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How are LSI keywords important in content SEO?

How are LSI keywords important in content SEO?

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are words that are semantically related to a particular concept or phrase. Let’s open up this sentence with an example from the real world:

imagine you have just returned from a birthday party and your friend asks you about this birthday and you explain the details of the birthday party to him. If we want to get a series of keywords from all your words, we will have the following phrases:

  • birthday cake
  • Birthday party guests
  • Decorating and decoration of the house for the birthday
  • Birthday gifts
  • Birthday song
  • And …

These words are actually the same as LSI words for a phrase like “birthday party”.

Are LSI, synonymous?

Many people equate LSI keywords with synonyms. But the fact is that LSI is more than just a synonym. Every word you consider as a keyword is actually a small part of a large circle of related keywords. When you use LSI you enter this circle and you can use other related words of this circle in the text.

https://www.google.com/Find LSI keywords with a visual example

Imagine we want to write an article with the keyword “Find keywords for SEO”. Because the first thing we do is do a keyword search on Google:

We see that in the suggestions section, Google shows us other phrases that can help complement our page.

You can go one step further and search for this phrase in another way to change the suggestions for you. For example, instead of searching for “Find keywords for SEO”, use other terms such as “Best keyword research tool, Google Keyword tool, Keyword research or…”;SEO keywords, Google suggestions will also change, so you will never be confused in finding related words.

Why should we pay more attention to LSI instead of keywords?

There are 2 easons why we do not pay more attention to these words:

When you repeat keywords in your text, your content may look artificial and is not of good quality to the user. But if you use related and synonymous terms, your text is more productive in terms of literature and the user will feel better about it.

The words LSI make your text richer in terms of SEO. This means that if you use related words and phrases in your text, your chances of gaining a place in those words are also better. For example, if you use LSI words next to the main keyword “content SEO” such as “SEO principles in content production or SEO content”, your chances of gaining a place in the term LSI will also increase.

LSI and its impact on SEO

What do we mean when we say the search engine can understand your content? Previously, when there was no such feature in search engines, search engines used a simple recipe. imagine someone was looking to see what are “LSI keywords”. They would have used the google and searched for what is the keyword LSI, search engines would have searched for the phrase among the sites they had and whoever used the exact phrase in their text or anywhere on the page, would have been Displayed to the user. But how do they work now?

Today, everyone may have another question about LSI, such as what are the effects of this keyword on SEO. When Google crawls our content, it realizes that we’ve talked about everything, and when someone asks a question that we didn’t ask exactly, Google recognizes it and display that content to the user.

Do not overuse the LSI!

LSI is a special but old technology from the 80’s that is a step forward in the field of listing and retrieval of information, but how many technologies of that decade do you know that can still be used? Yes, exactly nothing!

Mainly, Google is data indexing and retrieval, but that does not mean that Google still uses the same old LSI. Some people believe that even if there is no evidence that Google is using LSI, adding synonyms to your content will not hurt, so it is worth trying. Conversely, there is a belief that overdoing does not increase the value of your work. But we suggest that you use both synonymous words sparingly and pay attention to the meaning of the words you use in the text.

LSI keywords will not replace the main keywords!

Keep in mind that LSI can never replace the original and target keywords. Why? Because LSI can only increase the impact of target keywords as a complement and it isn’t a replacement for them.

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