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how much web design cost?

web design cost

The cost of website design is different in different companies. Each company announces the cost and price of its website design based on various factors. Although high prices does not necessarily mean professionalism and high quality. on the other hand you should note that a professional site will definitely not be cheap. Because using the knowledge and experience of professional programmers and designers as well as using the latest technologies in the world costs a lot.

The price of exclusive website design at our Company can be considered within a reasonable and moderate range. we are committed to use Professional and creative people help and also the latest technologies, so it is not possible to design a website at very cheap prices.

But before going into the details of the costs, we need to mention important points to increase your information:

Don’t be fooled by high prices for website design!

The fact is that you will never have as much information and knowledge as a website design company. to be honest you dont know anything about the types of websites, how they work, the problems and advantages of each design method. professional members of a software company are experts in this field. You haven’t heard about the latest methods and solutions in the world of online marketing.

Of course, there are many website design companies that still use old methods and technologies to build their sites and try to make the designed website look professional and up-to-date by only using a beautiful skin. A non-specialist cannot notice this difference. But after a while, the old technologies will cause many problems in practice. Our opinion is that for a professional company, there are no dead ends and limitations, and if you hear statements like “we cannot add such a possibility to your site” from a company, know that you are dealing with a non-professional website design company.

So you do not know about many aspects of our work and profession. Unfortunately, in many IT and design companies, the lack of customer information is misused and huge sums of money are received under false pretenses for the design of a simple but glamorous website.The greatest principle in any profession is honesty and consideration of legal and ethical principles.

The appearance of the website usually does not have much effect on its costs

Remember, the appearance of the site and graphic effects usually do not have much impact on the cost of designing your website, except for very special designs that are completely done using script.

So don’t be fooled by the appearance of the sites! The appearance of the website is one of the very simple parts of the website, which usually does not require any special knowledge, and you can have any design you want on your website. What is important in design is arranging the important elements of the website in important sections. In this sense, each website is different from another based on the type of users it has. It is very important to conduct necessary research. Many website design companies instead of paying attention to practical tips to guide the user to important and key pages by creating a The beautiful graphic appearance and some movement effects on the website, they are try to show off the design of the website. of course they receive high amounts from customers, which is not approved in any way, neither professionally nor in principle.

web design cost

Designing low-quality websites and ready-made WordPress and Joomla templates!

In several articles, we have mentioned that WordPress and Joomla websites and basically ready-made CMS websites, which are also called ready-made templates. many of their templates are completely free that are available to the public. Various design companies may ask you huge sums of money just for assembling the ready and free components of these types of sites. they might even make some minor changes in the appearance.

The fact is that if you do a little searching on the Internet, you can create a ready-made template website for yourself using several platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Wix, etc.

Website design at very cheap prices means the beginning of trouble!

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, professional website design is not cheap at all! We mean professional websites that are exclusively coded and produced for each customer. In fact, a cheap website cannot be professional because the design of a professional website requires the hiring and employment of professionals. Employing experienced designers and programmers with a high level of knowledge, who have studied and trained for many years will not be cheap.

Many companies may even announce small prices for the design at first, but after a while, they ask for more amounts with various excuses to advance the project. In this case, initial negotiations and site design contracts can be somewhat helpful.

However, the website design fee can be managed so that the final price is reasonable and cost-effective by using expert advice.

who should I trust?

Some website design companies have a more prominent brand due to a longer history, and some have been placed in the first links of Google search through huge advertising costs. The point that we are going to talk about in this section is that some companies announce very high prices for the design of a simple site due to their history and brand name as well as the high number of customers.

The truth is that buying a website is not like buying clothes or accessories!

keep in mind that usually older website design companies still use old technologies because updating all parts of the organization with new systems will require a huge amount of money. On the other hand, the size of the design company does not necessarily mean that it is more professional and up-to-date. Rather, according to the experience of most users, the bigger and older the design company is and the more customers it has, the less support it will have, because responding to customers’ problems requires a lot of time. so you have to Just wait in line for a long time!

Website design is a combination of art and knowledge, we use the latest technologies to create a website that can show the best side of our company and organization to our customers.

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