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How to do web design without coding

web design without coding

The phrase web design usually reminds us the coding. But is it possible to launch a website without coding?You may think that it is impossible to build a site without programming, but visual site builders have progressed to the point where it is possible to build a site without programming knowledge even for people who do not have professional expertise in this field. There are people whose biggest concern to enter the internet business is to find a professional website design team.

Learning website design without coding is one of the fastest ways to launch a website. This method is for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money to set up a website or online store or even they like to design their website themselves.

It is also possible to design a website without programming. But maybe the word design is not very correct here. Designing happens when you intend to create a new work or when you want to brainstorm and build a plan. But in the stages of website design without coding, we do not do a special design, but usually use existing designs. Sometimes we can change or personalize them.

Well, I will not go into the details any more and we will enter the main part of the topic.

web design without coding

How can I make a website without coding?

With content management systems, this idea is completely feasible. Content management systems or CMS are pre-designed systems that implement the core of your website management. With these systems, a huge part of coding is reduced.

The most popular and flexible content management system in the world today is WordPress. WordPress is a free and open source system that is easy and fun to work with.

By learning this system, you can launch a website without coding. There are different ways to start a site without using coding, but one of the best possible ways is to use WordPress.

but first you should know how to build a website. In order to do so, we must follow the site design stages. The site design includes 3 main steps:

1.Choosing and buying the right domain

The most important and first step in teaching website design without coding is choosing the right domain. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking of building a personal brand or looking for a bigger business, the most important thing in designing a website is choosing a name and buying a domain. Your site’s domain name should be appropriate and relevant to the business you do.

As you know, the domain is the address of your website. This name should be a unique name, which means you must choose an address for your website that has not been registered by anyone else. You can find and buy the desired domain by visiting sites that sell domains.

2.selecting and buying a host

What is a host? The host is the space that allows you to upload and store the text and image content that you want to put on your site in a specific space. As you purchased a domain in the first step, you can choose and purchase a host or hosting space for your site by visiting web hosting service providers.

The second step in designing a website without programming is buying a host. There are important points to be aware of when buying host. The most important thing is high speed and good support of the host.
Usually, the host you provide is either Linux or Windows; But how do we know which one is right for us? If the programming language you are using is php, you should buy a Linux host, and if ASP is used in the site builder, you should buy a Windows host.

3.Learning Website design without programming

After you get the hosting and the domain, you have all the necessary facilities to design the site without programming. Now we want to explain to you how you can build a site without coding from here on.

You can easily design your site for free in a few minutes and without paying any fees, with content creation systems such as WordPress and Joomla. With WordPress and Joomla, you can design and launch your website as easily as possible with the main page, internal pages, categories, forms and content.

Why should i choose WordPress?

To summarize, if you are looking for a way to design a website without coding, don’t doubt that choosing WordPress is the best way. Because using it leaves your hand open for any development, changes and improvements. It is known and safe. Also, many of the biggest websites in the world are built with WordPress. WordPress is a powerful and popular system that is becoming more popular day by day.

Using other content management systems are not as easy and expandable as WordPress. In many of them, you have to pay for the smallest development. However, in WordPress, thanks to the existence of millions of free plugins and templates, you can add various features to your site without cost in a few minutes.

web design without coding

The most important features of WordPress

WordPress is completely free and will remain free!
Any kind of website can be built with WordPress!
For almost anything you can think of, there is a plugin to meet your needs.
It is designed to be very flexible and programmers can easily customize it.
WordPress is designed with the popular PHP language and is compatible with Linux servers.
There are many resources for learning and troubleshooting WordPress.

How can I use the WordPress?

As mentioned, the best and most optimal way to set up a site without coding is to use WordPress. With the help of WordPress, you use the codes that were previously created by the best programmers for free.
Installing WordPress is as easy as a few clicks and just following the instructions. After installing WordPress, you must learn to work with its panel. Then proceed to install a template. Perhaps the most interesting stage of work is this part: selecting and installing the template.

The website template forms the external part of the site. You will see it in the same section that you visit the website. In fact, the part that forms the general and visible view for users.

After installing and configuring the template, your website will be available. Of course, going through these steps includes important and minor points that you should keep in mind. By following these key points, you can achieve a good result.

So, to design a website without coding, it is necessary to learn how to work with WordPress well.

Choose your template correctly

The next important point of website design without coding is choosing a template. You should be very careful in choosing a website template. you should test its speed and its features are like, and finally whether it is optimized for SEO or not. in order to check its speed You can use the gtmetrix site.

Do not choose the wrong page builder!

When you are looking for website design without coding, then one day you will definitely come across page builders. Page builders are plugins in WordPress that allow you to customize the pages of your site without coding, so be careful when choosing a page builder. Usually, nowadays most people choose Elementor plugin for WordPress page builder because Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builder plugins.

Do not use many plugins!

The last point of the website design article without coding is not to use so many additional plugins. Try to install fewer plugins in your site from the start because the more plugins you install, the slower your site will be and it will cause your site failure. There are many points that you must follow to set up a website, which cannot be taught in one article. If you would like to learn all these points in a more comprehensive course, you can read our other articles. click here!

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