get into checking the page load speed and comparing them with each other.

Chrome plugins for internal content SEO analysis

Page Analytics

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Many of the tools on this page are used to analyze and evaluate a competitors’ website. But this plugin is owned by Google and allows you to view Google Analytics data while browsing your website. When you log in to your Google Analytics account, this feature is activated and you can see the relevant information by clicking on this plugin.

Available parameters in this image include bounce rate, average number of pages visited and average user time on your website. As the parameters of user participation in the site become more prominent, such as bounce rate in Google search engine, this plugin can be a good tool for analyzing any page of the site instantly, and there is no need to log in to your Google Analytics account.

Spark Content Optimizer

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

This SEO Chrome plugin is very suitable for using SEO in our daily activities. All webmasters and web developers can use this plugin. Spark Content Optimizer plugin scans the content of the page and evaluates the coverage of the content of a topic and its readability for search engines.

With this plugin we can understand what signals our content gives to search engines. We will also notice if you overuse a keyword. This plugin easily gives us good SEO tips.

Show Title Tag

This plugin is able to display the title of each page at the bottom of the browser. You can also move the display position anywhere on the screen. Because page titles do not usually fit in tabs, this plugin helps us to see the entire page title together without having to go through the site code or move the cursor to the tab you want.

Chrome plugins for backlink analysis

Link Research Tools

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

This Chrome browser toolbar covers one page backlink data. Using this tool, you can take a quick look at the number of backlinks on a page. There are special features in the paid version of this tool.

Like the Moz toolbar, this plugin displays information about pages in search results. This feature allows you to compare search results in terms of backlinks and see the power of domain and page in short.


The LinkMiner plugin is probably the best plugin for identifying broken links within a page. After activating this plugin and clicking on its icon, this toolbar will start analyzing the links on a page and check their status.

When it’s done, the correct links will be displayed in green and the problematic links will be displayed in red on the page. In this way, it would be easier to report the problem to the site design team.

This plugin uses the output of sites such as Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz to overview of external and internal links on a page.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

The best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

Majestic is one of the most powerful SEO analytics websites that has many useful features. This plugin belongs to this website and displays its output directly using the plugin.

The backlink analyzer section of this plugin displays the quantity and quality of backlinks on a page and also compares the relationship between the linked pages. The Majestic site index is more powerful than Moz. So it’s a more reliable source for backlink analysis. However, to view all backlinks, you need to purchase an account on this site.

Final word:

Plugins can increase the performance of your browser, but if you use a lot of extensions, your browser performance will be affected. This will slow down the browser. So choose plugins wisely.

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