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What is Transactional marketing vs relationship marketing

What is Transactional marketing vs relationship marketing

Another name for marketing transaction in the way of traditional marketing that follows a certain formula. The sale is made through supply and at the end a large reward is calculated. This type of marketing is suitable for a short period of time. Transactional marketing emphasizes the customer. Is an example of a marketing method.
In this type of transactional marketing, according to the new models, other marketing algorithms that play a role in society are mentioned in a wide part of the organization.

Simply put, this method of marketing emphasizes that more people can advertise a product, as well as increase product sales.
The simplest examples of transactional marketing can be found in the Doctor’s office. A physician who, through transactional marketing, tries to visit his patients in person and rarely visits patients over the phone.

4 main and important factors in transactional marketing

  1. the product
  2. Price
  3. Promotion
  4. Place

Product production and management is the first step.

The price of the product is in the next step.

After leaving these two parts behind, it is the turn of advertising that branding must be done accurately in order for the promotion to be implemented.

In the final stage is the position of the product so that the customer can always access the product whenever he needs.

Relationship Marketing

In relational marketing, the ultimate goal is to maintain and maintain relationships with customers, and the main emphasis of this type of marketing is on this. The tourism market is growing significantly and tourism businesses are growing more and more, so relationship marketing in this area can be the best way of transactional marketing.

Marketing methods have shifted to relationship marketing in such a way that the existing reactions have changed a lot, focusing more on customers and their relationships. In a sense, short-term prospects are less common in this type of marketing, and relationships are longer than important points. In fact, you can retain customers in relationship marketing and increase their relationships. In this method, the main algorithms are identified, maintained and created and enhanced. Related rules and regulations say that good customers must be retained. The core and most important part of a marketing strategy is customer loyalty, which maintains a deep commitment to repurchase or direct service.

Elements in Relationship Marketing

Attention to the elements in relational marketing is as follows:

  1. Behavioral element
  2. Attitudinal element
  3. Element availability

In the following, we will examine each of the above.

  1. Behavioral element

Customers who make a purchase In this type of marketing, the purchase operation is repeated by the desired customers.

  1. Attitudinal element

The customer must have confidence and commitment to repeat the purchase operation, therefore, the attitude and mindset of customers must be in accordance with the correct and acceptable work environment.

  1. Element availability

The customer needs to have many options to be able to choose from them and make a purchase. The most important part of a marketing relationship is trust. If the customer is in a fixed space, there is mutual trust and the difference between relational marketing and transactional marketing should be examined and evaluated on the same basis.
Another issue with relationship marketing is the commitment that is made between the parties to the transaction and the business partners in this area should be able to not overlook the importance of the relationship.

Transactional marketing vs relationship marketing

The problem is that most managers do not have enough experience in relational marketing, so they turn to transactional marketing. Most managers do not focus more on building a consistent relationship with customers and only intend to have one sale per customer.
Communication is a two-way street. For example, some customers have a transactional view and emphasize their point of view. These people can not be forced into related marketing.

The advantages of relational marketing over transactional marketing

The first advantage of relationship marketing is that it generates a steady stream of revenue. In fact, in this method, there is a set of regular customers who consider a good economic share for the company.
The second advantage is to have a positive image of the brand and consider your brand customers as a distinguishing feature. A positive image is seen in transactional marketing compared to less relationship marketing.

Comparison of relational and transactional marketing

Relationship marketing is a friendly activity in which transactional marketing places a great deal of emphasis on professional communication. Transactional marketing is the company’s profit, and customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction is not important, because the customer is not going to stay or a new customer to replace the previous customers, while in relational marketing, the profit of both parties is considered and everything is equal. .

Relationship marketing is based on human understanding and the existing problems are supposed to be eliminated, in contrast to the transactional methods in which understanding the process is the most important part and following the problems is observed.

The most important difference between transactional marketing and relationship marketing is that transactional marketing refers to an increase in short-term sales, while relationship marketing refers to a long-term relationship between the customer and the business.

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