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how can I start my web design business?

web design business

we all know about the importance of internet presence. and maybe that is why many people want to become a website designer. In this article, while introducing this job, we also examine the web design job market and its future career.

this digital career is one of the jobs that has attracted the attention of many people in these years. website designers use their creativity and technical skills to create and design websites.

To design a website, a designer must first imagine the appearance of the site in his mind and understand how the website will work. Then, with the help of the initial designs on the paper page, he starts his design work. Then they create the sketched design in graphic software such as Photoshop and finally convert the design into code.

Website design is a kind of creative art. experienced website designers know that professional design is exciting,tiring and sometimes confusing. its almost like riding on a roller-coaster expect that you will be always on chair. this will be even more intense at the time of development of the web design and development field. all professional website designers, enjoy designing a website with their own taste.

But perhaps the main question that occupies your mind is what is the income of web designer in Canada?

If you ask web designers, every designer will tell you that this job has its own ups and downs. But web designing is something you really want to do, it can be a fulfilling career.

What is website design?

First, we want to address a fundamental question. Although you may be familiar with these words and their fields of activity in these years, but it may still be controversial for some people.

Website design can be considered as a new and modern business. These days, there are many websites in the world, but it is interesting to know that the oldest of them is not even 30 years old! It is also expected that this trend will continue in upcoming years.

web design business

Is Web Designing a good career?

Website design is actually an activity related to setting up a website. a website is launched in order to product content, provide the audience with information or introduction. Many websites that we encounter on the web have designers.web designers are people who play an important role in the various stages of the formation and designing the website. These steps include programming and creating website pages (which can have different steps depending on the protocol selected by the designer, and different methods can be used for every different task). Graphic and user-friendly design for the website, production and publication of content suitable for the desired website, and the application of site optimization principles for search engines are related to SEO of the site.

Of course, it is better to note that the main task of a website designer is to create and design website pages according to the customer demands. Usually, producing and publishing appropriate content and following the principles of SEO is the responsibility of experts in the relevant fields.

What skills are needed for website design?

What skills you need usually depends on your field of work and how you decide to design the website. But in general, to become a professional web designer, you need to be familiar with some programming languages, such as HTML. HTML is the language you will need to design web pages. Of course, this language is for the methods that you intend to create the website using programming and coding. Among the programming languages ​​that you can use for website design, we can mention JavaScript, PHP and CSS.

Also, to acquire sufficient skills in this field, you need to be familiar with content management systems such as Word press and Joomla. Do not forget that the more knowledge and skills you have in the field of programming and the more professional you are in the skills related to website design, the more successful you will be. by practicing you will definitely progress in this field. So the secret of your success is learning and increasing your knowledge and skills and to study about different web design software.

Learn about web design training resources

Many people prefer to go to face-to-face training classes to learn these skills. These days, many classes and courses are held in this field by technical centers or universities, most of them can be very useful. But it is better to know that these days, you can find many videos and online courses related to this field with a simple search on the Internet. There are many educational websites that conduct web design courses and teach various skills required for this profession. Some of these educational websites that you can use to learn these skills for free are:

Code Conquest

web design business

Website design, freelancing or becoming an employee?

Lets imagine you are now an experienced web designer there are two paths for you: freelancing and becoming an employee. Actually, as a website designer, you can take any of these two paths. You can also use a combination of them in your career path. It may seem a bit difficult, but if you are a professional in your field, you can handle this issue well. In the following, we will examine these two work paths.


One of your career paths in website design is to work as a freelancer. freelancing means working independently without depending on a specific company or organization. This work path has many advantages. As a freelancer you don’t have an employer and you are your own boss. You can work in any place and at any time of the day and night and you will not be charged anything. You can work as much as you need. Also, this work is beneficial for you in terms of income, when you work independently, all the fees you receive from the client belong to you and you don’t need to share this fee with other people!

One of the ways to earn money and enter the job market after you become proficient is to register on freelancing websites. There are many websites in this field, which are full of requests from different people for website designing and related activities. You can accept projects from different people and work at home by creating a suitable user resume for yourself and uploading your work sample in this resume.

We advise you not to maneuver too much on the amount of income at the beginning and to gain experience and complete your resume. try to accept projects with a lower cost than usual. Also, with this work, the customer will be more eager to cooperate with you in the future.

becoming an employee

Another way to work as a web designer is to work with a web design company. In this way, you will be with a website design team and do all the related work as a group. When you work in such an environment, you are obliged to complete the projects accepted by the company. Working in these companies has its own benefits. For example, when you work in a design team, you can gain many skills and experiences.

While working alone, your social and professional interactions are limited. This is very important for people who have recently started working in this field. So we recommend you to start your work as an employee. The next advantage that can be considered for this type of employment is low work pressure for you. When you work in a team, you have less responsibility and you have specific tasks. Also, you can rest assured about your salary at the end of the month! Although you may be paid less than a freelancer, and this depends on your experience and skills and the company you are working for.

Of course, working as an employee also has its disadvantages, including the lack of time flexibility. When you work in a company, you are required to show up at a certain time and place to start your work. Having mentioned all these things, your work path choice depends on your individual mood. Many people prefer the high security of the work, and many others would not trade the flexibility of freelancing for any other advantage!

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