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Best duplicate content checker

Best duplicate content checker

First of all, let’s see what exactly copy content means to Google! Google says about duplicate content: “Content that has a very similar or relatively similar version elsewhere on the web is duplicate content.”

It does not matter if the content produced on your website is copied from content on another site or from content on your own site; in both cases what you have is duplicate content.

To be a little more understandable (precise): when a content creator copies from the rest of the internet to compose an article instead of creating their own original content is considered duplicate content. It does not matter if the text is copied from another article or several different contents over the internet; the important thing is that eventually, Google is going to notice.

Why is duplicate content bad?

Before we get into the ways to check for duplicate content; we want to take a look at why exactly duplicate content is inappropriate and why we should be aware of it?

  1. The effect duplicate content has on SEO

If you remember, until 7or 6 years ago, most of the time, when we searched for a phrase on Google, half of the content displayed in the results was duplicate content. This was due to Google’s weakness in detecting copy content.

But after a while, Google launched the Panda algorithm to deal with the copied content professionally. According to credible sources and of course my own experience; basically, Google Panda does not penalize you for having duplicate content on your website; but its job is to not let the copied content get ranked in the results. So, at the very least, producing duplicate content is going to reduce the power of your SEO.

  1. Decreased user experience quality and losing audience’s trust

Another way that having copied content affects your website is by decreased user experience and trust. How, you ask? You see, the majority of audience on the web won’t be content to just reading one article when looking for an answer to their question. For example, when I want to study a topic about SEO; after searching for that word on Google, I open the pages of several websites such as MOZ, Backlink and more to read up more on my target topic and get fully informed.

Now, when I see for example website X is using copied content from another website such as MOZ’ instead of creating their own useful original content, I memorize their address as a duplicate source in my mind and decide to never visit them again.

Note that:  The whole process of content creation and content marketing that we pay for on the website is for the audience to view the content and be persuaded to purchase the product or service that we provide. So when a duplicate content is going to ruin everything, we’d be better off not pursuing the idea at all.

Best duplicate content checker

The tools for detecting duplicate content

So now that we learned what duplicate content is and why exactly it’s bad, I’m going to introduce you to a series of tools for detecting duplicate content on the web. But before we start, I have to say this: I do not use any of these tools to determine if the article is a copy because they’re not 100% precise and this can jeopardize the accuracy of the final result.

  • plagscan: This is one of the websites specialized for detecting duplicate content among articles on the web.
  • edubirdie: This tool has a really aesthetic appearance and if I wanted to suggest the best tool for detecting duplicate content on the web, it would definitely be edubirdie.
  • articlechecker: This site is another online tool to check duplicate content in articles on the English web.
  • plagiarismcheckerx: I got stumbled upon this tool for checking the similarities between articles when searching on Google and I have no experience working with it.
  • duplichecker: Unlike most of the other tools introduced, this tool allows you to check your content for copy without the need for registration. Of course, in this free tool, you can only check the contents of up to 1500 words.
  • siteliner: One of the oldest online tools for detecting duplicate content in articles article on the English web.
  • copyscape: This is another popular tool for finding copy content.
Best duplicate content checker

How to write unique content?

There are many ways to write content that is high quality and unique, the three most important of which are:

  • Write your impression
  • Quotation
  • Create unique content

  In the following, we will introduce each of the above.

Write your impression

Beginners and novices in the field of digital marketing and SEO, can start writing and producing content by reading several sites to write their impressions of the article.

But the point that we emphasize for this method of content production is not to be content with one site and read the contents of different sites, then start writing, otherwise your website will suffer from copywriting.


If you want to insert copied and duplicate content from a site, you can save your site from duplication and penalties by Google by mentioning the source and quotation methods.

However, note that the citation method also has high sensitivities, so it is better to study and research all aspects of this method before implementing it, so that Google will not be able to identify the copy content that is located on your site.

Create content

The best way to create unique content is to create content by the author. SEO and content production professionals use this method to compose content for their websites. Creating content means that you produce unique content based on your knowledge or if you do not know the subject of the article by obtaining information. With this method, you no longer have to worry about the text being accused of duplicate by Google algorithms.

At last

Ways to identify duplicate content are essential for anyone dealing with the content world.

Even if your content is genuine and you have not copied it, it is still better to use the websites we introduced from time to time. Because it is possible that someone else might copy from your content. Unfortunately, this will be bad for you too. Because your content will no longer be unique.

Does Google consider translated content to be duplicate?

Best duplicate content checker

One of the not to do’s for search engine optimization – SEO is that you should not have duplicate content and neglect to make sure that the content is 100% not duplicate. But what if you translate content into another language? Are translated articles considered a copy for Google?

A short answer to this question is that Google does not consider translated content as duplicate content. This is because when you translate content from one language to another, there is enough change in the structure of the text. So now you have a text with a new composition. So you did not copy the content. You took a relieved breath now, didn’t you?

But is translating with Google Translate or other translators a copy?

It is not that simple. This is true as long as you translate a content professionally. But if you use software to translate text, you have not produced new content. Because these programs do not change the structure and grammar of the text. In order to have new text, both of these must be changed. The use of these translators returns each word to its closest meaning in the dictionary, and this is considered a copy by Google. This is where we say that translating articles is considered a copy by Google as long as you do it with Translate tools.

Why not Google Translate?

The reason for this is simple. Large portions of text that have been machine-translated and have not been reviewed by any expert are insignificant and do not make much sense, Undoubtedly, Google does not want users to have such a strange experience with the results of their searches. So it is better to forget about Google Translate and any other translator software to prevent duplicate content.

Hire a professional translator to translate your pages and content. By doing so, you will also be safe from the negative points of Google. Most importantly, you can use this method to better communicate with foreign businesses.

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