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How many blog posts per week for ranking?

How many blog posts per week for ranking?

For someone with a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of SEO, the answer to this question seems obvious, but for people who are new to the concept of SEO, content production and blog posts, finding a logical number for the articles is very important. If you feel the same, don’t worry; keep up with us till the end of this article to find out about some simple but crucial tips, we promise you that your site crawl budget will be optimized and you can get more inputs from Google over time.

Producing quality content requires time and money, the balance between quality and quantity is determined by the budget. Before determining the number of articles per week, we need to think about the business and the resources we have.

The world’s largest blog site, the Huffington Post, publishes a new article every 58 seconds. That means 1600 to 2000 posts per day!

When we ask the question “How many articles should we write a week?”, involuntarily we think that the more, the better!

But that’s not completely true, on the other hand, there are sites like Backlinko that rank first to third in many of the most searched and important SEO phrases by producing only 32 specialized articles.

You’re really confused, aren’t you? Welcome to the fascinating and challenging world of content production.

The relationship between the number of blog posts and the index speed

The first thing we need to know about the timing of articles is that; Google records the days of content publishing on the site. This means that if we choose Mondays to publish a new article and continue the same process for a long time, Google bots will get used to the days of publishing content and will visit our site on the same day!

For this reason, it has been recommended in several articles; Choose a specific day and time to publish your content so that our articles are indexed faster by Google. Let’s not forget that the page index speed has nothing to do with its position in search results. In fact, getting indexed faster does not make us better on Google.

Until a few years ago, having a specific schedule for publishing content was an important point in SEO. But with the introduction of useful tools in the Google Search Console panel and the ability to request an index for a specific address (URL Inspection tool), this no longer matters.

On the other hand, the speed of indexing new articles is directly related to the crawl budget of our site. Crawl budgets become important when our site has a large number of pages and a high content publishing rate. For example, if a new product, article, or category is added to the site on the 20th day, crawl budget management will be very important because we will not be able to introduce all these pages to Google manually.

If our site has limited pages and our content production rate is low, we do not need to manage the crawl budget. For example, if we publish two to five articles a week, submitting them to Google is very simple and will not take much time.

Content quality over quantity

Each page of our site is reviewed by Google and based on the content it provides, decisions are made about its meaning and place in search results. No matter how many other articles we publish on the same day, the semantic relevance and quality of each one is important to Google.

We determine the number of articles based on our content strategy and the ability of the team members. For example, Vancouver SEO site works in the field of SEO training. we have many topics for publishing new articles, each of which completes a part of the content puzzle and answers the audience’s questions. How many of them we publish per week depends directly on our team’s schedule and capabilities.

Ideally, we should have two capable writers writing 3 specialized articles per week, but if we have only one person on the content team, we should not expect her or him to produce 6 specialized articles per week. By imposing this workload, we actually lower the quality of our content. If we feel that our competitors have high executive power, it is better to develop our team instead of increasing the workload.

Any content that is published on our site is selected based on the analysis and targeting done in the strategy. If you Publish a weak or meaningless article on a search engine, it will not only not help your site SEO but you will also miss an important opportunity. Because we may not have time to review and improve this content in the future, thinking that we have already written articles on this topic, we will leave it forever.

Finally, we suggest to determine the number of articles published based on the executive power of the content team and to prefer quality over quantity. being late is better than never!

How many blog posts per week for ranking?

quantity over quality?

What we said about the quality of articles applies to specialized and educational sites, but what if we have a news site or entertainment magazine? Can you still conclude with two articles a week or spend a few hours on new content? Definitely not.

Before designing a content calendar, it is best to consider the field of your business.

Daily news and events are rarely searched unless the topic is very important. For a news site, the speed of publication is more important than anything. Most users go directly to your site to receive daily news and follow the main headlines, any site that covers this news faster and better than the rest of the news will have a chance to turn a user into a loyal customer.

What about the online store? Is the quality of product content important or the number of variations? Again, we pay attention to our products. For a mobile store, it is important to provide expert reviews and a complete product introduction as many users will search for the product name. In contrast, for a site that operates in the field of mobile cases sales, a variety of choices is the most important factor.

If after researching the keywords and developing the SEO strategy, we realized that the most important pages of our site are categorized or archived; We can focus on the speed of content entry and after completing the store, we can strengthen the category pages and search products in terms of content.

I hope you have received the answer to the main question here; In a summary we can say;

The number of articles per week depends on your business field and the executive power of the content team.

Why we should Have quality and quantity at the same time

The purpose of content production is not SEO! SEO success is just one of the consequences of content production. Our most important reason for producing content is to create communication and a sense of satisfaction for the audience.

Many of our site articles may never be searched on Google or have low search statistics. These pages are provided to the audience through internal linking, publishing on social networks, advertisements, etc., and reading them creates a sense of satisfaction and loyalty for the user.

How to become a reference in our field of work?

What does a reference site mean to you? Many people think that increasing the variety of topics and providing content in all areas will make a site a reference. While focusing on one topic and paying attention to all the needs and expectations of the user can make our site a specialized reference.

  • On a news site; you should Have articles of the analysis type
  • In an online store; you should Have videos, articles and news to introduce and compare products
  • On an educational site; you should Have space for interaction such as posting comments, tests, free videos and so on

Always remember that Google is for quality, and if we are stuck, we should prioritize the quality of the article, even if you had to produce one article a week.

conclusion; standard Targeted content production

In our experience, over the years that we have been working in the field of SEO and carrying out numerous projects; For most businesses, publishing 8 to 12 specialized and targeted articles per month will suffice. If we strengthen our team by maintaining the quality of content, we can shorten the time to achieve SEO success by publishing more articles.

How much new content do you publish per week? What percentage of them have succeeded in gaining position and increasing your site traffic? Take a look at your console search panel and identify the most visited articles. These articles will be a good model for you to continue content production.

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