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What is the Google Medic algorithm?

What is the Google Medic algorithm?

The Google Medic algorithm is a broad and core algorithm that affected many sites and led to many ranking changes. Interestingly, this is the only algorithm that targets only one specific area and subject; The field of medicine and probably the reason is to protect users from wrong medical information. This update was implemented in 2018 in all countries and all languages ​​and included all blogs, medical sites, lifestyle, and health consultants. However, half of the sites affected also had non-medical and health issues.

With the launch of this algorithm, many suspicious pages active in the field of health and medicine were downgraded so that fewer users would be caught with incorrect and invalid medical information on the web.

Do you know what is important in the Google Medic algorithm?

the important points in the Google medic algorithm:

  • Build trust in users
  • The SSL certificate activates HTTPS. And we have to activate this part on the site.
  • Another thing that we can mention is the display of the site on mobile.

The expression displayed on the mobiles site means that it is checked in the mobile version. And in case of inadequacy and dissatisfaction of users when they see the site on mobile, the site’s ranking is generally affected.

In each algorithm, Google never determines how much it affects the pages of the site. Such as Panda, Penguin, and other algorithms.

All things related to site optimization and SEO must be done completely and correctly so that each Google algorithm update does not cause any problems.

What is the Google Medic algorithm?

Why is Google updated and changed?

Google search engine is doing its best. Because the goal is to show the best and closest results to users when they search for a word, sentence, or anything. It can be said that all the efforts and activities of Google are gathered in these sentences. And Google is trying to use all its updates to improve its quality.

One of the most important issues is the discussion of user experience. Which is extremely important for all businesses and businesses as well as Google. The user experience is the same quality as individual feelings.

when you have a site, you have to pay attention to the experience of your users. You should definitely provide content within your site according to the needs of your audience. You should write your content according to the correct content writing rule and your content should be of excellent quality. So that the audience can find the answers to their questions by reading your content and explore your other pages too. In a way, it can be said that the user trusts your site to study the content and satisfy his or she’s need or purchase.

If you follow this theme, your goal and Googles will be the same. And you both set your goal based on work experience. And in this way, you are not only not harming, but also benefiting, from Google updates and changes. And all the changes in Google are designed for this purpose, so the Medic algorithm has the same purpose as other algorithms.

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