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Looking for the best web design?

web design

 All businesses need to invest in their brand in order to thrive. In today’s digital world, one of the ways to become a brand is to have a website and be active in this space. Now that you have known the importance of having a website, imagine what a good website can do for your business.

Do you only need a professional graphic designer to design a good website or a special knowledge?

How much does your website design affect the viewers, customers and visitors?

Among all the visitors that visit your website daily, there are only a few that are potential customers.

One of the important factors for us in website design is determining the difference between a useful and usual website.

Users’ understanding of the good website design is not the same, so to have best web design, you can use the agreements approved among the designers and get the assurance that all users will have easy access to the website design.

web design

What should a great website have?

To make an ideal website, so many things must be done. The first thing you should do in this field is to choose a good and attractive internet name. Also, make sure that the internet sign you have chosen makes sense for your business. this should be spelled correctly and it should be readable, and no unknown words or alphabets should be used.

Now that you’ve purchased your domain, it’s time to do bigger things. In this article, we will mention 5 of them!

How can I create the best website? And What are the 5 Elements of Effective web design?

Having a logical and practical road map

No doubt that a website should look good. But more importantly, you need to determine how you want your visitors to work with your website in the first place. Before you even choose your server or even type any HTML code, you need to determine what layouts and maps your site will use. Do you have an opinion? User experience is important both for working with the site and for search engines. Because Google, in addition to the content, also considers the structure of the site for ranking.

Therefore, you should choose a suitable and logical plan. In this way visitors who visit your site can easily communicate with your business and they can understand your brand message.  

producing business-related content

all restaurants have a menu of their dishes so they can easily inform their customers about their services. Whatever type of business you have, this is a must for you. You should have a complete information about your business in one place in order to inform your customers and audience about the type of work you do. For example, if your job is to sell products, it is necessary to prepare appropriate and high-quality images of all your products. Also, if you work in an industry that provides specific services to customers, For example, the owner of a beauty salon can post their customers comments and suggestions on the site, because the audience of a beauty salon like to have enough information about the quality of their services so that they can make a better decision. As a result, you can gain the trust of your customers by placing audience comments on the site. Customize your website according to the needs and interests of your audience so that your website could be a step closer to the best web design!

A useful tip for your site is to check the website of your competitors before designing your own website. For example, if you are in the field of manufacturing and selling clothes, you need to search for your best competitor in your field of business and check out their website. Also check and find the reasons for their success, see what style of content they used on their site that attracted the audience.

Providing “how to contact us” information

Registering contact information on the site is one of the most important tasks, so it should have its own page. Mills says: How many times have you visited a company’s website and said to yourself how difficult it is to contact this company? He says, therefore, you need to put a page dedicated to contact information on your site and put all the information, such as: email address, landline phone, mobile phone if needed, contact form and social media links specific to your business in this section. So that people can easily access your contact information. Because nothing is more frustrating than not being able to communicate with a business. And after all the goal of all businesses in designing a website is to increase their interaction with their customers.

When you want to put your contact information and email address and social networks on the site, do not put it in the form of a photo on the site, it must be clickable.

  Today, all smart phones have the ability to make a call directly by clicking on the number or call icon. You can also use Google App and enter your desired Gmail address. by doing this, users can directly enter the messaging page by clicking on the email address.

Having a simple and attractive user interface within your website design

Make sure you use suitable names for the different pages of your site. For example: contact us page (for the contact information), about us page (information related to your company’s history) and…

When developing your website’s strategy, you should consider a call to action. This means what people like to see on your site, in other words they want to be easily guided to their desired page on any page of the site, to register their order, and to be able to easily contact to your business.

You must clearly display your goals on your site. Put yourself in your audience and customer shoes. Think about what they want by visiting your website. What are their goals? Think about your potential customer’s goals.

Especially when you decide to have online sales on your site, because its user interface is even more important and this kind of websites must provide all the necessary facilities and information for the online customer. So that customers can make their purchases easily.

site security

Pay more attention to security points in the design of important business websites. You can increase the credibility of your website by placing an SSL security certificate on your website. as a result, this will increase users’ trust in your professional website.

web design

What makes a poor website?

in order to have a better web design, Avoid using the following features on your site:

• Music

• Flashy, glittering images

• Anything that opens automatically on your website page (such as: music or video). These will only slow down your site.

• Other media information (only slows down page load time).

By observing these things, you can design a suitable and efficient or even the best possible website for your business and help your brand growth.

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