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What is Google Mayday Algorithm?

What is Google Mayday Algorithm?

The “Google Mayday” algorithm is one of those algorithms which its logic can be easily understood. Interestingly, Google made between 350 and 550 changes to its search algorithms in 2009. This is one of the reasons why we recommend that site owners do not rely on a particular template in their site design and SEO.

As we have said before, Google is constantly changing its algorithms to provide the best user experience for Internet users, to satisfy users with the Internet.

As much as these algorithm changes are for the liking of users, thy are annoying for webmasters and SEO professionals, because sometimes with only a change in Google algorithm they have to spend a lot of time decoding and discovering new solutions, and sometimes its analysis and review are so simple and understandable that any webmaster can decode it.

What was Google’s goal in introducing the Google Mayday algorithm?

Google’s goal in presenting the Mayday algorithm is to increase the display quality of Google results relative to search keywords. In fact, with this algorithm, Google tried to increase its robots’ perception of long keywords and display the most relevant results accordingly.

What is Google Mayday Algorithm?

Commenting on the details of Mayday, Matt cutts, director of Google Algorithms Research, said:

  • The Mayday algorithm has nothing to do with the “caffeine” update (infrastructure changes are not yet complete)
  • The changes that “Mayday” makes in ranking websites are completely algorithmic and will be applied to all kinds of sites.
  • This algorithm has been fully tested and is ready to run and is not temporary.

The Mayday algorithm was first applied to large websites such as e-commerce. Websites to which no link is given and users only see the home page of their website.

For example, e-commerce sites often have the structure that people are attracted to their product page and basically, they don’t have first-rate content. Now, by searching the keyword that leads to their sales, their ranking will increase for that keyword, but if the user enters their site and leaves them before entering the site’s products page, it will lead to a decrease in their ranking.

In fact, the number of sales and the time the user is present on the page of their products shows that the user has taken the right path to buy, and this is a kind of keyword optimization according to the Mayday algorithm.

The Mayday algorithm has enabled Google’s crawling robots to comprehend long keywords so that they can display relevant results without going back or focusing on the original keyword.

In displaying results, the algorithm places websites that have done their SEO in such a way that they have rich and unique content or related products for the selected keywords or keywords, at the top of their display list.

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