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What is Google Venice algorithm?

What is Google Venice algorithm?

In February 2012, Google updated the Google Venice algorithm and made significant changes to the SEO site. Google has found that users sometimes search for search results related to products and services at the closest geographical distance. This made Google focus more on this type of search.

The impact of Google Venice on SEO

Before the Venice algorithm, Google used Google Places as a feature in search results to display the best local content.

Before 2012, Google’s old serpsBack algorithms used closed maps to obtain local content, which was quite different from the new algorithms.

at that time finding something in a specific area was a trouble, for example, I you were searching for a sports class near your workplace, the result was the same with someone who was searching only the term a sports class. google Could not find it.

Then they searched in more detail. Only if they could find the result they were looking for in a sports class, it want in the city or near their workplace, Google would only show the results at that time.

After launching Google Map, the searches were optimized so that after searching for the desired word, the location of the results was displayed on the right side of the page. This method increased the ability to search for services and products with more traffic.

Google Venice update and local SEO

Google adjusts the Venice algorithm based on geographical local seo that when a person connects to the Internet using IP and GPS software, the location of the person is identified and this information is stored in an internal database and the nearest location According to the search show.

What is Google Venice algorithm?

Usually, Google do these updates in search algorithms on English versions of the search engine. After completing the pilot project and confirming the success of these settings for other languages ​​will be updated.

Venice also opened the door to small businesses and brands. In this way, this algorithm allows different businesses to rank better using shorter words.

Typically, big brands with more budgets and the use of valuable keywords were able to make huge improvements in rankings.

For you to better understand, we will give another example. if you search for a site design company and you live Vancouver your search results will differ from someone who searched the same term in another location. Google offers you the best companies according to your location.

The use of this algorithm was applied not only in Google search but also in searches of other sites such as YouTube and gave very incredible results to applicants.

How to get the best results from the Venice algorithm

It is essential that the address of the company, store, and any other business is on the relevant site.

Registering complete information in Google Places is one of the important points for location search.

Another important point to pay special attention to is the use of keywords and reference places. For example, “Website design in vancouver” This result is added to your site for local results. 

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