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Why is video marketing so important?

Why is video marketing so important?

Video is one of the methods that because it have images can easily convey various messages to the target audience. The human mind processes images much more easily than text, so we can conclude that the number of people who are interested in the video is increasing every day. Given the benefits that videos have for audiences, one way to attract visitors to a website right now is to publish the video. Video marketing or video marketing can help increase a site’s ranking. So that its impact has been reported several times more than textual and written content.

Hence, businesses have become very inclined to do video marketing for their products or services. Business owners produce the video they want for any kind of product or service they have to achieve the results they want.

What is video marketing?

video marketing can be explained in so many ways:

Video marketing means making a video of a product or service and publishing it on digital media in order to attract the target audience.

Video marketing is one of the marketing methods in which the audience is attracted to the services or products of a brand through a promotional video.

Video marketing is the process of producing and publishing videos on websites and social networks that pursues the goals of introducing products and services as well as attracting customers and increasing sales.

Video marketing is the display of promotional video in order to attract the audience and converting them into customers.

How to do video marketing

In video production, you should pay attention to a set of tips and techniques, which are:

1- Videos are made only once and it is not possible to edit and modify them unless you decide to try to make a video again. So, when making a video, you should do your best to make the best video.

2- In video marketing, brevity is very important. Unnecessary margins and unnecessary items should not be paid too much so that the audience can receive the message in a short clip.

3- The cost and time spent on making video marketing are more than producing written content. But it should not be forgotten that its impact on the Internet is many times greater than written texts.

4- For video marketing, you should choose a suitable title that will have a positive effect on the audience and visitors and encourage them to publish and watch the video.

5- You should publish videos for video marketing on social networks. Uploading it to the website is not enough.

Why is video marketing so important?

What are the benefits of video marketing?

  • Users will be properly introduced to your products and services.
  • Many users enter your website through search engines and social networks.
  • It will Affects your website SEO.
  • Professional videos will make a different and differentiate your work apart.

Where can I play my video?

  • video sharing websites such as (YouTube, Video, etc.)
  • Showing video to clients at meetings and conferences
  • A video display at exhibitions and events
  • Publishing the video on social networks such as (Instagram, TelegramFacebook, Google PlusLinkedIn, etc.)
  • on video marketing sites
  • in Internet applications
  • on TV

Who uses video marketing the most?

 Factory and industry managers to introduce a specific product

Office managers to introduce a work process that requires a large number of statistics to the viewer.

Managers of products and companies to introduce products or services to the audience.

Why should we use video marketing?

 There are many reasons to use video marketing. Here are some of them:

  1. Building trust: Video marketing is an opportunity to gain the trust of your audience
  2. The strong effect of video on people compared to other ads
  3. More sales due to the greater effectiveness of the promotional video in order to convert the audience into a customer and making them to make a purchase
  4. Increase interactions: Due to the attractiveness of the videos, the interaction between the people and the advertised brand increases.
  5. Attracting Visitors: Video marketing increases the traffic of your site and brand.
  6. Increasing sales will always be possible with a good video.
  7. No restrictions on displaying and introducing products and services

What are the types of video marketing?

There are many types of videos for video marketing. For more information, we have introduced different types of them in the following section.

Product Introduction Video: These videos are mostly made to describe and introduce a product and are usually posted by stores in various media such as YouTube for product promotion.

Brand Introduction Video: These videos are made to introduce a specific brand and may be used by the brand itself or marketers.

Event Videos: These videos are produced by some companies or even the mass media to inform about a particular event or happenings. annual events videos are some of these.

professional interviews: In this video, a professional interview is done in relation to a product or an invention and some technical information about it is provided.

 Tutorials for using a company’s product or service: This is similar to a product introduction video and may be produced in connection with tutorials for using a company’s product or service that are used in most online stores today.

Descriptive videos: These videos are produced to describe a specific topic or event and may have a commercial or non-commercial aspect depending on the topic.

Animated videos and motion graphics: Currently have the highest level of popularity in marketing and advertising, and most people in the community and the audience and can relate to these videos.

Case videos and customer feedback: These videos are produced specifically about customers and their comments about a product or service. Although these videos are somehow for customers, their promotional role in video marketing is undeniable.

 Live videos: Live videos serve as a cover system for previously played videos, and in fact, the creators of these videos try to use this method to fix the shortcomings and problems of previous videos. Of course, advertising teams use this tactic to communicate more with their customers.

 360-degree panoramic videos: These videos are made to create virtual images of different places and companies. Various examples of these videos have been made to show the tourist attractions in different countries that the user can feel the feeling of being present in that place.

Why is video marketing so important?

Some things you need to know about video marketing

Due to the difficulty in the production process and also the cost of video marketing, the marketing teams are much less inclined to use this tool, but on the other hand, customers are more inclined to use this tool and even prefer videos to written texts. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to:

 Most customers prefer watching videos to reading text

Consumer preference for educational and promotional videos has led to an increase in the use of videos in content marketing. Many potential buyers prefer not to talk to sellers and instead watch the video as an educational file. The popularity of the video means that most of the content should be in the form of a video. In fact, consumers believe that the film can show them many facts and at the same time.

The quality of the content is very important, but the quality of the film production is not so important

In video marketing, the quality of products and technical aspects must be observed, but it does not need to be done in a world-class. Of course, we must keep in mind that better production quality, it will help to increase customer confidence and trust. But sometimes the lack of quality can be replaced with better content. Therefore, those who are looking for video advertising, if they cannot produce quality video, should try to have the content provided in the form of film, the highest possible quality.

How the content is presented in the film is of special importance

People access various video resources in their internet searches and try to choose the best content. So, if a film is not at a high level of visual quality, the narrator can compensate for this weakness. although people are attracted visually, they make decisions through hearing, and what is said to them during the film is influential in their final decision.

videos must be optimized for different operating systems and devices

For example, sometimes we need silent videos in our video marketing. In some other cases, it is necessary to use subtitles or text on the screen. When we want the viewer to be completely focused on the video, it is necessary that both the sound and the image are of good quality. So, we have to specify in our analytics through which tools our customers see our videos and optimize the desired video according to these analyzes.

Live streaming should be an important part of a business’s video content

One of the things that users pay special attention to psychologically is the implementation of live broadcasts in content marketing. In fact, you may produce hundreds or thousands of videos to attract customers. But sometimes the customer expects you to invite them to watch live movies or even webinars. This is the best opportunity to show your ability to them.

 Do not forget the relationship between video and YouTube

Facebook and other social networks have sought to break YouTube’s dominance over movies and video content. But YouTube is a good place for content creators and promotional videos. In fact, YouTube helps them come up with a good way to make money. Although Facebook and other social networks are important for promotional videos, we have to admit that YouTube’s role in video marketing is undeniable.

If you are looking for a high return on investment, you need to try video marketing

In the previous parts, we showed how the use of video in advertising affects increasing the conversion rate as well as increasing the rate of return on investment. videos have the highest impact on sales. In fact, videos are honest to people and their connection with people is stronger.

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