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What is a Google Penalty? How to remove it?

What is a Google Penalty? How to remove it?!

Google penalty is actually a penalty that Google imposes on a website which its content conflicts with Google’s defined marketing strategy. This Googles penalty could be the result of an Google algorithms update or due to a website using “black hat” SEO tactics.

The difference between an algorithm and a penalty

There are a lot of inconclusive information about Google’s penalty, the most common is the use of a wrong algorithm. Updates such as Google Panda Algorithm and Penguin Algorithm are not actually Google penalties. They are just algorithms. Algorithms rely on a set of rules and calculations to automatically use these rules and to produce the desired result.

panda and penguin algorithms actually rate websites that align their quality standards according to Google guidelines to give them a better position in search results.

Google also employs a team of people to manually check and rank websites that do not meet Google quality standards through algorithms.

In fact, not following algorithms can give a website the feeling of being penalized by Google, because the result is a loss of site traffic, which is not a small penalty for a website.

It is important to understand the difference between whether your website has been affected by a manual penalty or has been harassed by Google algorithms. It determines how you can develop your SEO strategy.

There is a significant difference between dealing with a penalty and dealing with an algorithmic event that requires a direct relationship with Google. A website that has been penalized by Google will receive a manual performance report through Google Search Console. Once the violation mentioned by Google is proven, it is necessary to explain the root of the problem in a review request, if there is no need to submit an appeal from the website to escape an algorithmic problem the permission to do so from will not be provided by Google.

The site is fined by Google with the help of Google algorithms, which we listed for you to better clarify the subject of their title and position in Google:

  • Google PageRank Algorithm: Site Power Calculation System
  • Google BERT algorithm: Better understanding of natural language
  • Google Sandbox Algorithm: Diagnosing the health of newly established sites
  • Google Hummingbird Algorithm: User Behavior Analysis
  • RankBrain Algorithm: Google Artificial Intelligence
  • Google Panda Algorithm: penalizing because of poor quality copy content
  • Google Penguin Algorithm: Penalizing because of buying and selling backlinks

Reasons why your site is penalized by Google

Google has been warning users for years about the bad effects of paid links and spam (which are usually placed in parts of the site backlink and repeated on all pages with an anchor text).

Eventually, the Penguin 4 algorithm made those promises come true, and as you know, many sites were penalized by this algorithm.

Are there different types of Google fines?

Google Penalty can be divided into two categories:

Manual Penalty

A manual penalty occurs when a person from Google examines the site and notices violations, when a red card is given google will completely remove the site from the Google search results pages. Usually, when this happens in Webmaster Tools in the Manual Action section you will receive a message saying “Your site has been penalized because of violating the rules”.

 Algorithmic Penalty

In this type of Google penalty, the performance of the sites is checked directly by Google algorithms and if they see a violation, they will penalize by showing a yellow card. This penalty will reduce your ranking in SERPs (Search Results Pages). It is usually not clear when and where the penalty will be used, and you will find out about this using Google Analytics and tracking your site traffic and performance.

What is a Google Penalty? How to remove it?

why Google penalty the sites?

As you know, Google is constantly indexing sites, and on the other hand, Google’s algorithms are updated from time to time. With these issues in mind, you need to be more careful about the changes you make to your site optimization. Here are some reasons why Google may penalize your website:

Buying link

Based on the information you have gained so far on how to optimize for search engines, you know very well that buying a link (Paid Links) is one of the methods of black hat SEO and also its one of the things that Google is particularly sensitive about.

Two-way link exchange

In business, there are usually exchanges. It is pretty normal to do this, but if it is illegal, it will cause trouble. Google does not have a problem with link transfers. However, if the number of these exchanges is too much or you cooperate with inappropriate sites, Google will deal with you and will penalize you depending on the error.

Duplicate Content

You’ve probably seen sites that have copied content from elsewhere without adding or subtracting a single comma! These sites create content by copying and pasting. Detecting duplicate content is so easy for Google algorithms, so instead of copying content from other sites, I suggest to get the information you need to produce useful and valuable content and create Original Content.

Excessive use of the H1 tag

Adhering to the principles of content structure is another thing that has a significant impact on SEO. The H1 tag in the structure of a page is the title of the page and indicates the content of the page. Google and search engines use this tag to find out the content of your page or pages. If you use the H1 tag too much, Google will find you because it thinks you want to force yourself into the search results list, which is a violation of the law.

Internal error 404

Have you ever encountered this error? Sometimes the user decides to go from page to page of your site by clicking on a link, but the new page does not provide any information and encounters a 404 error. Google is sensitive to the design of these pages and does not like users to encounter this error at all, and if the number of 404 errors exceeds, it will find you.

 Keyword density

Keywords and the overuse of this type of word (Keyword Stuffing) have been a hot topic in all optimization for years. Another thing that causes our site to be penalized by Google is the excessive repetition of the keyword. With this method, you will attract the attention of the Google Panda Algorithm.

Excessive use of anchor text

Excessive use of anchor text will affect as keywords in Google penalizing the site. So, if you want to avoid the wrath of Google algorithms, be careful about the type of link and how building the link. Google’s algorithms are accurate judges and no errors go unnoticed!

In addition, use of hidden links and content, excessive advertising, slow site upload speed, excessive link building (Farm Link), incorrect site map, black hat SEO, using multiple landing pages, and… can result in Google penalty.

What is a Google Penalty? How to remove it?

Is there a way to get out of Google Penalty ?

Yes, in most cases there is a way to get rid of, or as the saying goes, an escape route that we hope is not too late to do. Google will only trust you and get you out of Google’s penalty if you go to them honestly and express remorse for doing something illegal! By doing the following, you can once again gain the trust of Google and get rid of Google Penalty:

Find out the reason for the fine

Some of our mistakes are intentional and some are unintentional. Sometimes, for example, after updating Google algorithms, which do not have a specific time, our site encounters problems, and because we do not know about them, Google fines us and we enter the Google penalty. In these cases, first of all, you need to know why and how you were fined.

Find a way to escape Google Penalty

Once you understand why this is happenning, it is time to review and use the items that will help you get out of Google Penalty. If you have been penalized by a particular algorithm, correct the issues that angered the algorithm.


Patience is the final step. After doing what we mentioned above, you should wait for Google to review the results of what you did to get out of Google Penalty. If you are manually penalized, you will send a Reconsideration Request message to Google to reconsider your site.

If you are automatically penalized by Google algorithms, you will have to wait for the algorithms to review your site again, which can take a long time. It is better not to make a mistake to avoid the Google penalty.

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