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What is UI designing?

UI design

Have you ever visited a site and seen how busy and unreadable it is? or How messy is the design? Yes, i know well that there are many sites that have put all the photos and text on one page and deliver this mess as a website to the user. Sometimes we think to ourselves, I wish I could see the designer of this site and tell him very frankly how his site is on my nerves. Or we might say if I were a designer, I would not use these awful colors without philosophy; Or it would be better if this font was not used. In fact, we are talking about UI design, which has become an important profession these days. In this article, we read about what is UIdesign , how is it different from UX? And finally, we specify the work of the UI designer and all its details.

UI design
UI design

What is user interface or for short, UI?

The UI, which is an abbreviation of the word User Interface, is considered the user’s interactive tool with website pages, software, operating system, application, etc. In fact, the audience can communicate with different systems through UI. Today, improving the user interface as much as possible, which ultimately causes user satisfaction, is one of the main topics of IT.

so now you know the ui stands for user interface

Coordination and integration of design and site design factors or software is one of the main tasks of UI. The people who do ui are the ones who decide what element should be placed in which part of the page and what kind of design should be used to show the beauty to the audience and know the audience’s taste.

In UI design, the psychology of colors, layout, and how to display errors are considered essential. in fact, the appearance of any site seen by the audience is considered the UI or user interface, which is the most important part of a project. CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, Photoshop, programming languages ​​and HTML are used in the web to cover the UI process.

What is meant by user interface design?

The user interface (UI) is the point of interaction and communication between the user and the computer or other devices. This can include the screen, keyboard, mouse and appearance of a desktop. It is also the method through which the user interacts with an application or a communication.

What does a UI designer really do?

In order to make a suitable plan for your site, UI designers have to do a series of steps so that they can be on the first page of Google. These steps include:

Reviewing the Project and assessing the needs
Providing the initial UI study to the client
applying changes
Sending the modified design image to the customer
Giving the necessary project information to the client and choosing the organizational color scheme
delivering the final Project

The main point of this article:

Do not focus too much on the appearance of the site at the beginning of the site design process. this will take you away from the main goal and instead of focusing on the site and the success of the site, you will focus on its appearance. the appearance is always a relative thing.

Why is UI design important?

User interface design is an important part of creating a positive user experience with a product or service. Most users determine whether to purchase a product or service very quickly based on design and accessibility.

A designer’s primary responsibility is to create interfaces that the user finds highly efficient and usable. This is why designers try to fully understand the user’s needs. Users should be able to accomplish their goals and tasks as much as possible without needing to interact with the product and also enjoy the experience.

Simply put, a good UI is important because it can convert potential site visitors into buyers. your website is the bridge of interaction between the user and your website. The main focus of UI is on aesthetics, and it aims to improve the beauty to make the user satisfied with the UI.

UI designer

What is difference between UI and UX?

Although they very different features, but a good UI depends on efficient UX or user experience and vice versa. To create an effective and successful product, both areas must be coherent and appropriate. When both areas are executed well, the resulting product is truly amazing and accessible.

A UI designer is responsible for developing the visual aspects of the user interface. A user interface consists of design aspects that allow a user to interact with a service or product. A UI designer’s main concern is the overall look and final product.

On the other hand, a UX designer develops how the user interface works. A UX designer’s main concern is how the user interacts with a product and what they get out of the whole experience. During the design process, both teams usually work closely together. Their constant collaboration and communication is needed for an effective, intuitive and attractive user interface.

UI designers try to anticipate user expectations, so a little research helps to understand the whole process. They must decide on the visual language that will lead to the content. They can help the process by understanding user preferences and expectations. For example, research may discover that the target audience prefers bold shapes over clear symbols.

What software is used for UI design?

You don’t need a lot of software for UI design, and to be honest, there aren’t a lot of tools. In other words, there are three famous and popular softwares that are used by most UI designers. Adobe XD, Sketch and Figma are three important user interface design software

ui design

Adobe XD

Adobe XD software was released in 2016. After its beta release, this software quickly became the first choice of all user interface designers. The reason is simple, Adobe company has implemented the utmost ease, accuracy and efficiency in this software like its famous tools.

With this software, you can prepare and share a prototype or mockup of the design. You can even set animations, application or website usage steps, different paths, etc. inside the design. Then you can test the design live on your mobile.

This design can be easily used by programmers and developers.

If you have already worked with Photoshop or Illustrator, it will not be difficult to work with it. Many tools have the same functionality as Photoshop and it takes a little time to learn how to use them.

ui design


SKETCH user interface design Before Adobe XD entered the market, Sketch was the leading UI design. A major drawback of Sketch was that it could not be installed on Windows. Only Mac (iOS) users can use this software.

Sketch is complete in terms of features and functionality. The most important strength of Sketch is its functional plugins that make the work easy and do many repetitive and difficult tasks easily with a few clicks.

The shortcomings of this software compared to Adobe XD have been solved with its plugins. Forevery feature or facility that Adobe XD software has and Sketch does not have, a plugin has been created for it.

ui design


Figma is one of those user interface design tools that, unlike the previous two software, is often used online and on the web, although you can also install and use its offline version.

The special feature that distinguishes this program from others is that several designers can interact and work on the same design at the same time.

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