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What is White Hat Seo?

What is White Hat Seo?

White Hat Seo refers to a type of site optimization strategy set by Google. All you have to do is to provide the best results for your users.

But if your goal is to get a place in the search results, you are far from the goal that Google has chosen for its users. But if like Google, you prioritize user satisfaction and needs, you will get results faster.

Content SEO, and white hat SEO

Although content production is Google’s first and last goal for users, you should keep in mind that Google’s algorithms are still robots and take time to understand your content.

In white hat SEO, you do the following:

  • According to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, you optimize your site for search engines
  • You optimize your site for users, not search engines.
  • You generate content that emphasizes on solving your user questions

But an important question:

How do you know what methods and criteria Google use to achieve its goal?

By visiting the Google Webmaster Guidelines section, you can see many ways to improve the position that Google itself believes in.

In this section, we have combined all of Google’s recommendations with our own experience so that you can achieve this common goal more effectively.

What is White Hat Seo?

white hat SEO techniques

In this series of articles, we intend to teach the key concepts of white hat SEO to this wide range of audiences in a short period of time.

Who will be suitable for this training?

  • Those who are just beginning to learn SEO and want to become an SEO expert
  • managers; In the process of assembling and building a professional SEO team
  • SEO customers; Finding experts and monitoring their work
  • New members of SEO teams
  • Developers website

6 Critical Steps for Implementing White-Hat Seo Methods

If we want to divide the white color SEO into practical techniques, we come to a few cases:

  1. SEO Strategy: What is your goal in search results and how and in what ways do you want to reach your goal?
  2. Research, analysis, and targeted keyword selection: The use of keywords is still used in SEO, but the problem is where to start and where to reach this seemingly simple process?
  3. Generate content for the user: Finally, Google wants good and valuable content. But what exactly is good and valuable content and what are its features? What do we get if we want to turn the words “good” and “valuable” into a series of practical guides?
  4. On-site SEO: What happens when a user enters your site? Does the user get confused and leave the site because of improper internal linking and incorrect structure, or does the user likes the internal structure of your site so much that finds it hard to leave the site?
  5. Technical SEO: Have you ever seen a car without an engine and its internal components move? Your site also has several vital members that need your attention. How much do you really care about the nutrition and health of these vital organs of your site?
  6. External link building: When several sites link to you, Google can more easily trust your site, but can every way of building trust lead to Google trust?

Guaranteed success with white-hat

One of the best effects of using white hat SEO training tips is that in the future, your website will be 100% successful. Most black hat SEO techniques will eventually be recognized by the Google search engine and will be prevented from advancing. Google may not even notice how a black hat SEO technique works and still block it; In this way, if a page of the site is viewed in the top rankings for no apparent reason, it will be penalized.

By focusing on the experience of your website, you can be sure that in the future with the new updates of the Google ranking algorithm, you will not have any problems. Quality content, valuable links, and attractive design must also be used together to achieve the desirable results.

The last word

We should all try to use white hat SEO in our work process. You have nothing to do with your competitors in this field, always try to follow the principles of white hat and provide value and quality to your users.

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